Larkin Rose ~ But What Will Be Done About …?

An excellent mental exercise from Larkin Rose, which goes right along with the ongoing discussions of responsibility, courage and creativity:

“What would you do about it?”

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  1. Posted by brad on January 14, 2014 at 1:23 am

    Great to see a Larkin Rose vid here. Thanks for posting.


  2. Yeah, I appreciate his work. 🙂


  3. Posted by Aiga on January 14, 2014 at 8:36 am

    So WHAT do you do with people who play too loud music or throw trash everywhere? If talking and pleading and also calling police doesn’t help. If the person just says that he can help it if it’s bothering others. In the video he’s also saying that he will do smth about people who kill others. How is he gonna know who is the one doing it? The same like how do you know who’s trashing everywhere (well you probably would know 😉 but not all the rest of us)?
    I’m not a big fan of government but I also don’t really believe that big groups of people (like in cities) would self regulate all the things. I can imagine it working well in small communities like it did in hunter-gatherer times. But I’ve also seen experiments that prove that populated areas take away personal responsibility and maybe some people would regain it. But all?
    Sorry for this rambling but I would really like to know how it would work. It sounds like a good idea but also communism doesn’t sound so bad in theory but in real life it doesn’t work at all.


  4. Hi Aiga,
    I posted the video “as a mental exercise” not necessarily as an endorsement immediately to end all government. I think Larkin’s challenge is an excellent one: “What would YOU do?” If no one pushes themselves to come up with better solutions than we currently have, then you can safely bet we won’t find any.

    For inspiration, I would suggest reading Starhawk’s “The Fifth Sacred Thing,” as she gives detailed explorations of various types of community living systems, from complete Neo-Con fascist dictatorship by corporations to an organized Council of representatives to completely ad hoc pockets of outcasts. That book really makes you think about a lot of things worth considering so they don’t blindside you one day. 🙂

    I have personally handled the noisy neighbors issue in a wide variety of ways, albeit mostly with magick and my mind … but for me these things work well. When I lived in Chicago on the 9th (top) floor, I would often hear helicopters, sirens, construction and all manner of crazy things going on above and below me. If it got too much, I would make a complaint as my status on Facebook, and no kidding, within 30 seconds to 2 minutes, it would become eerily quiet in my little corner of Chicago. This effect was so consistent that it became my primary way of quieting down the surroundings. It required intense emotion/frustration on my part and an authoritative, humorous and creative “quit it” on FB for it to have effect … but it worked probably 85-95% of the time, almost immediately.

    In Goshen, I have telepathically “called” the police to do a drive by when our neighbors in the apartment near us were blaring their truck stereo and partying outside our window. A cop drove by within a minute and the party scattered, even w/o the cop getting out of the car. Since I have concerns about an encroaching police state, I opted NOT to use that method last night, when this very issue came up. Instead, i kind of murmured, “Don’t make me break your stereo.” David looked at me sharply, so I instead tried to summon a distraction or pressing urge for the people to go inside. They did, within about 1 minute. I always allow a reasonable amount of time to go by for something like that — like certainly enough to unload the car, for example, but if people start partying with a blaring stereo outside our window, well, I figure it’s fair game.

    In the past, I’ve also burned incense with the express intent of clearing away their energy and preventing it (in this case sound) from entering our home. I’ve also used the mantra Om Namo Bhagavate Vasu Deevaya with powerful effect — not necessarily for noise, but for biting bugs, moving safely through dicey areas, or to ward off attacks of any sort. I use the THORN Rune as a default for pretty much everything.

    The mental exercise is for each person to consider how he or she might handle various situations, because days are coming when we probably won’t be able to just call 911 or count on the “government” to fix things. Local councils, local alliances, and mental/consciousness tricks will likely become more important, and certainly, if we want something better than the current system, it’s high time we start imagining how that MIGHT look rather than sighing “Oh, it’s impossible, so therefore we need to accept what we’ve got, however cruel, dysfunctional and insane that may be.” See my point?

    Thanks for your questions … there is no single right answer. I just liked how Larkin got the conversation started.


  5. For the trash, I kept picking it up, had our landlord install a fence by the alley where it was blowing in from, which helped and also asked the faeries to stand guard since they hate trash, too.

    For our dog poop problem, I needed to find the actual dog who was doing the multiple time per day pooping in our yard. Initially I thought it was a different dog and kept insisting the dog not poop in our yard, but the dog kept pooping. I finally realized it was a look-alike dog and made a telepathic connection with the right dog. Never again have we had any dog poop in our yard since I explained to the dog that his owner could REALLY use the walk (overweight) … and I also sent a bunch of healing to the owner’s knee because I noticed he limped. I’ve since seen them happily walking together, and the owner has no limp and has lost a bit of weight. 🙂


  6. For robbery, I have our house shielded, hex signed and protected to the hilt. It was the only one on this stretch of our street not to have some kind of robbery attempt. One day, I upped the ante and decided to include our next door neighbor’s house and yard, too. I specifically stated that whatever was taken would be returned three-fold. Unbeknownst to me, our pregnant neighbor had had a pregnancy moment and left her purse with laptop and house keys on their porch, from which it was stolen. It worked out to two days after the theft that I did this mental intention/warning to all thieves on our two properties. The next day (so three days after the original theft), our neighbors found her purse, with laptop, keys and wallet abandoned like a hot potato up the street. Our landlord decided to upgrade their porches — replacing the back one and doubling the size of the front one … returned threefold. Anyway, for me, magick is THE most effective and efficient way of dealing with nasties.


  7. Posted by Aiga on January 15, 2014 at 9:53 am

    Thank you so mush for such considerate comments and suggestions! It’s just that I was recently thinking about what could I actually do about these issues instead of getting angry every time. I came up with some ways but mostly was left pretty hopeless since the ones I thought might work where not very nice ones that I wouldn’t follow anyway. So I was interested in some practical solutions of how it could look in this world already. I love your magickal approaches, I really do! But unfortunately they don’t seem to work for me. I guess one needs to have much higher vibration that I have difficulty to raise but I want to be able to do something now too.
    I was curious on your ideas since you always manage to see the best and most positive perspective on things! Thank you for sharing! It’s also that all the law of attraction people always say that on certain level people don’t attract any of these things in their world. Turns out even you don’t live in a fuzzy perfect bubble so apparently this world still has it’s challenges anyway.


  8. Oh, this world has challenges, alright! I have opted to go into the thick of life, since I’m not on this planet simply to experience untroubled bliss and eat calorie free bon-bon’s all day every day. Abraham-Hicks sees great value in contrast, in terms of helping you to recognize what it is that you DO want. Many of the other teachers of LOA are pretty fluff bunny imho. I’ve had to help a lot of clients overcome disabling shame that every aspect of their lives weren’t “perfect.” Meanwhile, shame is an enormous deterrent to positive creation. The mis- and partial teaching of the so called “Secret” is a huge pet peeve of mine. One might even call it a “wild peeve that poops on one’s lawn.” Imho, it’s the challenges that present the greatest opportunities for learning manifestation, because emotion can really fuel creation — if you know how to channel it properly, which takes practice and humor.

    I would really suggest you don’t give up on finding solutions just because you think you aren’t “magickal” enough to use MY solutions. The important question isn’t “what would Laura do in this scenario?” It is “what would YOU do?” I can think of other, more mundane options like making it a point to talk enough with your neighbors that you become quasi-friends. It’s usually more difficult to disrespect someone that you consider a fully fleshed person. An anonymous neighbor is another thing. We have had far less littering on our lawn than before, and I don’t think it’s entirely due to the fence and the faeries. It’s also because people have seen me outside a LOT, hauling mulch, planting and pruning flowers, working hard to beautify a pretty ugly neighborhood. On some level, I suspect they know that if they upset me too much, I would leave. I don’t think they want that.

    The idea that life on Earth is somehow flawed for having challenges is New Age gobblety gook that disrupts the creative process. Life is gritty. That’s part of what makes it so satisfying when we beautify it. 🙂


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