Fly Free, T-Bird! We love you.

David and I just learned that our dear friend, Tim Martin, passed away yesterday. He was and is a beautiful soul and will be deeply missed. I mentioned him after the first of our moves to Kalamazoo: “Thanks again to our superhero friend Tim, aka T-Bird, for all the above and beyond help this weekend.” “Above and beyond” was right.

Tim was not afraid of Death. We spoke of it often, not in a morbid way, but in a natural cycles, Faery Realm, and depth psychology way. On Wednesday he texted me: “Interesting that my first memory is of my brother and I looking for snakes in a brush pile considering how my whole life can be seen as a chthonic journey; realized this this morning on the drive in”

I usually get a heads up when someone close to me is about to pass — sometimes months ahead of time with a 24- to 48-hour window of time when they’ll pass. I’ve had heads up about clients’ relatives I’ve never met, my grandparents’ deaths, my father’s death, death date of a friend’s husband and then sensed her own death. I don’t share this information, because you never truly know, and also I don’t want to give anyone any self-fulfilling prophecies.

But Tim’s passing came as a shock. As his best friends, we are deeply grieving the loss.

We knew he was going through a massive shift, and he sensed it would occur before Winter Solstice. Looking through texts and emails, there were many signs that his liberation might be a bit more dramatic than anyone, including Tim, anticipated.

Tim was a very, very good friend. A huge orb of love in an aching world. He wrote gorgeous poetry and was a voracious reader, always learning, always seeking truth. I used to call him Tim Bombadil after Tolkien’s character, Tom, my favorite from Lord of the Rings. He’s the only Cancer male I’ve ever managed to stay friends with, a 7/7 baby, magical to the core. He loved the Earth as his Mother, made beautiful altars and photographs, offered whiskey to faeries, and his daily communing with Nature surpassed most people’s once-in-a-lifetime peak mystical experience. We texted so often I needed to delete the text streams every six weeks to free up memory on my phone. Now I wish I’d kept them all.

His daughter Eimhear (“ever”) was the light of his life, and we send so much love to her and her family right now.

In a recent text, Tim told me he wanted to be reincarnated as a Nac Mac Feegle. He had nagged me into reading “The Wee Free Men” and then got me hooked on Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series. In gathering some poems and recent words for his ex-wife and daughter, I felt led to look up this quote about Granny Weatherwax, which, if you knew Tim as we do, you’d find so clearly applies to him, too, in his sacred grove.

And yes, Tim had a truly sacred grove, which we were blessed to enter with him on more than one occasion:

“Tiffany thought of the little spot in the woods where Granny Weatherwax lay. Remembered.

And knew that You had been right. Granny Weatherwax was indeed here. And there. She was, in fact, and always would be, everywhere.”
Terry Pratchett, The Shepherd’s Crown

As David said in a 3-way text stream with Tim on Friday, “Fly, T-Bird, fly!”

We love you, Tim. Nice to have such a brilliant ally on the Otherside, but we will miss your laugh, your constantly changing ideas, and your bear hugs. We’ll miss your great big heart that overworked itself all these years. Now you can love and be loved with no limitations.

Blessed Be, my friend. You were and are such a blessing in our lives.

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  1. Sending you and David, Tim’s family and all who knew and loved him peace and love. You’re in my thoughts and heart. 💙

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  2. Thank you, T! We love you, too.

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  3. Posted by Maggie on December 17, 2017 at 10:36 pm

    so sorry to hear this Laura, much love to you and David… special spirits are indeed greatly missed even when we know they are eternally present. I was so moved by your sharing.. take care and love to you, xxx

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  4. Thank you, sweet Maggie. I’m so glad that we all had the kind of friendship where we really did express our deep appreciation for each other. He knew how much we loved him. Thanks and love to you …xxx


  5. Ah! What is more refreshing and poignant, than lush memories of a beloved friend?
    Many Blessings to Tim on his journey. My heart goes out to his family, and you and Dave. ❤

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  6. Posted by Linette on December 18, 2017 at 5:27 am

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. What a moving and beautiful tribute to him. Jason and I send you both love

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  7. Posted by susan gortva on December 18, 2017 at 7:03 am

    much love to all.

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  8. Thank you, ForeverUnlimited. Perfect name for Tim right now, too. Love and blessings … ❤

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  9. Thank you, sweet Linette. We appreciate it! Lots of love to you and Jason, too.

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  10. Thank you, Susan! ❤


  11. I am Phoenix. Yes, Forever Unlimited is a good name for one who is transmuting form, yet remains eternal. ❤

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  12. Much much love to all and especially heartfelt holding to his beautiful daughter, whom Tim loved so deeply and truly. Xo ❤❤

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  13. Posted by Liz Tunison on December 18, 2017 at 12:12 pm

    Thank you for those beautiful kind words. I didn’t know my brother like I wish I did and I’m now left aching in regret. As far as I can remember, he soul was always frolicking between nature and the fantastical. He was brilliant and witty and I’m heartbroken he’s no longer here to share all his amazingness. I know his legacy shines bright in Eimhear. My heart hurts for her loss but I know she’ll find him lingering with every bird flying noisy over head. Miss you big brother.

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  14. Phoenix, is of course, another great name! ❤


  15. Thank you so much, Tootsie. xo <3<3


  16. You’re welcome, Liz. Yes, we are all holding Eimhear in our hearts. Big hugs, peace and comfort to you, as well.


  17. Posted by Mitch on December 18, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    Tim, I’m sorry I did not reach out to you over the years as I did know how dear you were to Laura and David, I’m sure we would have been fast friends. Thank you for being such a vessel of love and a touchstone for so many, may you fly your Faery freak flag to it’s highest heights on your newest soul journey, blessed be to you Tim!

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  18. He would have loved you, Mitch! You two were like brothers from another mother, often sending me the same links and podcasts at the same time. So grateful to have at least one of you in my life. Thanks for the send off to our dear friend. Much love!


  19. Yes, it was a nickname given to me when I lived in California! I was able to legally add it as a second middle name. ❤

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  20. Beautiful remembrances of your friend, Laura. So bittersweet to deeply feel and grieve the loss while so deeply remembering the blessing of his presence in your lives. Blessed be and Big Love.

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  21. Thank you so much, Jamie. Yes, bittersweet, indeed, but I’m so grateful to have had his friendship while we did. Plus, he was always so close to the Otherside anyway, that he’s pretty adept at sending clear messages and gifts. Blessed Be and Big Love to you, too


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  24. […] our redirected plans revealed a tiny metaphysical shop we would otherwise have missed: Mother Moon. Our recently passed friend Tim made known his presence with some bizarre physics (i.e. spontaneously moving an entire shelf of […]


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