The Lion Dream

On May 9, I mentioned having some powerful dreams right when the Moon conjuncted my natal Mercury at 4 degrees Gemini. I had one and then another three-part dream, which I recorded right afterwards and shared with a few friends. I had not planned to post details here, except my sweet Faery Twin Tania Marie mentioned having a similar dream in the comments of today’s post about July’s astro energies.

Tania shared: “interesting mars in leo connection to last night’s dream of a male lion following/coming at me (not threatening, but definitely getting my attention). weird that in dream i say to myself, this is the second time a lion comes at me in a dream – but i don’t actually remember dreaming of this another time. 🙂 good stuff”

me: “Remember, though, I had that amazing dream about the giant male lion a couple months ago! Maybe that’s what you were thinking about. 🙂 I had a dream on the weekend where people were turning into cats standing on two legs. They would eat one bird and then change back into people. It wasn’t violent–more surreal. Wild stuff. 🙂 ”

Tania: “hmmm, interesting. that could be. didn’t remember your dream. i think i may have had a lioness once, and the white jaguar. it was very clear to me when the lion came at me, that i’d seen this before and was being told it was second time. so could be bleed through of yours, or i’ve actually had it before in a dream state i just don’t remember and now am with the trigger again. in either case, very cool! since we’re twins it makes sense. your dream is wild for sure with cat people 😉 ”

me: “In my dream, I actually had the same thing happen where the huge lion walked across our patio, and I ‘heard’ ‘this is a miracle. remember this’ and then I had three, back to back recurring dreams where the lion came up in memory in the dream. It was significant, and it also bled through … . In my dream, it was like an Aslan figure. I used to have cat dreams ALL the time– tigers, jaguars, shapeshifting people into tigers, cougars … but until the lion dream I hadn’t had any for many years. Then this weekend I had the cat-people dream. 🙂 ”

This synergy of lion dreams leads me to share both the comment exchange and my dream here in case it holds broader messages for other people.

Shortly after my lion dream (below), I emailed Timothy Glenn, who was part of the dream, and it turned out the timing and events were highly synchronous to real time events in his own life. My recent cat dream, along with Tania’s lion dream with similar “remembering” effects, seems timely once again, so here’s my three-part lion dream:

In part one of what seems to have been one long dream, I was in our fireplace room/guest room/where I paint, which has a sliding glass door to our backyard. In the dream, the backyard was much larger but had our same patio. I notice a very young groundhog popping out of a hole right next to the patio. He’s very cute, but then I freak out, because he’s burrowing close to the house. “Oh, no, the foundation! He’ll destroy the foundation.”

Just then, a HUGE lion walks diagonally across our patio, obscuring the groundhog from view. This lion is majestic and non-threatening, since I’m behind the sliding glass door. He has a smaller mane but a very long, black-tipped tail. As he walks diagonally across the patio, he comes very close to me, so that I am only a few inches away from him as he nears the corner of the house. In the moment, I realize, “This is important. This is a miracle. Remember this.”

In part two, I’m in an academic office of some sort at a university. Timothy Glenn (astrologer friend) and I have quasi good excuses for being there, but not to do what we’re doing, which is searching through the desks for information. As we’re digging around trying to find some important Answer, one of us accidentally moves a white coffee mug — kind of shallow but wide like at a fancy coffee shop. Moving the mug pulls back the wall, and it turns out there’s a one-way mirror into another office, which we can see into. We find a way to cross into that office, and it turns out this office is a jackpot. We find all the information we’ve suspected but the researchers in this office have scientific proof of all the outlandish theories we’ve had. There’s no photocopier in this office, so we grab a folder to copy in the other office.

As we’re making photocopies in the first office, three researchers enter the other side. They can’t see us due to the one way mirror, but we’re concerned they’ll notice the folder missing. We don’t know what will happen, because we’re not even really supposed to be in this office, and we are definitely not supposed to be in the other one. Also, we don’t know what would happen if those researchers suddenly discover they can be secretly observed. I’m about to freak out when I think, “Remember the lion. That was a miracle.” Tim and I find a way to throw the folder through the slit behind the coffee mug when all three researchers are looking somewhere else.

In part three, I’m living in a house on the cul de sac of the street we lived on in high school. In real life and in the dream, this particular house has an elevator, because one of the owners was disabled. In the dream, I own the house, and the house has huge gardens because I live there. It’s a two story brick house and with the gardens, kind of looks like an English countryside home. I’m sitting downstairs with gorgeous views out to the gardens, writing a book or maybe dictating it. I keep forgetting about sessions. I was supposed to have a 2 p.m. email session and call the person at 3:00, upgrading to phone as an apology for spacing out — but I don’t tell her that’s why. In the midst of that call, I suddenly realize that this house has a secret room like the one Tim and I went into.

I don’t know how I know this; I just realize it and immediately call a contractor once I finish the session. “What’s the best way to get into this room in a reliable way? Should we install another elevator? A ladder? Steps? I want regular access.” The contractor looks at me and says, “How do you even know there’s a room there? Have you ever seen it?”

“No, but I saw one like it. I know it’s there, and anyway, I own this house, I can go in that room whenever I want. I have a right to go in that room.” In the midst of discussing stairs, ladder, elevator, I hear, “Remember the lion. That’s important. That was a miracle.” Then I wake up with the name “Aslan” in my head, like from CS Lewis’ books.This led me on a whole Tolkien/CS Lewis rabbit hole that led back to an email Tim Martin had sent me in 2016, but which popped up as a new email last year at the perfect time. The email from Tim linked to a Tolkien story called Leaf by Niggle. It’s basically a story about a portal painting. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is also literally a portal story.

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    Oh, I do love the story “Leaf by Niggle” by Tolkien! Few people seem to know of it, but it’s consoled me since I was a child! Yes, it’s a portal painting story, and your dreams are quite evocative!

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  3. Thank you! Yes, to all of this. 🙂


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