Session Themes and Navigating this Potent Week of Energies

In recent months, but especially the last two weeks, I’ve noticed a major recurring theme in sessions. I thought I’d share a little of that theme here, since it seems to be somewhat of a collective process if so many individuals are going through it right now. I’ll also share links to some insightful articles about this week’s super intense events in the sky. This weekend brings a perfect storm of aspects all coming together … and yet these aspects continue to ricochet off past and future potent transits. In my own chart, these eclipses and mega-events hit majorly sensitive spots, so I’m not only observing effects in sessions and in the collective, but also very much in my inner and outer life.

Radical Vulnerability

One theme I continue to encounter is that of vulnerability. Specifically, life seems to be putting people into what would normally feel like a worst nightmare Catch-22: a situation in which the only way to survive, heal or succeed means exposing themselves in a nakedly vulnerable way. These people faced hurt in the past — deep wounds from trusting the wrong people, from being abused, or punished for seeming “weak.” They learned to shut down in order to protect themselves, and especially their hearts.

With Jupiter now opposing the North Node in Cancer, there’s a big (Jupiter) collective push to become more childlike (Cancer) and to allow someone else to care for us in a safe, heartfelt and grown up way. Re-parenting issues abound, and they’re prickly issues, because these people learned not to trust parents or authority figures. The risk feels even more difficult with a stellium of planets (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto) and the transiting South Node (past lives, old habits) in Capricorn right now. The dominant energy stands tall in Capricorn, sign of self-sufficiency ruled by stern patriarch Saturn. Yet the collective path forward (North Node) involves feeling, empathic, childlike, mothering and receptive to mothering Cancer.

For most of the people being called to vulnerability, “losing control” or “not having it together” is very scary.

I reminded two clients yesterday that “It takes a lot of courage to admit you’re terrified.” We all laughed, but recognized that truth. It’s OK to feel afraid. That’s part of the process. Courage is not living without fear. Courage comes from cœur — the French word for “heart.” Having courage means your heart feels enough love for others — and in this case, for yourself, for whatever you need — to face the fear and embrace the opportunities at hand.

Jupiter brings luck, truth, optimism and buoyant support. While life has forced people into this uncomfortable position of needing to embrace their own vulnerability — life has also brought just the right people together to make that happen. Whether through a doctor, therapist, friend, mentor, or new romance, people having their hearts cracked open are also finding just the right person or people to love and nurture their budding tenderness.

I keep seeing or hearing about this, over and over. It’s amazing how many people are going through this exact process right now. To me, it seems like part of the New Earth energies — a deep and powerful love frequency.

This process requires discernment. Unfortunately, not everyone is a safe person. If you’ve felt pushed in this direction, though, look deeper at the relationships in your life. See if you notice an obvious opening, even if it feels scary or bizarre to explore that possibility. Something seems to be orchestrating opportunities for increased tenderness and vulnerability. This new love frequency feels protective and regenerative. Considering all the other energies headed our way, having courage in this most personal area will make you stronger and better able to weather the storms.

The Big Astro Weather Week

Since many of the big fireworks this coming weekend involve long cycled planets, we’ve already been living with some of these energies for a long time. I mentioned some key events in my Happy Solstice, Happy Anniversary, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas Eclipse post. The December 25th/26th eclipse links into this weekend and will continue to play out over the coming weeks and months. A brief listing of coming attractions follows:

Wednesday, January 8th: Jupiter exactly conjunct the South Node at 8° Capricorn

Friday, January 10th: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 20° Cancer with a tightly packed Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto all in 20-22° Capricorn. As Pam Younghans notes, this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse also involves Ceres (21° Capricorn) and Chariklo (24° Capricorn), bringing a feminine energy to that potent stellium. In addition, Juno (the faithful wife) sits at 19° Libra, and Eris (the scorned Goddess) at 23° Aries, both squared by those opposing energies in Cancer and Capricorn.

The Trans-Neptunian-Object known as Arawn — named after the Welsh God of the Underworld — also rules at 20° Capricorn right now. Arawn amplifies both the Saturnian and Plutonian energies, exponentially amplifying the Capricorn energy face-off with the Cancer Full Moon. The 12/12/19 Full Moon was intense, but this one feels out of this world.

Saturday, January 10th or 11th (depending on time zone): Uranus stations direct at 2°37′ Taurus. Uranus went retrograde on August 11, 2019. The Rx motion tones down the Uranian urge to kick out the jambs, rabble rouse, rebel and liberate. When an outer planet stations direct, its power amplifies, especially at the point of shift. I’ve shared lots of writing about Uranus in Taurus, and we can expect this shift to encapsulate and liberate those energies.

Sunday, January 12th: Saturn exactly conjuncts Pluto for the one and only time at 22°46′ Capricorn. This is a hugely big deal. Saturn only conjuncts Pluto once every 35-40 years, and not always in the same sign. To have this conjunction occur right on the heels of a powerful Lunar Eclipse and Uranus stationing direct brings so many planets, points and objects together it’s like Rachmaninoff in the skies.

If you’d like more details on the coming transits, I recommend:

Pam Younghan’s North Point Astrology Journal: Your Guide to Planetary Energies January 6-12, 2020

Astro Butterfly’s The Astrology of January 2020 — Saturn Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

On a Personal Note:

These transits keep dogging me! To explain all the ways these cosmic events keep triggering precise and super sensitive spots in my chart would sound too technical and boring to most. Suffice to say, I’m not just empathing the collective and my clients’ experiences. I’m getting loads of exact hits on both my natal and 9th Harmonic charts. It’s kind of mind boggling, but at least it explains why for years, I’ve viewed this time period through 2025 as pivotal for me. I always link into the collective in very personal micro/macro ways, so I’m curious to see how it all plays out.

If you’ve not read Ringing in a New Decade and a New Earth, that gives more of a dreamlike overview of the coming energies. I told a client yesterday that I feel an excited sense of dread — kind of like approaching the peak of a very high and windy rollercoaster. How fast and wild will it go? Will destiny’s force feel exhilarating and/or terrifying? We live in exciting and interesting times.

If you’re not one for Rachmaninoff, you might like this Melody Sheep version of Bill Hicks and George Carlin. One of my favorites!

Blessed Be … and be the blessing.

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  1. Always love reading about your experiences Laura… wishing you a most magical year, love Barbara x

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  2. Reblogged this on Deer Heart Reiki Blog and commented:
    Sharing from my wonderful Reiki teacher and interpretor of energies we are and coming into with these potent, blockbuster arological signs

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  3. Posted by Eliza Ayres on January 7, 2020 at 5:19 pm

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

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  4. Thank you for posting!

    I hope the Cancer influence can make inroads 😁

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  5. Whoa! This is getting freaky. Asteroid Laura is at 23 degrees Capricorn during the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction at 22 Capricorn.

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  6. Bless you Laura and happy New Year to you and all your followers! Julie in FL

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  7. Eris opposing Juno rather fits the ongoing drama of a few courageous individuals (Alyssa Milano is one) challenging the subservient stereotype of femininity in these last years of the patriarchy. BTW, did you consciously mean to include Catch-22 with all these planets in 20-22 degrees? It works.

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    • Kind of — about the Catch-22. I realized it as I was typing the rest. 🙂 I also meant to say Mahler for the composer, then realized Rachmaninoff worked better. My subconscious knows way more than “I” do! Alyssa Milano is definitely an Eris figure of our day.

      Juno will be conjuncting my natal Uranus and opposing natal Chiron … all while transiting Chiron continues to conjunct my Sun/Moon Midpoint and opposing natal Pluto — activating that exact Sun-Moon-Pluto Grand Trine. Meanwhile, Uranus direct will be almost exactly conjuncting my Part of Fortune and forming a Grand Trine with my Part of Spirit and Ascendant … and my 9th Harmonic chart between now and March 1 gets quite the workout. I still can’t believe (but totally can) that asteroid Laura will be at 24 Cap during the almost 23 Cap Saturn-Pluto conjunction. I’m already feeling it!




  8. Posted by Anthony on January 9, 2020 at 11:33 pm

    “…life seems to be putting people into what would normally feel like a worst nightmare Catch-22: a situation in which the only way to survive, heal or succeed means exposing themselves in a nakedly vulnerable way.”

    Yes. Summarizing my studies and own experiences, everyone may have to enter Daath. In order to pass through the eye of the needle into the new world, it will be necessary to dispose of all aspects of one’s being that will hold one back from manifesting exactly what their soul desires. The best way to do this, I think, is to own up to one’s own foibles and ask for the best possible way to face and conquer them – with help. We can always ask for help!!

    I know what I’ve got to face: my natal Mars at 23 degrees Libra (opposition Jupiter!) is getting absolutely hammered. My south node in Pisces isn’t swimming in tranquil seas either. Serious anger and power issues arising, especially from the past…but I can do this!!

    Thanks for sharing all of this. It is always helpful, and I’ve learned a lot of astrology just reading your posts.

    I’ll send you an e-mail soon. I need a check-up!!

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    • Yes, you can do this! Thanks for the additional insights and sharing here, Tony. Wishing you well this weekend and beyond. Seat belts and oxygen mask time, LOL! But not joking…. 🙂



  9. As I identify with it and how it has been, I almost feel I want to change my name to Jupiter on reading this: Jupiter brings luck, truth, optimism and buoyant support. While life has forced people into this uncomfortable position of needing to embrace their own vulnerability.

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