Ringing in a New Decade and a New Earth

I’m reblogging this New Year’s post for today’s Full Moon at 20 Virgo, because the post includes dreams that specifically mentioned “20 Virgo.” This morning, I awoke from two more dreams featuring “addresses” in Virgo, for which I looked up the Sabian Symbols. One of these led me down the rabbit hole of the Slavic Goddess Dziewanna — a Goddess of Spring Equinox.

I haven’t had time to fully unpack this morning’s dreams and how they cycle back to older dreams of similar theme, but I have had multiple, extremely vivid dreams of a woman in a bright green dress, walking amidst death like Spring coming from Winter. Sometimes she’s pregnant, like The Womb installation of this New Year’s post. As we approach this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere — and as the world reels from fear and confusion related to the Coronavirus, this message felt important to share again.

Happy Full Moon at 20 Virgo! May our journey together be fruitful.

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I’ve had so many potent dreams — even more so than usual. A recent one, I called “Nurture Tenderness,” involved “six agreements” whose enactment would bring in the New Earth frequencies. The first of those agreements was “Nurture Tenderness.” I decided to share a little more here as we close out 2019 and enter 2020, because Tania mentioned how my dream reminded her of Lee Harris’ 2020 Energy Forecast, recorded 12/12/19, but which she just posted today. He, too, lists six themes, which coincide with so many of my recent dreams. From Lee’s YouTube channel:

Themes discussed in the 2020 Energy Forecast include:

BLINDING CLARITY (Intuition/Truths + Truth-Telling/Mental Re-arrangement)

RISE OF LOVE THROUGH DEATH AWARENESS (The death of people/relationships/animals/nature/systems)

COLLABORATION AND TEAMS (The Upswing of people coming together to collaborate and work with each other)

GROUNDING VIA NATURE (The technology take-off/distraction of attention being leveled through Nature but…

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  1. I forgot to include in the text that Dziewanna is associated with Mullein, which helps with extreme respiratory situations. I also dreamed of the Queen or “Crown” so I’m not sure if this has anything to do with Coronavirus. Just sharing in case it does …

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  2. Do you feel like there’s a major timeline getting read to split? I do. It takes a big effort to choose when the programming is so strong. Like anything else in life, to “exercise” free will takes discipline & practice. Thank you for sharing your green dream, Laura. Will look into Dziewanna. (P.S. I always refer to Mullein as The Queen.) ❤︎

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  3. Posted by Kieron on March 9, 2020 at 7:51 pm

    Lots to unpack in that website, Laura! Bookmarked within moments.

    Since nothing is what it seems, I’m wondering if there’s a connection between this “corona” virus, the Sun’s corona, crowns in general, and crown chakras. The Queen of your dream puts me in mind of Inanna for some reason.

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  4. Posted by Aiga on March 13, 2020 at 3:59 pm

    Would you mind sharing some of your thoughts on Corona? I find they always add new perspective on things. Although now I always think there’s something more behind the publicized version.

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    • Hi Aiga, I have purposely not shared my thoughts on Coronavirus, because I feel there are multiple timelines in play. I have had literally hundreds of dreams about death, funerals, aftermath of plague type conditions, etc. … in the past six months … which, obviously, would be a negative seeming timeline. Despite the death, doom and gloom of the dreams, there’s always some major sign of abundant life in each of the death dreams.

      Until Coronavirus came along, I sensed these were primarily preparation dreams for a big personal shift — as they have come with many instructions that have proved wise. Looking through my dream journal from the past several months, it’s clear I was also precog-ing a lot of what has since transpired — at least the mass emotions of it.

      I feel there are five different strains of Coronavirus, that two of those are pretty innocuous and the other three are very bad. As I said, I feel it’s a timeline thing, and even in the “negative” timelines, major positive potential and blessings exist. My dreams two nights ago seemed to indicate that only 40% of what I was dreaming was directly related to Coronavirus … the other ones are symbolic and/or literal for me in my private life. 🙂



  5. Posted by Aiga on March 14, 2020 at 6:32 am

    Thank you so much for sharing! I seem to be taking on the fear and worries of others so easily. It’s reassuring to have wider perspective from your intuitive gifts and in general your there’s-always-some-good-potential-in-anything view on things!

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