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Door Number 18: Peace of the Blue Irises

My latest portal door is a commissioned piece, which I almost turned down due to all the other projects on docket for completion this winter. But dreams, visions and a Wisdom of Avalon Oracle card indicated in no uncertain terms that this 8 x 10″ small, yet mighty portal did intend to come through in the not-too-distant future. As much as my rational mind said, “Laura, you’ve already got an overfull plate. The last thing you need is another project this winter,” a greater sense of gentle timing and rightness whispered, “Yes, do this, and do it well.” The portal commissioner and I made arrangements back in December 2015; however, I let her know I’d need to wait until at least mid-January to begin painting, since we had so many holiday travels and guests, and I wanted to finish my Permaculture Design Course first.

We agreed that the “door” would determine its own timing, and I continued to plug and plug away at my 72-hour certification course, plus an unusually high volume of phone sessions. Typical me, I had somehow convinced myself that I could finish a 72-hour course in 12 hours, and so I found the lessons and homework taking much, much longer than anticipated. Fancy that! I’ve learned so much and really intended to finish the final project before beginning this portal, but about 1/3 of the way through my final project, after numerous delays, I suddenly felt the time had come to paint this portal.

In retrospect, everything occurred in perfect timing, as several major astrological events and the cross quarter day of Imbolc played key roles in discerning the overall design.In fact, not one, but two distinct portals came through so strongly that I needed to check with my client to see which one felt like her portal. I know from past experience that sometimes a future door hijacks the one I’m working on, as happened when Door Number 6: Freya and Frigga inserted itself ahead of The Lovers door I thought I was about to paint. It turned out that the first idea I received really was the right portal for her, and the second idea will grace the 2/3 door sitting in our garage since last April.

That fact came as a relief, because Door Number 19 seems like a much more complicated endeavor than Door Number 18! I wondered how I would fit that entire download onto an 8 x 10″ canvas. Somewhere in that flurry of downloads I realized that this “door” better suited a wooden panel than a canvas. It just seemed more solid, and I like the ability to knock on a magical door. Lo, and behold, when I took out my paints, I discovered an old 8 x 10″ wooden panel  I bought in 2014. Perfect! I felt the grain of the wood wanted to inform the shape of the portal and noticed how it suggested a tree with a stream below its roots:

wood panel

Each Divine Doorway I paint features some kind of writing (usually a quote) related to a door, journey, altered state, or magical sequence that anchors the overall theme/intention of the portal. Also, each portal works on multiple levels — the original seed intent, plus a larger opportunity for collective shift. I never know how the “door” will open until I know the proper phrase. In this case, I sent over a number of quotes for the intender’s consideration, yet somehow knowing she’d choose the first:

“Sometimes you don’t know when you’re taking the first step through a door, until you’re already inside.” ~ Ann Voskamp

Once I had the quote, I figured this portal would practically paint itself, and I so looked forward to completing it during the week of Imbolc. The subtle shift of mid-winter as it tips towards spring, the inspiration of Brigid, and the long-awaited completion of my creative space next door all seemed to align into their own opening to the next phase. As happened before, though, various other alignments presented themselves for deeper discernment and even more perfect timing. An unexpected guest we could not easily refuse decided to assert use of the blue house (my newly finished and long anticipated creative space), and her presence and the non-communication of when I would or would not have the house to myself encouraged me to put off the painting for one more week.

When painting portals, you want to feel in the right mind and heart set, lest you accidentally open the door to energies or outcomes other than the sacred intention. I felt rather frustrated at yet another delay, but the timing of that Imbolc week — which stretched from our Imbolc Wheel of the Year gathering on Saturday, January 30th all the way through the (quite late) actual cross quarter day of February 4th — turned out to offer exceptionally magical openings, blessings and shifts. I added a Reiki Healing Attunement to the portal door process and awaited the following week.

As if on cue, the day before I finished the portal painting that presented itself as a fairy door, an actual fairy door arrived in the mail from my friend, Ella! I promptly brought it over to my writing office where it seemed to bring in all sorts of faeries to bless the final touches of portal painting:

faery door

Once begun, the portal opened over the course of three days’ painting sessions, all to Mike Rowland’s lovely CD, “The Fairy Ring,” a favorite of mine for creative writing and for this particular portal. This YouTube video does not do justice to the magical CD, but it gives you a taste of Door Number 18’s soundtrack:

My client gave me very few guidelines for this portal. She briefly shared what kind of space she hoped the door would help her to enter and requested only one must-include detail: blue irises. She wanted to hang the portal in her office, so any Runic coding I did (and I did a lot of coding!) needed to look subtle enough for the general public. For confidentiality, I can’t say her particular goals; however, this door holds a collective intention of moving so easily and perfectly into the new that one day you wake up realizing you’re already there — just like the quote, spoken through a babbling brook: “Sometimes you don’t know when you’re taking the first step through a door, until you’re already inside.” ~ Ann Voskamp

I described the 8 x 10″ piece to her as “inconspicuously powerful,” and so it is:


The portal really plays with light. Depending on the background and/or the lighting, different parts appear to glow, at times the door, and at other times, the irises:

portal 2

I added ivy to the tree to symbolize intertwined friendships, sychronicities and spirals throughout life, and how, even as things change, a part of them remains eternal. May the “Peace of the Blue Irises” gently usher in those soul longings for greater harmony and connection. May the babbling brook and stone path lead to your own magical doorway, and may this door open to quiet worlds of wonder.

Door Number 13

I finished Door Number 13 a couple weeks ago, but am just getting around to posting pictures here. Another commissioned piece, this portal “lives” in the same home as Door Number 10. It features the Ace of Wands tarot card but quickly began combining that symbolism with the uniting of Twin Souls on this planet. Also known as Twin Flames, these highly unusual, highly spiritual relationships seem to be popping up all over the place these days. I sense that they in many ways lay the groundwork for the new, higher Earth vibe as we shift into greater love, light and freedom.

I will explain more below, but here’s an initial view of the front of Door Number 13:

Ace of Wands by Laura Bruno

The Ace of Wands typically includes a mountain, but this door shows an actual place on Earth known as Chimney Rock, near Pagosa Springs, Colorado. This area resonates strongly with the patron, and while looking for photos we learned some interesting tidbits. For one, Chimney Rock is a dual formation, which houses an unactivated star portal between the two rocks.

Ace of Wands detail by Laura Bruno

In keeping with this “points beyond” theme, I added a Seed of Life “crop circle” in addition to the Runic Coding used to texture Chimney Rock and the surrounding hillside. The “wand” is an oak branch turned into a torch with twin flames. It holds seven oak leaves coded for abundance, as well as an acorn, symbolizing that the mighty oak grows from and is contained within the tiny acorn.

Twin Flame on the Ace of Wands by Laura Bruno

I chose to include two Celtic butterflies, as this door is meant for radical transformation. The night the patron and I decided on the cost, as well as the inclusion of butterflies, a giant monarch butterfly somehow got into my 9th floor Chicago apartment — as though confirming and endorsing the arrangment. You might recognize the butterfly on the right as the same one that appears as Etain on Door Number 3, the Daphne Door.

Ace of Wands/Elohim threshold

All of the Ace cards in the tarot usually feature a hand coming out of the clouds, which symbolizes “something from nothing,” “as above, so below,” and Divine intervention. I coded these clouds with Runes representing “The Unknowable,” in order to emphasize the mystical component of Twin Flame energy. The Hebrew on the threshold spells out Elohim, which is the term used in the Genesis Creation story. “Man and woman created he them.” This actually a mistranslation as Elohim is plural and includes both masculine and feminine overtones. This name for the hermaphroditic god as a model for Twin Soul reunion also appears on the Lovers (Door Number 7).

The thresholds are heavily coded with both binary code and Runes as well as the Hebrew. Since this is a commissioned piece, I’m keeping the rest of the coding private. Writing something in Runes is equivalent to a Spell, activating the subconscious to embrace all desired results:

More threshold coding on the Ace of Wands Door by Laura Bruno

If you’ve followed these portal creations, you know that each door contains a quote at the bottom — somehow related to doors, passages, liminal spaces, gateways or entrances. This one combines two songs: “Let my Love Open the Door” and “Heart as Wide as the World,” by Krishna Das. Incidentally, that Krishna Das CD played over and over as I painted this side. The quote reads, “Let my heart open the door to your heart as wide as the world.” All the gold and silver in this portal is actual gold and silver leaf. Holy fumes! (And very intense energetic vibes …):

Quote on the Ace of Wands by Laura Bruno

Door Number 13 serves as the “backdoor” entrance between garage and home. The Other Side sets the stage as they enter their home:

Back of the Ace of Wands Door by Laura Bruno

The back of “the back door” features a Third Eye and Ganesha, the bringer and removal of obstacles and thus a perfect guardian of portals. The Sanskrit is Jai Guru Deva Om from the Beatles’ Across the Universe, which is written in English below.

That song states, “Nothing’s gonna change my world”; however, Door Number 13, as a transformation door reads a bit differently. The Runic Coding on the back says:



Across the Universe



The Sanskrit Mantra is Jai Guru Deva Om and the Runic Coding morphs that into SOME THINGS SHALL CHANGE, intending the necessary shift from exploitation into a responsible and loving use of power to EMpower rather than suppress:

Back of Door Number 13 by Laura Bruno

Ganesha, the elephant god is the bringer and removal of obstacles. As such, he is a most appropriate portal deity. I painted him in the upper right hand corner:

Ganesha on the back of Door Number 13

The last thing that catches the eye before passing through Door Number 13 is a symbol representing the Third Eye Chakra:

Third Eye on the back of Door Number 13

Wishing you all enhanced intuition, love and life!

Also, just a quick note, that I am now making some “porta-portals,” canvas board images designed and coded as doorways, but which do not require my actually visiting people’s homes to create the intentional “doorway.” Door Number 14 will be designed as something that can sit on a desk or baseboard, a kind of mini-doorway into consciousness, which will be shipped to the patron when completed. The process remains the same, but I am curious to see how the sense of a door imprints itself within the image and coding.

Yay for innovation and fun! xoxo

Whacking the Piñata

Yesterday I posted this on Facebook: Laura Bruno has been whacking a cosmic piñata for quite some time now and can feel it about to burst. 🙂

Some people got a real kick out of it, but I wasn’t kidding. I really have intended into being this giant piñata of blessings, and I really do spend a huge amount of time and energy whacking away at it. It’s a pretty pinata, swings all over the place when I hit it, and I like to imagine what’s inside. This analogy led to a discussion with a good friend of mine, who likened my determination to their own sense of beating their head against a wall in several areas of life. I decided to share my emailed response because so many people seem to feel the same way. This was a personal correspondence so it’s a little “earthier” than some of my typical posts, but cleaning it up would have sterilized the message:

Given my medical history, I’m sure you understand why I no longer make it a practice to beat my head against a wall. 🙂 Nor do I recommend it to anyone else. A brain injury will give you change, but it also might kill you, it’s completely unpredictable, and even if it does work, there are SO many easier, faster, and less painful ways!

As I see it, the difference between me whacking my cosmic piñata of blessings all day and night long and you beating your head against the wall is this:

Beating your head against a wall will very quickly make you unconscious and it stems from frustration and not looking around you. Why are you banging your head against the wall when there’s a whole room behind you? Why don’t you look for the door? And if you can’t find a door, just ask me; I paint them!! I will make you a door … and I’m really not kidding. I make doors for myself all the time, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual … I am always painting and walking through portals. Walls are boring, especially the same wall over and over again. But portals … now those actually lead somewhere. … and you don’t even need ME to paint you one. You can find your own; they pop up in the most surprising places if you’re open to finding them.

Whacking my cosmic piñata, even if I whack it just as many times as you beat your head against the wall, is VERY different. First of all, I’m using an energetic “stick,” which is very large and gives me a lot of leverage. I can hit it much harder than I could w/ my head. Second, I am not damaging myself or anyone else with these hits, so I can continue to whack that thing with massive determination until it explodes all over me. I won’t be in a stupor when it happens, and that’s important, b/c there are good things in that piñata and I don’t want to miss any of them. I put them in there and I intend to savor each one of them with every ounce of consciousness I have on any and all levels. They are REALLY good things. 🙂

But most importantly, the energy of the piñata is completely different. Banging your head against the wall says, “I can’t, Ow, it hurts, I can’t, Ow, it hurts, I can’t, Ow, it hurts,” whereas whacking my pinata yells into the universe: “I want it and I want it bad. Give it to me.” It’s a joyful command with an expectation of fulfillment.

I ALWAYS get what I want. I know this. Even the things in life like my head injury got me what I wanted. I had 4 years off work for spiritual growth. I’ve written 3 books, including a novel. I traveled to all these cool places and lived like a bohemian for 8 years. That’s all I ever wanted from graduate school and I got it w/o having to sit through all those dreadful classes and listen to all those academics over sherry hour.

Granted, the migraines, disability, private detectives, court, etc. really sucked, so now I just paint portals and whack piñatas instead of beating my head against a wall. No more brain injuries. I still WANT. I still intend to get, and I know that I will. But having gone “down the road” a few times, I now only take interesting routes. Walls bore me, but doors and piñatas I like.

There Is a Way

The intellect says: “The six directions are limits: there is no way out.”
Love says: “There is a way. I have traveled it thousands of times.”
The intellect saw a market and started to haggle;
Love saw thousands of markets beyond that market.


🙂 Have a good one … I’m off my soapbox before all the “good” folks track me down and try to make me wash my mouth out w/ it. Time to whack the piñata. OMG, that sounds obscene! I like it. 🙂 And I will like it even more when it spews those blessings all over me. I’m telling you, they’re coming.