Moving Beyond Discouragement

I had an email catch up with a friend today, and we both thought parts of our exchange would help anyone else facing discouragement. I’ve corrected typos, added paragraphs for easier reading, and removed obviously identifying information like names, location and personal details. Otherwise, the question and my response appear intact below.

This week I’ve heard from enough clients, friends and relatives that I know more than just my friend are dancing a mazurka with discouragement. Whether your challenge stems from money, work, family, health, life path, and/or romance, please know, you’re not alone. You don’t need to know your entire trajectory right this moment. You just need to get unstuck by finding and taking the next step. And then the next one. As J.R.R. Tolkien said, “Little by little, one travels far.”

My friend:

… As an aside, do you ever get discouraged? The reason I ask is because you always seem so confident in your dealings and writings about Faeries, the world beyond the Veil, and all things spiritual/mystical, and that is a tremendous inspiration to me, but things lately with ___ and me just seem to be taking some intense and disheartening turns. It all centers around money. It’s a major issue for both of us, and it is in the forefront just now. SO much just seems to be collapsing in that area.

I really feel like I am doing all the right things, but yesterday was awful, and I totally lost my temper with my Guides and everyone Over There, which is so unlike me. I’m sure the influence of Scorpio is part of it, but honestly, I am so, so discouraged and upset about everything. I feel like I don’t even know my own self anymore. Damn, that does sound like Scorpio (and the House) stirring up subconscious garbage. Does this part end at some point? Wednesday evening was wonderful, with deep insights, heart-opening conversation, and I went to bed feeling so good. But then, wham!

There’s been a lot of that lately. I just wondered if this is me being weird and untrusting, or if this is normal and healthy. I can’t even tell anymore. I feel like packing up my crystals and feathers and candles and books. But I don’t know what I would do without them.


Hehe, you sent that at 11:11. 🙂

Do I ever get discouraged? Not now, but I was no stranger to discouragement earlier on my path. I’ve also been known to throw the occasional “Enough is Enough” “Faery Hissy Fit,” which always precedes a major shift. It’s like my own energy has had enough of a situation, and one way or another, I refuse to tolerate those circumstances any longer. I might get annoyed with circumstances or a little like “I don’t know HOW I’m gonna find my way out of this one — but I know I will, because I always do.”

I don’t get discouraged, per se, because I know that I can shift things whenever I’ve really had enough of a situation. It might take thinking outside the box and especially being willing to look at those Shadow areas and the “of course it couldn’t be that” things … but I know no one is ever truly stuck if they’re willing to explore ALL their options. Also, I’ve had enough ebbs and flows of life to know that when the tide seems so far out that it will never come back in, it surely will. If it hasn’t yet, then I ask what I need to learn, acquire, set up, or pay attention to now because I’d be too busy to do so once the tide rushes in.

Saturn goes into Capricorn on December 19th [2017]. That is huge, since Saturn (taskmaster of the zodiac) has a slow cycle. We’re also in Mercury Retrograde, so really, I wouldn’t count on having any major answers, clarity or decisions before year end. It’s just not likely, so go with the little steps, the present moment, and all the re’s … re-evaluate, review, revamp, re, re, re … which the energy does support. Have you and ___ explored ALL your $$ options, or only the ones that seem like “should’s”?

Most spiritually conscious people I know right now are overextended in terms of faith at the moment, but it’s the energy of “We’ve come this far; now would be a stupid time to stop or to start doubting our progress. We are WAY past the point of no return, so just finish the job.” You can’t turn back, but even if you could, it would be lot longer journey than staying the course.

I keep getting that you two are not exploring all of your options. There are LOTS of … options for all sorts of things. When you ask for the options, also ask for the eyes to recognize them and the courage to take the next step. And realize it might initially be several seemingly unrelated options you need to explore, which then becomes the next step.

Hey, can I post this exchange on my blog but without your identifying details? It took awhile to answer, and I suspect a lot of people could benefit from being flies on the wall to this one. This issue is up for many people right now.

xoxoxo, love, and magic,

My friend:

OF COURSE it was 11:11! lol

Now that you have said all that, I can also recognize the same pattern repeating. That was also part of my anger last night — that “here we go again” feeling. I know it will be OK in my head, and all this is part of the process, and I believe myself absolutely incapable of giving up my connection to the other side, but dammit, I get so tired. It’s also been a hard week in other ways, so there’s that.

I will take your advice and ask for eyes to see what we might be missing in terms of income. …

I have to go to a meeting right now, but I have “heard ” you. And i love you dearly for allowing me to vent a little.

And yes, please do use this on your blog. I really took it to heart when I heard in church as a child that we should lead by example, and that’s what I try to do.

Thanks so much!

Me (to blog readers):

You’re here to heal and be healed. If you feel pressed for time, then close your eyes and “take a breath of God.” All your power in all time radiates from the present moment.

“Magic is believing in yourself; if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” ~Johann Wolfgang van Goethe

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  1. Posted by beth h. on December 8, 2017 at 10:42 pm

    I absolutely LOVE this! It resonates on a very deep level and I know it applies to me and I’m sure many people now. The intsensity to me, as a sensitive one has been at times feeling overwhelming and it’s nice to hear the verification that this month is a culmination of that energy and onto a new one with the ending of the month. I keep receivng the message that a long, long cycle is coming to an end and new, long awaited “world” waiting yet small steps precede and the biggie is at end of the year.
    With my recent health scare, that honestly almost freaked me out, the bottom number of the reading was 111, not the higher which again verifies a culmination. One thing I know is now is the time to move beyond, gather all inner magic and step forward knowing that miracles are possible and magical lives when we invite, welcome and listen to spirit’s gentle call! magic=spirit in mind, where creation can occur and we can step beyond our perceived limiations….in may case, long overdue but now’s a good time and I will welcome with open arms! love and blessings ❤

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    • Thanks, Beth! So glad this resonates, and yes, a LONG cycle does seem to be finishing up. Thanks for sharing some of your own process and insights. Love and blessings to you, too!



  2. Posted by Tracy Kruse on December 9, 2017 at 6:58 am

    Thank you for sharing this insight and the truth about when the tide is out, preparing for the next wave is so spot-on. It is helpful when you know yourself, and the tide you prefer to swim in, because it does happen that the big challenges come when that really big wave hits and it isn’t really what we thought we were going to get, being one who prefers the mellow waters. 😉 But I have learned that I do float, whatever the waters! Sometimes more gracefully than others when I Allow it and stop struggling. Too, I do believe many ‘sensitives’ are feeling feelings that are from the collective and not really their own, as though we are having to clean out everyone’s refrigerators at once….and there is some really old, moldy stuff in the back part! When that happens, I go out and lay on the earth. For me, this helps more than I can say.

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    • Thanks, Tracy! Excellent reminders about connecting with the Earth during these turbulent times, as well as Allowing instead of struggling. So important. The more we fight, the more difficult we make everything, and yes, that’s some moldy, gross stuff in the back of the collective fridge! LOL, thanks for the analogy. So true right now. In order to process the gunk, there needs to be at least a little resonance in us, but so much of the intensity is overblown due to the collective’s clean out. Big hugs and love … thanks for all you do and are! ❤

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  3. Posted by Kieron on December 9, 2017 at 8:13 am

    Resonance all ’round. French writer Andre Gide once wrote, “In order to discover new lands, one must consent to lose sight of shore for a very long time.” I remind myself of this often. And hey did you know that the mazurka is Polish in origin, but migrated to Ireland via Polish soldiers stationed there, and was adopted into the canon of traditional Irish music, along with reels, strathspeys, jigs, and so forth? The melody has a distinct pattern of steps, pauses, more steps, more pauses… not unlike what we;re all seemingly doing these days.

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    • Oh, thanks for that, Kieron. I am very, very familiar with mazurkas because my TBI recovery meant listening to Chopin pretty much all day everyday for awhile. I did not know the Irish connection, though. No wonder I also love those jigs. Yes, the steps, pauses, more steps, more pauses are exactly why I chose the word “mazurka,” and probably why Chopin helped so much with my TBI recovery — as brain injuries show very much that same pattern, sometimes across decades. Nothing linear there! I love that Andre Gide quote, too. Always have, but didn’t realize he said it. 🙂

      Continued blessings and peace while dancing on this wild stage.

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  4. Posted by CindyW on December 9, 2017 at 11:07 am

    and I liked the phrase “dancing a mazurka with discouragement,” because it lightens the discouragement and turns it into (on whatever level) play, rather than getting pulled down by it! will try to think of it whenever feeling the discouragement!

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  5. although i’m not personally experiencing this, this is such a great reminder, as i know a lot of people, too, really finding it hard to continue or are being bombarded by the collective energies as empaths and they don’t know what to do about it and feel debilitated to keep going. great comments by everyone too.

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    • Thanks for chiming in, T! I think you and I might just be too busy to get discouraged right now, even if that were in our sphere. Kidding, but only sort of. 🙂 All the complex step-by-steps and moving parts make it almost impossible to feel stagnant at any rate! Love you bunches, and here’s to a collective sigh of relief as the dreams roll in. 🙂

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  6. Posted by Maggie on December 11, 2017 at 1:50 am

    “I just wondered if this is me being weird and untrusting, or if this is normal and healthy. I can’t even tell anymore. I feel like packing up my crystals and feathers and candles and books. But I don’t know what I would do without them.”

    When I read these last few words I realised that I’d done exactly that! packed up the lot about 18 months ago. I needed to begin again. And what I found was true for me was this: I’m the author the power the love the highest being, all rolled into one. It was time to stop reading everyone elses vistas, and to tune in completely on my heart’s seeing and feeling. It wasn’r easy. I did get somewhat caught in other people’s narratives at a certain point, just when I thought I’d found me… this was very interesting. I see now that to be sovereign and to fully claim that I’m whole and I don;t need more and more and more healing anymore, I just need to listen to my heart, to feel her movements and flow this way. It allowed me to let go of needing approval and to let go of needing to “belong”, even though it’s thoroughly natural to us heart centred humans. But in not needing to belong, I re claimed me, and owned me, and then i belonged to me at last. In the end, we come together this way it seems. So I applaud any move you make to toss the books and open the one you’ve written as pure powerful love that is in your heart.
    We are each such unique beings in this whole dance toward the world of love and integrity we seek and which is closer than ever, me thinks 🙂
    many blessings to you kind and wonderful ones here.

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  7. Posted by Linette on December 11, 2017 at 11:19 am

    Reblogged this on Ananda Grove and commented:
    My sweet friend, Laura, and I had an email exchange on Friday that we thought might be helpful to some others.
    On Thursday of last week, I got some disappointing money news, and it just seemed like the last straw. Having grown up dirt poor, it has been a real struggle to re-align my beliefs about money and my own worth, and last week was just triggering me all over the place.
    The other factor here is that I have also had deep issues with expressing anger, perfectionism, and being a “good girl”, so my anger at Beings on the Other Side was extremely upsetting to me. They have been available to me since I was a child, and I have always felt comforted by their presence. For a while last week, I felt as though they had let me down in a way that was unacceptable, just short of betrayal.
    Over the weekend, with Laura’s advice ringing in my mind, I began to feel better, more expansive, as she put it, and more grounded. Now, it simply feels like the thing that needed to happen, in spite of how foreign it felt at the time, and even my anger and deep disappointment in my Guides now seems to be exactly what needed to happen. Perhaps I had come to rely too heavily on their advice, rather than seeking my own intuitive knowledge.

    I hope that this exchange will help anyone else feeling this just now. If you are in this boat, know you are not alone, and, as someone commented on Laura’s post, in order to sail to new lands, one must lose sight of the shore (paraphrased); and, as Laura herself quoted from J.R.R. Tolkien, “Little by little, one travels far.”

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  8. Posted by R. O’Laughlin on December 12, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    Love this

    I have also been feeling the intensity this month.

    On my commute to work I passed a new billboard that reads “Write Your Comeback Story” (unrelated ad) — thought others may enjoy that quote during this time; I know I do!

    Thank you Laura for post

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  9. Posted by Maggie on December 13, 2017 at 3:49 am

    Linette it sounds to me you’ve already found your voice, and your inner master, so to speak. I’m so happy you related to my experience. This journey is all about sharing and somehow being inspired, and then sharing more, and yes, learning some great stuff from those who have trodden the path ahead. sometimes we are trail blazers ahead lighting the way, and other times we’ve listening for the messages through others, nature, faeries and more. I wish you joy and loving power on your journey. We are, as we’ve been told so many times, “the one’s we’ve been waiting for”. peace xxx

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