Reminders, Resources, and Acknowledgements

Just a few things I find myself repeating in various forms to clients, blog readers, friends, family and acquaintances:

1) We’re now in Mercury Retrograde. Don’t be surprised by lost or delayed emails and snail mail, extra typos, messed up travel plans, miscommunications, overreactions and misunderstandings. Par for the course, folks. You can, however, find ways to thrive during a Mercury Retrograde. For those who could use some refresher tips, here’s a 2012 article with all sorts of explanations and suggestions.

2) The topic of friendship is front and center right now. I keep hearing from people facing major upheaval and frustration in their friendships and other close relationships. Part of this may be from the influence of #1, but the current major process of revision transcends a single astrological influence. In case you’ve been living under a rock, planet Earth faces too many extinction level challenges to name in one post without triggering panic. Have you ever known someone given a terminal diagnosis? Whether valid or not, that prospect usually initiates some soul searching:

“If I really might not have that much time left, how do I want to spend my remaining days? With whom do I want to spend my remaining time? How do I want to feel? What kind of legacy do I feel called to leave in my wake?” Whether conscious or not, humanity feels its impending terminal diagnosis, and individuals are in various stages of the corresponding soul crisis. It’s decision time, and some decisions are easier and more obvious than others.

Please don’t take things personally, and please don’t take my recognition of extinction level challenges as doom and gloom. Doing so would assume that I don’t believe people can rise to the challenge, and I very much sense that we each can. Whether we each will is a different story, but I know that we can. As I said, it’s decision time. Not everyone thrives on life or death choices. Some people panic, some push others away, some retreat and then return once they’ve gathered their thoughts and feelings. Consider tending to your own process and the influence that opens to you, rather than barreling uninvited into someone else’s intensely personal process.

3. Bodies need extra care right now. Please review Tom Kenyon’s message about Chaotic Nodes and how these affect the body. Even though he wrote that piece way back in crazy 2014, we’re still in those chaotic nodes. They’re increasing, not going away any time soon. Remember to honor your body’s needs if you want to make these transitions in body.

4. If you’re really at your wits’ end or even if you just want some extra support, I designed this month’s specials to help people move more easily through these energies. Please click here for details.

5. Remember to breathe — the cleaner the air, the better. For some of you that means indoor air with lots of plants, since outside is a chemtrail and car pollution soup. Get near some plants with leaves and inhale deeply. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with CO2 eating leaves outdoors, inhale deeply for the rest of us! Wherever you are, take at least a few moments to hug a tree and touch the ground. Your body is a part of the Earth, and reconnecting will balance the zips and zaps coming at us from all over the place. If you feel really challenged by the chemtrails, wifi, EMF pollution and other assaults, you might want to review this post on Amazing Orgone.

6. Design your own daily, monthly and seasonal rituals. These don’t need to be elaborate; they just need to be conscious and repeated. Rituals provide structure and grounding in the midst of chaos and confusion. They can also offer antidotes to the world’s current harshness, inviting us to reconnect with beauty, timelessness and alignment. A ritual can be as simple as a consciously appreciated and enjoyed cup of coffee or herbal tea or as elaborate as a group ceremony celebrating the Wheel of the Year. Listening to music, taking a well-timed cat nap, or wearing certain colors on certain days can all acquire ritual status. For additional ideas about designing a ritual, please see Laura Daligan’s recent video, “Ritual Corner.”

7. Whatever you’re going through, remind yourself that “This, too, shall pass.” Because, guess what? It will. Guaranteed. So long as humanity follows linear time, things will fade into the past, and as soon as humanity embraces the idea that all time is now, the act of consciously choosing what “time” to focus upon becomes an obvious option. Enjoy the journey; it’s one heckuva a ride. 🙂

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  1. Posted by manyhahama1955 on January 21, 2015 at 5:43 pm

    Yes, well said, Laura! Thank you thank you thank you, for all the great reminders. Peace and love to you, Sophia

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  2. Posted by Carolyn Vale on January 21, 2015 at 7:38 pm

    I am in a VERY BAD TIME right now. Do you know when the chaos will end? It has been three months and I am hoping I can make it through the end of it. I am a spiritual person, but I am completely destroyed by what is happening to me the past three months. I had a stroke two weeks ago and I am better, but my emotional and fear state is extreme. It was before the stroke. Carolyn Vale



    • Hi Carolyn, I’m so sorry to hear you’re struggling right now. I would say that the wisest course of action would be to make peace with the Mystery, with a capital M — with that great force that moves unseen through everything. This Joanna Macy video on “Uncertainty” is particularly helpful:

      In 2008, I also released a book called “If I Only Had a Brain Injury,” which offers tips to survivors of traumatic brain injury, stroke, Lyme disease, migraines, MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other “medical mysteries.” The book includes many tips from my own recovery from a 1998 brain injury, as well as things I’ve found helpful for clients. It also features stories from other survivors of various life changing injuries and illnesses. I have signed copies here at my home office, but the book is also available on Amazon or at as an ebook.

      Also, peacenowflower’s comment is quite true — that in the midst of the crisis you don’t always recognize just how much you’re healing. Strokes and brain injuries rarely come “out of nowhere,” but rather tend to be the body stepping in as a last ditch answer to an intense soul longing for change. Rather than looking for the chaos to end — because things are likely to get more, not less chaotic in the world — looking for the ways to create a kinder, gentler, more authentic order in your own life will provide more reward for your efforts and questions.

      I do offer coaching with a specialty in dealing with people who face massive, unexpected transitions in their lives, as well as neurological peculiarities that make them rethink who they thought they were. Please use my contact form if you’d like to set up a session or find out how that works.

      Wishing you much healing and peace,



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    These are great reminders and supportive ideas for those of you that may find yourself in very challenged times right now. Thank you Laura for sharing.

    Synchronously, I had someone this morning ask me for help about how to work with the Mercury Retrograde energy in productive ways, or if that was even possible. I also have heard from quite a few people about heavy challenges. I hope these provide some support.

    And I’d like to add the link I shared with the person asking about Retrogrades, which I wrote about a year and a half ago when we were entering a Retrograde period then too:

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  4. […] Reminders, Resources and Acknowledgements I really needed this one, going through a tough time right now. If you are too, read this. […]



  5. Interesting talking about the chronically ill perspective. How to spend those days. I remember that years upon years ago I was on a medication that made me extra suicidal. I had been suicidal before, but this medication took away the support in my brain that had had me holding on.

    Before the medication I had thought, “I really want to kill myself, but don’t want to hurt my family.” On the medication I got stuck in thoughts until I convinced myself that I was just a burden to my family, and they were better off without me.

    So I tired to kill myself, and failed so much I didn’t really even manage to hurt myself greatly. I gave up on killing myself after that, but didn’t dedicate myself to life. For a long time it was like I was waiting to die naturally. Little did I know, that even though to myself it felt like I gave up, I was healing.

    Now I enjoy days. I am able to help my family. There is promise of getting even better. I discovered New Age thought, and that has helped me grow. The me way back when I had tried to kill myself couldn’t see today. Others told me that things would get better, but I didn’t believe them.

    Well, I made it back to life. I am not particularly good at life yet, but I am learning. I don’t really know what the future holds. As a planet, will we make it?

    Yet, the Soul is eternal, and doesn’t need to worry about the planet as much as the mind. The Soul already knows that even the planet falls apart, we will have other lives. There are many parallel universes, if disaster happens in this one, we can high-tell it to a better one for our next life. Even if the World ends in one of the many universes, it thrives in another.

    So if the World appears to be falling apart all around you. Do the best you can do, and do not worry too much. Yes, we can do our best to make sure this particular universe makes it, but if things are out of our control, it is not the end.



    • Thank you for this kind advice and personal testimony, peacenowflower! I am sure it will provide hope to people facing uncertainty and darkness. You really have been making some big strides on this leg of the journey. 🙂 I wish you continued healing and inspiration.



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