Tom Lescher ~ November 21-28, 2012

This powerful Tom Lescher video describes the potent astrology we’ve encountered since last Wednesday. Holy, moly, is there ever a lot of stuff going on right now! As usual, Tom highlights the things I’ve most noticed in sessions and with friends and family members, placing these situations into an astrological context that makes sense of it all. Even though he posted this video last week, I’m posting it now because in retrospect, it will make more sense to viewers. Anyone struggling with relationships this week will especially appreciate his descriptions of the masculine and feminine restructuring at work. I hope you enjoy his message and the background Brazilian water as much as I did. Many thanks to Tom, or, as he’s now called: Kaypacha.

“When I make choices to empower myself,
I must consider the community’s health,
For only with the balance of give and take,
A whole new world can we create!

“What an amazing time we live in! The energy now is difficult to put into words and takes so much longer than a short little Pele Report! I’m seeing it as a time of moving from a ‘personal love’ to an impersonal spiritual love guided by divinity. If we can possibly get our ego-love relationships in order (as in balancing the masculine/feminine energies within ourselves) there is available this “higher order” of divine love that can “descend” into us, our relationships, and our lives. To realize this divine nature is to be totally at one with all existence in a blissful state of surrender/joy to everything and anything that comes.”

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  1. yeah baby! bring it! πŸ™‚ xoox



  2. Woohoo! Yep, it’s “brung.” πŸ˜‰ xoxo



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