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More Reiki Questions Answered

Two people recently asked me variation of questions that I get asked a lot regarding Reiki. Since I didn’t include them in my original list of Reiki Master Teacher FAQ’s, I thought I’d mention them here:

I have had success in channeling healing energy but also seem to take on forms of the illnesses I work on. This makes me hesitant to finish my next level of training.

Reiki should not work “backwards,” in the sense of it causing you to pick up other people’s symptoms. People can be empathic; however, that is not a Reiki process since Reiki flows only one way — through your crown and out your hands and/or eyes, including third eye. There is no ebb tide to Reiki, so getting the next level of training would not cause you to take on others’ symptoms. If you continue to do so, it is not due to the Reiki.

In fact, purely offering Reiki without trying to control it in any way is one of the easiest ways to ensure you do not receive a blow back from clients or others. I have always been highly empathic, even with people thousands of miles away, and even if I do not “know” they have any kind of health challenge happening at the moment. I find that whenever I remember to offer Reiki to someone whose symptoms “bleed through” my reality, those empathic symptoms minimize or disappear. Rather than inviting symptoms or illness from others, Reiki in its purest form works as a protection from empathic challenges.

I’ve also had feedback from many Reiki Level 1 students who noticed immediate improvement or cessation of feeling drained from offering energy work to others. These included people who would feel sick or “off” for weeks after visiting someone in the hospital. After learning to allow Reiki to flow through them and realizing they did not need to put so much effort into the energy work, they found that they no longer needed recovery time after a hospital visit. Instead, they felt “juiced.” This is probably the most common improvement my students notice after Reiki classes, because so many of my students tend to be natural empaths.

(Other methods of minimizing empathic symptoms include cord cutting, asking the angels for protection, assessing your own tendency to project or reflect, and using aura strengthening exercises through meditation and visualization.)

Reiki makes me tired. The day after my first (and only) Reiki experience I nearly fell asleep at work. I am a very tired person already so I cannot afford added fatigue.

Reiki allows your body to heal itself, so if you are needing rest, then it will manifest as “making you tired.” It is a technique to get your body into a relaxed enough state to do all the healing on all the levels. Depending on how much deep healing needs to occur, Reiki can feel tiring, just like a massage may make someone want to fall asleep. The Reiki is still providing energy, though. It’s just that sometimes deeper healing requires total rest in order to take place. I suspect if you continue on a healing path, you will eventually find Reiki a highly energizing experience.

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