Megan Heimer ~ To the Parent of the Immunocompromised Child Who Thinks My Kid is a Threat

This is one of the best, most informed articles I have yet read on the “measles outbreak.” I’ll post a teaser here, but please do click through to read the full article. Although not a doctor, Megan “graduated college at 19 with a degree in political science, law school at 22, [is] a certified yoga instructor and Natural Health Educator, and became a certified Naturopath after completing 4 years of training at two different institutions. [She is] also co-founder and President of a nonprofit organization, a writer, and stay-at-home mom. “[Her] hubs is a physician who holds a degree in biology, minor in chemistry, and assisted with research in biology and molecular genetics before attending medical school.”

She writes with full disclaimers, but offers important information, particularly given that Congress and the media are trying to use the “measles outbreak” to force vaccinate everyone. This would be a dangerous, totalitarian precedent to set, especially given that BigPharma can legally put anything they want into vaccines in any dose now, without disclosing that change and without any consequences to them if people die or suffer life destroying side effects. I personally don’t want anyone injecting unknown substances into my bloodstream, but if I needed to have someone do that, I certainly wouldn’t trust a group of thugs, liars and criminals to create the injection!

I’m not a doctor or pharmacist either, and this is not medical advice. Please make your own informed decision about health sovereignty. Megan’s article is an excellent, well documented piece to begin your inner dialog. Here’s Megan Heimer:

This is a post written in response to “To the Parent of the Unvaccinated Child Who Exposed My Child to Measles.”  

To the parent of an immunocompromised child who thinks my child is a threat,

I am so sorry that your child has cancer. I cannot imagine how hard that must be for you. I am sure you are trying to do what you think is best for your child, even if that means requesting that I do something that’s not best for mine. There are no hard feelings here but I have to be honest with you…I too, have a number of emotions surging through my body right now.

Towards my children, I am feeling extra protective. Towards my rights, I am like a mean mama bear who got poked during the middle of a nap. Towards the creators of the hysteria that all of a sudden, for the first time in history, deemed one child more important and makes my child a perceived threat to everyone else’s, I am angry. Towards the parent of an immunocompromised child I am sympathetic, yet frustrated by the fact that you do not respect my choices, that you think my unvaccinated child is the only one who threatens yours, and that you would insinuate that my child should be sacrificed on the altar for your child.

By now, we’ve all been indoctrinated by the measles propaganda surrounding Disneyland. We’ve been mistakenly told that the unvaccinated are to blame, that it’s only occurring in unvaccinated individuals, and that measles disappeared 15 years ago and all of a sudden made a comeback.

In order to justify the removal of our parental rights, we’re told that the unvaccinated put infants and the immunocompromised at risk and we’re shown pictures of children suffering from cancer and other illnesses to drive this point home. We are not however, shown pictures of vaccine-injured children who have died, suffer from cancer, or have debilitating conditions caused by vaccines. No, that would be too objective.

10613006_10100253875399129_6230335999461965279_nFor the sake of this letter, I’m not going to correct the inaccurate assumption that the only reason parents don’t vaccinate is because of vaccine ingredients like thimerosal, nor will I address the highly suspect studies funded by pharmaceutical companies (or entities that have incestuous relationships with pharmaceutical companies) that deem their own vaccines safe, and I dare not sway opinion with an emotional story of my son, who was vaccinated with MMR, almost died, and was subjected to a 240% increased risk of developing autism. No, I won’t show the photo of his sick, emaciated body lying in my arms after we flew across the world to be with him.

So let’s talk about measles for just a minute. It was once widespread in the U.S. I do not argue this fact. I argue that measles had significantly declined prior to the vaccine and has been and will always be a common childhood illness that when contracted at the appropriate age, yields lifetime immunity, protection against more serious diseases (like cancer) as an adult, and allows a mother to pass on the protection needed to keep her baby safe for his/her first year of life or longer.

Measles is “an illness characterized by a generalized rash lasting ≥3 days, a temperature of ≥101°F [≥38.3°C], and cough, coryza, and/or conjunctivitis.” – The CDC

Measles is typically more severe in adults but prior to the vaccine, 90% of people had it by the time they were 15 years-old and the majority of children had it during their early school years. Now, babies and adults are the at-risk populations and lack immunity because vaccines have manipulated it. Yes, every baby and adult (vaccinated or not) can ultimately thank the vaccination program for their measles. Please forward your “thank you” cards to Merck, not me.

[Much more here, with lots of surprising documentation.]

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  1. Posted by manyhahama1955 on February 20, 2015 at 5:55 pm

    Wow! Right on, Megan! That was a well written, fantastic response to the letter you received. From one Mama Bear to another, I honor you!

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  2. Here in California where my senators would now like to rescind the option of choice, I can’t find a single petition online in support of that freedom. MoveOn alone has 6 that are in favor of forced vaccinations in CA. There is one at the White House (link below) with 42,000+ signatures rapidly ascending, looking for 100,000.

    I’m getting a Global Warming headache now. I completely support your right to choose (including if you would like to explore the link below).

    4 sentence petition to the White House that says it clearly and simply (caps not mine): PROHIBIT ANY LAWS MANDATING THE FORCE AND REQUIREMENT OF VACCINATIONS OF ANY KIND.

    I’d welcome any better ideas.
    To your health –



    • Goddess help us if the White House is our best hope. I don’t live in California, but I hope some Cali readers will write their own petition. George Soros has been busy with six petitions in favor of mandatory vaccines. People don’t realize this is not about measles. It’s about the Ebola vaccine and also removing bodily rights. Forced injection is as bad as or worse than rape.



  3. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented:
    Thank you Laura for answering my question without me even asking it to you. I have been debating which side to follow with the vaccine issue. The problem is that if I was wrong, I’d be taking other peoples lives into my hands. With most questions it is just me that is effected. If I get cavities for non-floride toothpaste, well its my teeth.

    I imagine a lot of riots if vaccines become mandatory in California. Lots of lawsuits against such a law, and lots of parents going to jail. This is not something that will go quietly into the night. It would force a lot of New Agers to make a stand. This might backfire on whoever is fueling the flames of the media coverage of the story. When we are forced to raise our voice more of us might remember we have a voice. It could inadverantly cause a greater awakening amongst these who are most awake.



    • You’re welcome. Yes, I have long suspected that mandatory vaccines would become a huge, if not THE trigger for revolution in this country — especially if they start doing mandatory “Ebola” vaccines for adults. Never underestimate the power of a Mama Bear, either. If the government starts mandating vaccines for all children in public schools, I see far more home schooling, which will breed a thinking citizenry, not brainwashed by public indoctrination systems. If they start trying to arrest or steal children from non-vaccinators, I think it will probably turn into a violent revolution. New Ager’s aren’t the only ones against vaccines. There’s a very large conservative Christian prepper community who views this as a way of inserting the “Mark of the Beast.” They are not afraid to die in this lifetime to resist such tyranny. Interesting times and strange bedfellows! Here’s hoping these power plays backfire and simply wake people up. If enough people wake up then things need not turn violent.



  4. Posted by Kieron on February 21, 2015 at 5:08 pm

    Strange bedfellows is exactly it. I find it peculiar to be in agreement with fervent Bible believers and preppers on certain subjects, which is even odder because if they knew even the slightest things about me, they’d probably want to run the other way or else denounce me as a devil-worshipper. I’m already an anomaly among the traditional foods subset hereabouts, even though I have coordinated events and gatherings that they attend. They don’t know what to make of me, and I them. But we all need to eat, so we just don’t talk about certain things. It’s not much different than getting together with my family. *sigh*

    Nothing makes sense anymore, I tells ya… But that’s probably what needs to happen, in order to make people wake the eff up already.

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    • It’s so true! Nothing makes sense anymore, and when it all shakes out, it will be very interesting to see which paradoxes people can embrace, and which ones they refuse to accept.

      I still find it funny that I have a five pointed star on one of my garden trellises, facing the street. It’s similar to some Amish stars in the area, but I have it for perhaps a slightly different reason. Or maybe not. We all have them up for protection. What or whom are we protecting ourselves from?? When a large Amish family bikes by, they will smile and wave, especially when they see the star or garden, and I relate to the Amish on so many more things than I do with mainstream US culture. Except religion, which of course, is the reason the Amish ARE Amish!

      Then we’ve got the gun toting redneck crowd of Northern Indiana, and yet, I agree with them on so many issues like sovereignty and no corporate takeovers … but, but, but … I’m not a right wing Christian, LOL! Yet so many of the pagans are bizarrely enough for huge government, way larger than it already is. “The State will save us!” Are you serious?! I’ll take my chances with the Morrigan and my own magic, skills, local relationships and knowledge.

      I’m most curious to see how this all shakes down. 🙂



    • Also, you’re right: we all need to eat. Food builds community in ways few other things do besides communal labor/projects.



  5. Posted by Kieron on February 22, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    Very true! incidentally, your exchange with Jamie of Sophia’s Children about the Morrigan and how you feel you’ve “paid ahead” made me nod in recognition. I’m the same way with Saturn. I have so much Saturn “going on” (and in fact was born on a Saturday, with many additional little Saturnine signatures and “coincidences”) and because of it, I have paid ahead and thus my first Saturn Return was a breeze. Although I still have to mind his lessons or feel his ruler rap my knuckles. 🙂



    • Interesting, but that totally makes sense about you! It just goes to show that when we intuitively or feelingly connect with any energy from a place of respect and curiosity, we can learn to work *with* it, instead of having it work (or pummel) us.



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