Eclipse Season and July 2019 Specials

Just a reminder that tomorrow (July 16th) brings our second July eclipse, this one a Lunar Eclipse. Also of note, it’s not just Mercury Retrograde right now. Chiron, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter join Mercury in that retrograde motion, along with the North and South Nodes (although Rx is normal for the Nodes).

In other words, if you feel a bit off, slow, or your communications have gone wonky, give yourself a little break. Mars in Leo, Sun and Venus in Cancer, and Uranus in Taurus are moving forward, but pretty much everything else says, “Step back, re-evaluate, review, pause. What have you learned? What calls out for healing and recalibration? Focus there, for now. This, too, shall pass.”

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An eventful July begins with a Total Solar Eclipse on July 2 at 10 degrees Cancer. If you have any personal planets at 10 degrees Cancer or Capricorn, you’ll feel this one in a big way. Ditto for anyone with 10 degrees Libra/Aries, which will be squared (creates friction/action) by the eclipse.

On July 8th, Mercury moves retrograde, conjuncting Mars in fiery Leo, which may increase impulsive action. You might also feel more tension than usual between acting and thinking. On the 9th, Chiron (wounded healer/deep inner wound) goes retrograde at 5 Aries, which will affect anything you have around 5 degrees Aries/Libra/Cancer/Capricorn. We’ve also got upcoming astro-weather involving Mars/Uranus, Venus/Pluto, and the Sun/North Node. You can find a more detailed overview of July 2019’s intense astrology here.

On July 16th, we’ll have a Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn. If that sounds familiar, have a look back at…

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  1. interesting mars in leo connection to last night’s dream of a male lion following/coming at me (not threatening, but definitely getting my attention). weird that in dream i say to myself, this is the second time a lion comes at me in a dream – but i don’t actually remember dreaming of this another time. 🙂 good stuff

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    • Remember, though, I had that amazing dream about the giant male lion a couple months ago! Maybe that’s what you were thinking about. 🙂 I had a dream on the weekend where people were turning into cats standing on two legs. They would eat one bird and then change back into people. It wasn’t violent–more surreal. Wild stuff. 🙂

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  2. hmmm, interesting. that could be. didn’t remember your dream. i think i may have had a lioness once, and the white jaguar. it was very clear to me when the lion came at me, that i’d seen this before and was being told it was second time. so could be bleed through of yours, or i’ve actually had it before in a dream state i just don’t remember and now am with the trigger again. in either case, very cool! since we’re twins it makes sense. your dream is wild for sure with cat people 😉

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    • I might post the dream, if I feel led. In my dream, I actually had the same thing happen where the huge lion walked across our patio, and I “heard” “this is a miracle. remember this” and then I had three, back to back recurring dreams where the lion came up in memory in the dream. It was significant, and it also bled through with Tim Glenn’s cat, Leah, passing and some friends seeing her on the etheric level as a huge lion. In my dream, it was like an Aslan figure.

      I used to have cat dreams ALL the time– tigers, jaguars, shapeshifting people into tigers, cougars … but until the lion dream I hadn’t had any for many years. Then this weekend I had the cat-people dream. 🙂

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