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October 2018 Specials


“Boo, Gotcha!” Big Picture Reboot

The title of this new special references that haunted house scare from someone or something jumping out when least expected. Some shocks are easier to laugh off than others; some of life’s “boo, gotcha!” moments can haunt us for years or even decades. This 30-minute session brings clarity and bigger picture context to the ghosts of your past. Whether from last week or eons ago, soul shocks finally begin to heal when we recognize and honor their role in the soul’s larger journey.

This session will help anyone with unexplained attachments, difficult breakups, sudden “accidents,” unexplained phobias, or feelings you just can’t shake. It can also provide clarity on recurring dreams, “blessings in disguise” where you can’t find the blessing, as well as “what are the odds?!” freakish experiences. A half-hour for $88 if prepaid on or by October 31, 2018. (Save $45 off my usual half-hour rate.) Please contact me to sign up.

Celtic New Year Wheel of the Year Special

Although Western Culture considers New Year’s Eve as December 31st, Samhain (pronounced SOW-en) marks the end of harvest season and the beginning of the dark, introspective half of the year. Traditionally celebrated on October 31st as Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain seems like the right time to begin my next Wheel of the Year Special. (The official crossquarter day occurs this year on 11/7/18, so I’ll leave sign up open through 10/31/18.) Participants in the 8-Day Wheel of the Year Special I offered last January have found deeper connection and harmony with the seasons and their inner and outer worlds. On my end, I’ve loved helping people empower themselves by recognizing larger energy currents and non-linear time cycles. I’ve timed the Reiki Healing Attunements for maximum potency and support with each Turn.

Honoring and celebrating the Wheel of the Year reclaims secular or religious holidays and seasonal shifts as eight windows of “time out of time,” when the veils grow very thin. Whether we use such times as a reflective pause or to align ourselves with natural cycles, the Wheel of the Year invites us to partner with the Dance of Life.

This $888 special includes eight 30-minute sessions (one scheduled before each Turn of the Wheel, beginning in late October or early November 2018), plus a Reiki Healing Attunement at each Turn. These private sessions will be intuitively tailored to you (and your hemisphere), helping you to recognize synchronicities and supportive energies, as well as to clarify focus, intentions, meditations of your heart, rituals, Earth healing, personal healing, and/or discernment about how to make the most of these openings.

If you’ve felt called to embrace a deeper connection with the Land and a more soulful experience of time, the Wheel of the Year Special offers a discounted bundle of eight sessions and eight Reiki Healing Attunements in order to support and deepen your quest. This $888 bundle saves $616 off an individual investment of $1,504 and also represents my commitment to fit you in for a session prior to each Turn of the Wheel. Please contact me to sign up. Offer expires 10/31/18, because we will need time to schedule before our first Turn in late October/early November.

As with the original special, I don’t know if I will offer this again. My doing so now involves a year-long commitment to walk with you through an entire Circle of the Seasons.  (If you signed up for the original Wheel of the Year Special and want to continue for another year, this package will begin where your original leaves off.)

Timothy Glenn ~ Lunar Explorations

He’s ba-a-a-ck! After his last post rocked many a worldview, Timothy Glenn returns as promised to discuss the moon and its influence. How to introduce this post? Hmmm … here’s what Tim said in his email to me:

“The moon is currently part of our experience. We can learn to deal with it, work around it, or even utilize it without surrendering to its influence. The suggestion here is to exercise vigilance so as to make informed choices. Again we swing back to Carl Gustav Jung: ‘Don’t fight forces, use them.’”

“The only thing you can ever know for sure, is that you can never know anything for sure.”

And with that intro, here’s Timothy Glenn:


Lunar Explorations

Let’s explore theories of the origin and nature of the moon. Indigenous peoples and ancient writers have spoken of the time before the Earth had the moon. She was inhabited by humans, who passed on their remembrances of life on Earth when there was no such thing as the moon we now have.

The July 1970 edition of the journal Sputnik featured an article by Russian scientists Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov: Continue reading

FAQ’s About Past Life Readings

I keep getting emails from people inquiring if this month’s $77 Past Life Reading is a regression. Short answer: no, I’m not a hypnotherapist. It’s a past life reading. Since the short answer always leads to many more questions, I’m linking to the intro to and reblog of an earlier post called Akashic Records, Past Life Reading, Past Life Regression: Definitions, Differences and Similarities. 

Between the intro and the longer article, I think that should answer the bulk of questions I receive. I actually wrote the intro and reblogged that post back in April 2014 when I also ran the $77/half hour Past Life Special (normally $175/hour) and received so many questions. I’m happy to find so many people who’ve never even thought of past lives before suddenly feeling led to inquire about this type of reading. In the decade I’ve offered past life readings, I have found them to be the missing key to so many relationship and health issues.

Believe it or not, I began as a skeptic, but time and time again (no pun intended), I have seen past life work resolve issues that otherwise have not budged even with decades of therapy.  Those people interested in how I came to offer past life readings might enjoy this older post, “Past Lives and Law of Attraction.”

OK, I think that covers all the questions I’ve been receiving about past lives. As for scheduling, I have limited availability until 2016; however, some of our guests just let us know that they will be arriving later than expected, which means I now have some unexpected time next week for anyone wanting to schedule a past life reading before running into that “challenging” person at the holiday table. 😉

Blessings and healing to you and yours …


November 2015 Specials and Reiki 1 Certification Class

Well, my goodness, November snuck up on me! It’s time to post the specials. As always, this month’s offerings reflect my sense of how to support the current and emerging energies, as well as responding to client and reader questions and requests. In this month of All Soul’s Day, it seems fitting to offer a brand new Soul Reading Special. Whenever planetary consciousness rises, past life bleedthrough seems to increase, crying out for attention and release. So many of last month’s Medical Intuitive Special sessions revealed past life factors that I thought I’d offer a more directly soul focused special this month.

Also, please note: due to some unexpected but necessary schedule changes for two of the students interested in this coming Saturday’s class, we do still have room in this (most likely) last Reiki 1 class for 2015. if you’d like to begin your Reiki certification journey before year’s end, now’s your chance to do so in a smaller class in the newly set up “Blue House” aka Haus am See.


$131 Soul Readings

Soul readings are what some people would call Past Life Readings, except we choose an area of focus — specific repeat challenges or relationships — and I share my impressions of the multiple lifetimes and patterns (attempted corrections and over-corrections) that have resulted in your current experiences. Bringing long-repressed past life stories to the conscious surface allows you to consciously address them, releasing old trauma, while embracing latent gifts. $131 (25% off) if prepaid on or before 11/30/2015. Please contact me to sign up.

$222 Mini-Coaching Packages

Back by popular request, this three-pack of half hour sessions represents a $52 savings over the usual rate. Sessions can be scheduled weekly or as needed. They can address anything from career changes to relationships to esoteric skills, potential relocation, past life issues, and/or health concerns.

$222 if prepaid on or before 11/30/15. Please contact me to sign up.


Reiki Level 1 Certification Class in Goshen, Indiana

Saturday, November 7, from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (East Coast time) in Goshen, Indiana.

For reference, Goshen is about 40 minutes East of South Bend, 8 miles from the Michigan border, and 2-3 hours from the Chicago area, depending on your exact location. A limited number of rooms are available for students who need to spend the night.

Students will learn and/or receive:

• History, nature, and science of Reiki.
• Experiencing Reiki energy.
• Using Reiki with other healing arts.
• Discussion of 21-day cleanse.
• Treating animals and plants.
• Essence scanning process.
• Establishing a Reiki practice.
• Practice self-treatment hand positions.
• Handouts and resource list.
• Reiki Circles.
• What a Reiki lineage represents.
• Giving a Reiki treatment with hand positions.
• Ethics and Legal Responsibilities as a Reiki Practitioner.
• Reiki Level 1 Attunement.

Certification: At the end of the training, each student will receive a certificate acknowledging completion of Reiki Level 1, as well as recognition as a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner. Taking any Reiki training with me also qualifies each student to audit (at no cost) any additional Reiki classes taught by me, up to and including the level completed with her (space permitting).

Fee: $175

Please contact me to reserve your spot.

Three More Days

Just a quick reminder that if you’d like to purchase one or both of these specials, you have three more days to do so. The specials will change for February, and these are not regular offerings. (The Preparedness Check-In one would normally need to be covered under “Life Coaching” at those rates, and I don’t usually offer half-hour Past Life Readings.)


Intuitive Preparedness Check-In

This is a return of a popular 2014 special, which I feel called to highlight again now. This special responds to many comments, questions and private emails requesting my take on the question “What can I do right now?” — for specific individuals, rather than general guidelines and suggestions. With so many people feeling the structures and safety nets of the old world slip away, clients, friends and blog readers continue to voice concerns that preparedness strategies seem too overwhelming even to contemplate, let alone implement.

This hour session gives you access to my own intuitive scan of what areas of focus will provide you the greatest payback and sense of abundance, peace and security, with the least amount of resistance. Those looking to make larger lifestyle shifts can ask me to scan various lifestyle, location and/or community options to see which ones fit best with your vibration and heart’s desires. You can also use our time together to discuss energetic/magickal protection and manifestation tools and techniques, along with troubleshooting your most pressing concerns in various areas of life, including finances, food security, faith/spirituality/soul nurturing, relationships and/or land.

I feel so strongly about helping people take steps from fear, denial and overwhelm into abundance, joy and freedom, that I’m keeping this pricing a simple $123. As Tolkien said, “Little by little, one travels far.”

Please contact me if you’d like to sign up for this special. Offer valid if prepaid on or before January 31, 2015.

Return of the $77 Past Life Quickie

Another “oldie” but goodie. 😉

With the veils thinning, so many more people have begun to experience what I call “past life bleed-through.” Dreams, hunches, visions, flashes … however the suspected past life awareness arrives, it can feel unsettling, exciting and/or cause obsessive questions. This half-hour reading allows people to ask persistent questions, or to have a check-in regarding the most pressing karmic issues presenting themselves right now. Yes, this can include past life relationships with animal friends. I don’t normally offer Past Life Readings in a half-hour format, but I wanted to make this available to the larger numbers of people wondering about previous lifetimes and relationships. If you’d like to double this special for the full hour, just let me know in your scheduling request. Offer valid if prepaid on or before January 31, 2015.

Past Life Q & A

This email exchange happened today. I’m keeping it anonymous for privacy but also posting it, since I do have the $77 Past Life Quickie Special running this month. If one person’s asking, maybe others have similar questions.


Dear Ms. Bruno,
I would very much like to have life readings regarding my previous incarnations. Specifically, I would like to know how many incarnations I have had, the time frame of each life, a brief description of the achievements of each life, the manner of death of each life, and the identity of any present family members that shared those previous lives with me.

Would you please advise on your willingness to provide this information and the cost for performing this service.

Thank you for your response.


Dear ___,
Thanks for contacting me. I would be happy to provide you with past life readings; however, what you’re looking for is not how I work. The information I glean deals with healing — relationships, health issues, long-standing patterns/limitations. I only receive past life information relevant to healing and soul growth, not the mundane details of a Who’s Who history book. The past life information I receive tends to provide a very different perspective on whatever “bleed-through” from previous incarnations is affecting this lifetime.

I’m really not convinced of the value of what you’re looking for, but if surface details are the main thing you want to learn, rather than the truly relevant details affecting you this time around, then perhaps you would want to find someone who can hypnotize you for a series of past life regressions with this surface history as your stated purpose. Alternatively, you could look for more of a parlor trick kind of psychic, but I’m not sure how valid that information would be. Generally, past life work is done for the purposes of healing and empowering this lifetime, rather than for an esoteric family tree.

I wish you the best in your search,
Laura Bruno

June 2014 Special

I’m only offering one special this month, because clients have been having so many breakthroughs right now through past life work. In an effort to support more people liberating themselves from old patterns and situations, all Past Life Readings purchased today through June 30, 2014 will be $122 instead of the usual $175. Please contact me if you have questions or would like to sign up. Many blessings!