Twelve Insight ~ Source Will Always Send You The Right People, Places, And Circumstances

Some wonderful reminders and affirmations from Twelve Insight. I’ve been seeing so much of this during sessions, especially with people’s jobs. Thanks, Gillian!

Twelve Insight | November 25 2012

Dear Twelve, Something recently happened at my job that necessitated me leaving there immediately. A person that I have to work with is unbalanced and out to ruin my reputation and certainly my happiness. I cannot work there any longer.

I have been more connected to the God Source without her in my energy. But I have been off of work for a week and am having waves of fear about “what is going to happen to me?” Can you speak a little about fear for one’s self when one is alone, discouraged, with virtually no family?

If you are feeling more connected to Source, then this is exactly where you should be. And part of the reason you are feeling fearful and disconnected is the manner in which it happened. So we would invite you to reconsider the idea that that person was out to get you, and consider that the Universe sent them to get you out of a good place and into a better one. In other words they are your friend even though they are unpleasantly disguised.

When you choose to live your life in alignment with Source, and have conscious intention for the kind of life you are wanting to live, the Source will always send you exactly the right people, places, and circumstances to bring you there. Sometimes we just have to blast you out of a comfortable position to get you to move on. In fact, you should get used to it, because the more magnificent your life becomes, the more often you will find yourself leaving a place that is better than it’s ever been before, to go on to your next adventure, that will be even better than ever. Better, better, and better. That’s the way it becomes.
You cannot intend for even better, and stand still.

We invite you to get used to the idea that you will always be letting go of what-is and releasing it every day. It is your attachment to these things that causes it to be painful, not the fact that you are moving onward with your life. It’s that death grip that most of you get on your familiar surroundings. There was that movie about the man whose airplane wrecked and left him on a deserted island for years. That was all about letting go. In the end he even had to let go of his familiar island, which he had learned to appreciate when it had saved him, in order to move forward with his life.

Appreciate, and let go. Appreciate, and let go. That is the way to always have that which is new and vital flowing into your life. Then you are always in the position, no matter how good it has become, to discover what can be even better than this.

Your journey is blessed. We see it. All is well. It really is.


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  1. Posted by Kristin on November 27, 2012 at 6:39 am

    Amazingly syncronisticly timed! Thank you!!!!!!!!



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