Reclaiming Roots and a Writing Update

It appears my 2018 word is “Roots.” I’ve been embracing my Celtic roots in ever deeper ways, describing “root issues” as I write a book on the metaphysics of Lyme disease, and on the physical level, I’m preparing for a (root chakra) colon cleanse. During this Imbolc season of release in preparation for Spring’s creativity, I’ve gone deep into my soul soil, planting seeds and watching others sprout. I’ve traced the mycelium and traveled the paths of telepathy and dynamic interconnection.

Learning Welsh

A few weeks ago, I mentioned feeling led to learn Welsh, and indeed, that project continues. In addition to being the language upon which Tolkien based Elvish, Cymraeg (pronounced kum-R EYE G), aka Welsh has opened my mind and soul in unexpected ways. For one, I can finally pronounce most of the names in the Mabinogian — a set of tales that includes early Arthurian legends, along with some of the weirdest myths and magic you’ll ever encounter. I can also say, “It’s raining old wives and walking sticks” — in Cymraeg — and for some reason, this expression delights me to no end. I say it several times per day, no matter what the weather.

I decided to learn Welsh based on an awareness that cascaded through me after a dream making the Tolkien/Elvish connection. Later research confirmed that connection, so I followed through. I had asked for inspiration before going to sleep, and I tend to take action on dreams, especially if I have requested help with something. My training includes a combination of the free lessons on, YouTube videos for children, and various books about learning Welsh, Myrddin (Merlin), and the Welsh sources of Celtic mythology.

So far, so fascinating. In addition to the old stories, I had no idea that speaking Cymraeg was so subversive! The language almost died out due to English persecution, and it remains illegal to speak Welsh in Parliament. Unlike Ireland, Scotland and England, Wales does not appear on the UK flag. While a phrase sets apart Welsh people who speak Welsh (Cymru Cymraeg), no phrase exists for the Welsh who don’t speak Welsh, which, if you think about it, would normally be the unusual thing to label.

By some estimates, only 20% of the population in Wales speaks Welsh, and doing so brings with it political implications of sovereignty, national and cultural identity. At one time, people all over Britain spoke Welsh, and much of English history also stems from Wales and its stories. The movement to teach children and adults their own, native language develops passionate speakers all over the world, as reclaiming language brings with it a reclamation of everything that language represents. The national Eisteddfod (eye-STETH-fud) celebrates Welsh with poetry competitions, song and the bardic arts, and, apparently, a network of Welsh speakers stretches all across Wales, like its own alternate universe.

Each language uses the brain in different ways, so learning a new language opens dormant pathways. I knew this when I decided to learn Cymraeg, but I had no idea which synapses would reconnect. Over half my DNA comes from the British Isles and Ireland — even more if you figure the 11% Scandinavian comes from Saxons and the 8% Iberian Peninsula came from the so-called “Black Irish.” I’ve spent years delving into my Irish and Scandinavian roots, but not much time or energy on the high percentage of Welsh in my background. The language feels strangely familiar to me, like Sanskrit did when I first learned ancient chants.

When I first sang or spoke Sanskrit, my brain exploded like popcorn. Ancient memories lit up, and I could feel the center of my brain activate. Cymraeg feels more like a smooth ferry across half hidden waterways, like parting the mists of Avalon — or at least journeying back to a known, yet watery reality. Along with my language and mythology studies, I’ve upped my previous cooperation with the Sidhe — that ancient Faery race, also know as the Tylwyth Teg, the Good People, or the People of the Mounds. Those deepening connections precede the Celts, although Celtic culture may have the most lasting contact with them.

Writing Update

Deepening my roots in these areas not only sparks fiction ideas; it continues to inform my non-fiction book on healing Lyme disease. I struggled with how to structure the vast material I’ve gleaned from helping so many Lyme clients find meaning and healing of this profound dis-ease and Spiritual Initiation. Last year, I gave up on writing a non-fiction Lyme book, thinking I could more easily show than tell the healing process; however, giving up on the idea of a non-fiction Lyme book refreshed the entire project.

I’ve written about 25,000 words so far. I don’t know how long this book will be, but I decided long ago to self-publish it rather than going with a traditional publisher. One reason for self-publishing rather than going with a mainstream publisher includes flexibility in length. Sometimes less is more, especially with Lyme disease. It’s shaping itself into a book for reading and re-reading. That might mean saying things in several different ways to create more aha moments. It might mean keeping some areas as homeopathic doses.

In addition to feeling called to release this information sooner rather than later for the 100’s of millions of people suffering with Lyme disease, I sense this Lyme project as a gateway to writing fiction in a more concentrated way. I’m happy to continue offering private intuitive coaching and medical intuitive sessions, but I don’t want a publishing contract that requires me to “do the Lyme circuit” or commit to a book tour or lecture series. I go as I feel led, and right now, I feel led to finish writing this book!

The other reason for self-publishing is because the ideas I offer are not mainstream, and diluting or neutering them for a mainstream (or even a New Age-y) publisher would rob the book of its metaphysical potential for shifting lives. So much of healing Lyme disease means embracing counter-intuitive, Shadowy non-Sense in order to embody a new and magical life. The book twists and turns like Lyme’s whack-a-mole symptoms and Herxheimer reactions, but I’ve begun to recognize the method to this “madness” as the spiral dance found in Lyme coaching sessions. Backdoors and portals exist all over the place, wherever and whenever we stumble into them (11:11 as I type this). Will we allow ourselves to cross the threshold?

In terms of timing, I intend to finish and release the Lyme book sometime in 2018. I would love for that to occur by Summer Solstice, but I’ll settle for anytime this year, so long as the book feels finished. I’ll keep you posted, as my own spiral journey of writing, shooting down more roots and then blossoming, fruiting and leafing out all at once continues.

Reclaiming Roots in Other Ways

My sweet faery twin Tania Marie recently wrote about her own version of my Celtic roots reclamation — in her case Egypt and other parts of Africa. Interestingly, she has a Grand Canyon trip coming up soon, and the other night I watched a video about all the pre-Egyptian artifacts and temples found in the Grand Canyon. In many cases, these predate Ancient Egypt by 7000 or more years. As with me, her own spiral journey keeps synchronizing and deepening as she explores her origins — definitely soul level, possibly DNA since she had not had Ancestral DNA testing.

My half-Dutch husband has experienced a similar reclamation of his Dutch heritage, as Western Michigan is filled with Dutch people! He now works for a Dutch company with a Dutch name, and the headquarters sits kitty corner to an authentic Dutch shop with all sorts of treasures from Holland. He used to speak Dutch for work and spent much of his adult life in the Netherlands or Brussels, but our time in Goshen removed all that. Living in a place settled by the Dutch and with Holland, MI’s topography so familiar, feels like a corollary to all my Celtic and Sidhe rooting.

Many people in sessions either need to reclaim their roots or have already begun that process. It’s “up” right now for a lot of people, so if you feel that nudge in your own life, I suggest you take action, whatever your heritage(s). For some people, this translates as disrupted or unusual sleep patterns. Lisa Renee wrote a good piece on this back in January, called, “Time Shift Blog — Why Can’t I Get to Sleep?” Her articles always vibrate at a very high frequency, and not everyone understands what she says. Don’t worry if you don’t. I post the link for those who might grasp her message on an intuitive level even if the mental plane says, “Huh?”

Dr. Sharon Blackie’s long awaited sequel to “If Women Rose Rooted” also comes out this month: “The Enchanted Life.” This book supports both men and women, helping you to ground enchantment into the mundane. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve been rereading “If Women Rose Rooted.” I can’t wait to see what she’s brought forth this time!

On the more physical level, you can get rooted by spending more time in nature, or by tending to the Earth Element in your life. David and I went snowshoeing for the first time this past weekend — a wonderful way to open paths you normally could not tread:


The Earth Element includes your root chakra (intestines, tailbone, issues of holding on or letting go, boundaries, stability, finances and sense of security or preparedness). I used to do colon cleanses once per year, but haven’t since Spring 2014, when I added structure to the Goshen garden. At that time, I felt led to haul all these busted up concrete slab eyesores from the neighboring apartments into our yard and form beautiful, structured, urbanite pathways:


The above photo shows that project three years later, but Spring 2014 meant hauling massive weights of “junk” into a new location and new form that turned my vision into reality. I find it interesting that life blocked me from doing anymore cleanses until Imbolc season 2018, four years later, when I’m hauling a different sort of “concrete blocks” into new location and form via this metaphysics of Lyme book.

Each of us will embrace these energies in our own way. I know in my life and from clients the intensity of these times. I created the February Specials to support these energies, so you have resources if you’d like more guidance or company on the journey. Potent times activate potential. When we embrace these energies, the process unfolds with more ease than when we resist it, but, as Tolkien said, “Little by little one travels far.” Be gentle with yourself. Saturn in Capricorn‘s supplying enough pressure for all of us!




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  1. Posted by Eliza Ayres on February 13, 2018 at 12:15 pm

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

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  2. Posted by manyhahama1955 on February 13, 2018 at 12:36 pm

    Sounds perfect Laura, for the beautiful magician that you are! You amaze me! : )

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  3. copying my comment here too……awesome!! love the spiraling journey of discovery and wholeness…thank you for sharing yours too. i think these kinds of inside looks help others to explore their own and understand how each piece is relevant and valuable, even if not fully comprehended in a tangible way at first. one of my words for 2018 would be origins πŸ™‚ but speaking of roots, do you remember that billions of years old fossil that looks like a horn or claw (or mega fossilized root), with an arkansas quartz at top, sharks teeth, ammonite…my atlantean sceptor? well, last night i went into my room and found it on the floor. i can only imagine that astrid brought it down off the table at center of my room. it is sitting at the middle of other crystals, which to the right are africa ones. my guess is that it struck the giant mother quartz i have on the floor that i carried from that hike up here, as the bottom third cracked/separated. you can’t tell because it is so well bound with copper wiring, but i feel it to be very meaningful. astrid hasn’t touched anything on the table, so if she did it, she has purpose! i’m percolating the implications.

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  4. Posted by Mitch on February 13, 2018 at 2:30 pm

    Annigonol ydy un iaith Dyw un iaith byth yn ddigon
    Siwrne saff! Iechyd da!

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  5. Posted by Mitch on February 13, 2018 at 2:55 pm

    A wonderful, immersive post, I can’t conjure the words to show that I ‘get’ anything especially when you mix in Tania Marie’s magical journey and Lisa Renee’s DNA recalibration’s as recently, I seem at a loss to express in words all the immensely powerful shifts that are taking place but I ‘get it’ on an intuitive level, it’s current’s run deep!

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  6. Ah, I looked this up with my trusty translator, since I cannot claim to know this much Cymraeg just yet!

    “One language is inadequate One language is never enough
    Travel safely! Good health!”

    Lots of fun. πŸ™‚


  7. Thank you, Mitch. Yes, sometimes we don’t have words for what we intuitively understand. I find that people get overwhelmed by Lisa Renee’s information, but if you just kind of read through it like another language, it does tend to express what she’s saying. πŸ™‚


  8. Oh, that’s very interesting, Tania! I wonder what Astrid unlocked? And of course, both the Celts and the Egyptians have much to do with Atlantis, so interesting all around. No surprise that you and I have similar words for 2018. LOL, I thought might was going to be “Organize,” but then the Roots revealed themselves as the underlying piece of the organization process. πŸ™‚

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  9. Aw, thank you, Sophia! πŸ™‚


  10. […] for others too, including faery twin, Laura, who shared about her own journey today in her blog,Β Reclaiming Roots and a Writing Update. In her post she speaks to how “roots” seems to be her 2018 word and her personal […]

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  11. it really is!!! i just finished my post and included the info on this and further discoveries…so crazy!! miss astrid is a smarty pants. tons of connections everywhere and the arkansas crystal on it connecting to what we discussed too.

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  12. Just read it, and Arkansas keeps coming up, too. David will even need to go there soon for some work training.

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  13. lol! choo choo!


  14. Posted by Kieron on February 13, 2018 at 7:20 pm

    You know, the thought came to me, in response to the way different languages energize the brain in different ways… maybe this is another reason for the proliferation of English around the world. It has a stultifying effect on language centers when it’s emphasized above other languages which then fade, such as native/minority languages. Some English words are considered, by some, to be secret spells, i.e. morning/mourning, wake (up)/wake (as for a dead person), the work week/weak ending in the weekend/weakened, etc. And then the theses contained in “The Alphabet Versus the Goddess” about how language activates or suppresses the left and right hemispheres of the brain. And so on. I hadn’t realized Cymraeg had diminished that much. I believed it was more robust than Gaeilge (Irish) but I guess not! My own Gaeilge has grown very rusty for various reasons. 😦 And my semi-fluency in American Sign Language has definitely made me more animated and descriptive in 3 dimensions although I am far from where I want to be with it.

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  15. Posted by Anthony on February 13, 2018 at 9:43 pm

    Hey, that’s cool about the Welsh language! I always wondered if one studied languages that mirrored their ancestry – would it ‘trigger’ ancestral memories, past lives, and latent DNA? Would it come much easier than learning other languages? And would traveling to countries of your particular ancestry also unlock memories? Have you guys ever traveled to Wales or Denmark? Might be very interesting!!

    I very recently discovered that I, too, am at least a quarter Irish!! My mom joined and discovered an immigration document that showed that my great grandmother migrated to America at the age of ten, and was taken in by a German family. She took their name, and never told her kids!! I always wondered why people always asked if I was Irish…I need to do something more with it than just slamming Guinness!!!

    On Lisa Renee: I LOVE her site. As a scientist I really appreciate her in-depth descriptions and analysis. But I agree: it’s not for everyone.

    And thanks again for always providing a ray of balanced sunshine here during these times. I spend WAY too much time drudging up the muck for people to look at (my purpose, I guess!), and coming here and reading your upbeat writing and seeing your garden pictures really engages my right brain in a good way πŸ™‚

    Good luck with your book! And: are you having any strange dreams lately? Just wondering…because I sure am!!

    Take care! – Anthony

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  16. I suspect you’re onto something, Kieron. I still ponder that Alphabet Versus the Goddess book.

    Percentage of Cymraeg speakers varies by location. Some parts in the North have around 60% Cymru Cymraeg, but other areas have almost none. I guess there is a highly charged political movement fighting to preserve Welsh language and culture. What I find so bizarre, though, is the VERY strong resistance still in place against it. Other languages in the UK don’t face as much persecution. To me, that says something, although I don’t know exactly what. Would more Cymraeg speakers in England trigger Ancestral memories, for example, since it was the language of that land, too, for 1,300 years?! I don’t know, but Gaelic doesn’t face the same kind of restrictions and contempt as Cymraeg does — so far as I can tell anyway.

    I really thought I’d learn Gaeilge first, but given this dynamic with Cymraeg, it makes sense I would be led in that direction. Universities around the world teach Gaelic, but it’s much rarer to find Welsh in universities, even within Wales.

    Anyway, enjoy your trilingual nature. I think we’re always growing or shrinking, so always good to keep practicing! πŸ™‚


  17. Thanks, Anthony! And how cool to have that confirmed for you. Some people don’t like Ancestry DNA because of someone now having their DNA, but for me, it felt like a home coming to have that kind of confirmation. Spiritually, I have felt led to the aspects most prominent in my DNA, but my mom was shocked to find out I had 25% Irish. She had no idea about the Scandinavian either. Equally telling for me were the paths I’ve never felt ANY attraction to …. contrary to popular beliefs, I had almost zero of that DNA in me. I also liked that the Ancestral DNA confirmed a controversy on my dad’s side of the family. One uncle had theorized that the Derbenwick name was a bastardization of somewhere in Holland, even though everyone else thought we were from Galatia in Eastern Europe. The exactly 25% Eastern European in my blood confirmed for me that the original belief was accurate. I also had less than 2% of Western European blood, so highly unlikely for half my dad’s blood to have come from the Netherlands!

    David has traveled all over the world as an international flight attendant and as a child with his dad’s international touring company, but he’s never been to Wales. I know he’s been to Sweden and Iceland, but I don’t know about Denmark. Iceland is on my list sometime, but he has been there dozens of times, as it used to be the cheapest US flight to Europe, way back when. I’ve been to various places in Russia (back to the Eastern European roots) and to London, but haven’t been to the rest of the UK or Europe this lifetime.

    As for dreams … oh, my goodness, yes. Strange dreams, vivid dreams … even more so than usual!



  18. Posted by Tracy Kruse on February 14, 2018 at 10:44 am

    So THAT’s what you have been doing!!! 😎 jolly ha-ha! So many blessings along the way! My words for the year are connection and grace…and back to making faery houses! It’s all such fun!

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  19. Ohhhh, yay for faery houses! I sent you an email a couple weeks ago, but maybe it got lost in transit. I sent you a photo of the Sidhe glyph I painted. xxxxx


  20. Posted by Kieron on February 14, 2018 at 8:42 pm

    “Would more Cymraeg speakers in England trigger Ancestral memories, for example, since it was the language of that land, too, for 1,300 years?” Great question… you could be on to something there. The English are a Saxon-Germanic tribe in origin, and the word “welsh” is a Germanic word meaning traitor, I’ve read somewhere, which would agree with the meaning it had when I was a kid, i.e. to welsh on someone was to betray them or double-cross them. Is Cymraeg the “official language” of Wales? I forget. Irish is the “official” language of Γ‰ire/Ireland despite the de facto majority language being English, and I believe this is a major change from the days when Gaeilge was deemed to be a backward language associated with poverty and uncouth savages. Most roadway signs include both languages in Ireland which is great. πŸ™‚

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  21. Posted by ann lally on February 14, 2018 at 11:43 pm

    Ack! Don’t hold out on us Laura… what video were you watching that talked about Egyptian artifacts in the Grand Canyon? Inquiring minds want to know! πŸ™ƒ

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  22. Hi Ann, I didn’t post the link because I didn’t like the tone of the video. It was very fear/conspiracy oriented, so I didn’t even send it to Tania. I just happened upon it in the wee hours of the morning and watched it through since I knew she was headed to the Grand Canyon and had lots of Egyptian connections. I’m sure you can find others on YouTube if you search for temples or Egyptian artifacts in the Grand Canyon. The friend she’s going camping with knew exactly what she was talking about when she asked her, although she said geologists and other scientists she’s encountered in the Grand Canyon have no idea. πŸ™‚

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  23. It looks like around 2010, Welsh became an official language of Wales, but that doesn’t mean much, considering the statistic that 99% of the population uses English and only 19% Welsh. Soooo, it’s still a highly charged political debate. I did read somewhere that Wales has a much better time integrating Muslim immigrants than the rest of the UK, and they attribute this to the push to teach Cymraeg, which includes a lot of cultural information with the training. Apparently, it’s much easier to learn Cymraeg coming from Arabic than to try to learn English, and the people interviewed were proud of joining this culture. They also connected with the Welsh speakers with a kind of underdog mentality that bonded them, and from what I’ve read, this contributes to far fewer no go zones or Sharia enclaves. Quite interesting!


  24. Wonderful to know you are learning Welsh.. Well done you.. A beautiful language and one that should never be lost….
    So good to see you enjoying the snow. And your garden.. Transformation takes time.. And good to see… πŸ™‚ And wishing you well also with your Book and continued thoughts sent out for your well being and health..
    Love and Blessings to you Laura… ❀

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  25. Thanks so much, Sue! I love how creative you’ve been this while, too. Much love and many blessings to you and your projects … ❀

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  26. Posted by ann lally on February 15, 2018 at 11:52 pm

    Aha. I understand now. Thanks Laura. πŸ˜€

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  27. Thank you.. Life is for living.. and we are getting on with Life.. πŸ™‚ Mega HUGS xx

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  28. […] reasons as the physical, but some interesting things shifted after the cleanse. For one, my urge to learn Welsh underwent a complete metamorphosis. Long story short, I got to the “root” of why I felt […]


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