Book Review ~ “The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee” by Mike Clelland

Book Review

The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity, and the UFO Abductee

By Mike Clelland

To say I devoured this book would be an understatement. The fact that the title includes the phrase, “UFO Abductee” also makes that understatement a miracle. Although I’ve had a lifetime of extremely paranormal, inter- and extra-dimensional experiences, have used telepathy since childhood, and religiously watched the show “Roswell” during my non-reading brain injury years, that whole X-files, UFO Conference, and “abductee” panoply is just not my scene. I’m much more of an intuitive reading, gardening, Reiki teaching, shamanic journeying, Faerie Realm, create beauty, tree-hugger type.

Not that the two can’t coexist! I’ve long noticed obvious crossovers; I just really don’t like to focus on any kind of victim mentality or the cloak-and-dagger secret space war, black-ops military projects, and “the Nazi’s won WW2” conspiracies. Nor do I enjoy the largely dis-empowering, Savior-in-the wings, “luv-n-lite” cotton candy of most material supposedly channeled from ET’s. Thankfully, Mike Clelland’s new book is none of these things. Rather, “The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee” explores the absurdly frequent appearance of owls before or after periods of unexplained missing time, UFO sightings, death (including Near Death Experiences), and/or moments of extreme spiritual questioning.

Although Mike does address the common “screen memory” of a four foot tall owl so often shared by abductees, this book spends much more time looking at synchronicities with real owls. Parts of “The Messengers” will no doubt make readers uncomfortable, but anyone who’s ever had an attraction to or relationship with owls will value the diversity of exploratory lenses — from owl experts to shamans to animal communicators to contactees to paranormal researchers to psychologists/psychiatrists to hypnotherapists to outdoorsmen to myths from around the world. The book also becomes an exploration of consciousness itself. How does synchronicity “work,” and by extension, what role(s) do we really have in the creation of our own experience of reality? More importantly for the purposes of “The Messengers,” what role do owls play in the Mystery of mysteries, and what reality-shattering implications might that role bring with it?

“The Messengers” presents both a deeply personal and universally human quest. Mike Clelland, also known as “The Owl Guy” has experienced truly bizarre owl encounters — in frequency, unusual behavior patterns, and especially in their meaningful timing. On his journey to understand his own experiences and their implications, Mike has interviewed hundreds of other people about their own synchronous owl stories. Page after page of magical tales weave their own comforting web of synchronicities across time and space. We find owl stories and dates linking people and events sometimes thousands of miles and many years apart. Inexplicably intertwined with the owl stories come sightings of UFO’s, colored orbs, strange lights, and the development of certain personal traits — high levels of intuition, energetic healing abilities, and a profound sense of “mission.”

Since so many people who contact Mike with their on owl stories (myself included) also end up having weird owl synchronicities right after emailing or calling him, “The Messengers” contains multiple layers of such intricately knotted stories that the book rewards readers with an undeniable sense of the vastness and complex beauty of life. So many stories involve moments of intense doubt and then the mysterious appearance of an owl that results in clarity and a deep reverence for life. Many people also share how owls “freak them out” or “terrify” them, and Mike explores these stories through a variety of lenses, including the highly inconsistent attitudes of indigenous cultures to owls. Unlike many animals, the spiritual meaning of owls varies from place to place.

Everything I’ve mentioned so far would make “The Messengers” an interesting and powerful book; however, imho, Mike’s treatment of what he calls “the maybe people” makes this one of the most important books of our time. Mike spends most of the book trying to make sense of his own “maybe” status as someone who does not consider himself a UFO abductee but who nevertheless exhibits very similar traits and paranormal experiences as those who do. His journey remains his own, but by providing it in context of so many others’ journeys, it encourages readers to look more deeply at our own lives. Doing so takes courage, and Mike shares his own struggles with the journey, which, in turn, helps others to continue on own own path. I cannot say how “The Messengers” will affect you, but I promise you, it will.

I feel so grateful for the release of this book at this moment in time. Of course, we would expect perfect timing from a book on synchronicity, but this book arrives like the caress of an owl’s wing. As chaos seems to spiral out of control, readers will find a strange sense of both comfort and awe in recognizing intricate harmony just beyond the veil. When all the old structures fail — in individual lives or in society — unanswerable questions arise. At such moments, remembering the Mystery becomes its own answer. I offer deep thanks to Mike Clelland for his gift to humanity in these challenging times.



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  1. Posted by CindyW on December 8, 2015 at 4:49 pm

    thank you for these posts. No recent amazing owl experiences, though I was fond of owls as a young girl, and had one experience in woods in Yellow Springs. Appreciate the end of your post (“recognizing intricate harmony …”) and the Oracle Report mantra at this time. Have been sensing same – the antidote to all the fear-based is …
    And when I recently heard a figure in media use expression “abundance of caution,” I laughed & remembered your mantra about that! also noted, other places respond in other ways to events, i.e. the whole “je suis en la terrasse” thing in Paris, instead of going on and on and on and on about security and protection …

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  2. “Nor do I enjoy the largely dis-empowering, Savior-in-the wings, “luv-n-lite” cotton candy of most material supposedly channeled from ET’s.” 🙂 Cotton candy indeed; doesn’t have much nutrition, and it doesn’t really taste all that good either, eh? Thanks for sharing this Laura; really interesting story/review. xoxo Jamie

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  3. Thanks for your comment, Cindy. I had forgotten that post! In case anyone else wants to review:



  4. Not to mention it ruins your teeth/bones/structure! You’re welcome, Jamie. Glad you found it interesting. It’s a fascinating book. xoxo


  5. Posted by Kieron on December 9, 2015 at 2:11 am

    No owls for me, yet, but I see bald eagles just about every day in my travels, including spotting what was probably a nest. Sounds like an interesting book so I for one appreciate the heads-up.


  6. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    Sounds like a compelling read to me Laura. Have to check it out


  7. Owls are “eagles of the night.” I’ve had a lot of close encounters with eagles, too. At Spooner Lake, near Lake Tahoe, I sensed the presence of an eagle, had that thought, and then within seconds, a bald eagle flew so close over my head that it whooshed my hair. That was pretty cool! Another time, a bald eagle flew right over my side (passenger) of our car — somewhere in the mountains of Arizona, kind of near Payson. Again, it was really low and right over me. For years, if I had a big decision to make, I would see three eagles circling together as a sign I was on the right track. Anyway, eagles and owls have some connections — one is day, the other night. 🙂


  8. Yes, compelling would be a good word!

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