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Total Reboot: May 5, 2023 Scorpio Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse (Video)

Here’s a short video (under six minutes) about the upcoming Scorpio Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. There are so many layers to this eclipse. This video highlights some key areas and ways of dealing with the energies:

Scorpio Full Moon ~ April 26

My April 2021 Forecast noted:

April 26th Full Moon in Scorpio at 11:31 p.m. Eastern. This Full Moon occurs amidst those beautiful, supportive trines and sextiles of Saturn and Chiron to the transiting nodal axis (where we’ve been as a collective and where we’re headed). Watch for healing lessons that allow individuals and society to move forward, releasing that which no longer serves. This Full Moon will feel extra deep and introspective, since Scorpio’s ruler Pluto stations retrograde the next day. Prepare for a soulful dive into the Underworld. People fear the dark, but that’s where we find the jewels.

April 30 Sun conjunct Uranus. The fiery Sun ignites lightning bolt Uranus. This meeting occurs with messenger Mercury, goddess of love Venus, rebel Uranus and wild woman Black Moon Lilith all in slow, sensual Taurus — while the feminine Moon in patriarchal Capricorn opposes macho Mars in (s)motherly Cancer. Expect the unexpected, but this combination might feel like Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell.

Find ways to ground spontaneous knowing and inspired rebellion into tangible form. If you feel trapped or frustrated, funnel that energy into determination. Not only is there light at the end of this tunnel — but flashes of a wildly authentic new reality. Allow these visions to guide you through more mundane parts of the journey. Remember, “Little by little one travels far.” ~J.R.R. Tolkien

This Full Moon marks the first Supermoon of 2021. April and May’s Full Moons both occur closer to Earth and hence appear larger. This one will also look pink! People tend to feel the greater potency of Supermoon’s, and Scorpio also intensifies and deepens emotions. Both Scorpio and its ruler Pluto deal with issues of power over vs. power to, manipulation, abuse, the Shadow, wealth, the occult, and hidden elements.

Pluto stations retrograde at 26°48′ Capricorn the day after the Scorpio Full Moon (or the same day, depending on your timezone), April 27. While no planets closely aspect Pluto right now, asteroid Hebe (pronounced HEE-bee) sits at 27°47′ Capricorn that same day. Pluto almost meets Hebe, but pulls back just before exact contact. This conjunction in context of recent revelations seems like a very big deal.

Whereas some asteroids are tiny, according to Day Keeper Journal, “Hebe is very dense, with a solid foundational core. This one body may account for as much as half a percent of the total mass of the Main Belt, and its highly reflective quality makes it the fifth brightest of its peers. It seems certain also that Hebe is the source of up to 40% of the meteorites which strike the earth, by comparison of their elemental composition with Hebe’s spectrum.” In other words, Hebe throws some weight around! (Click here for an excellent write-up about Asteroid Hebe.)

What kind of weight? “Hebe’s astrological connotations extend to service functions and personnel, waiting attendance on others, enabling and facilitating others’ needs, and codependent behaviors.” These issues can influence questions raised by Scorpio and Pluto, but here’s what really jumped out at me:

But the ever-nubile Hebe also has affinities with hebephilia, an eponymous sexual attraction for persons post-pubescent but legally under age. Often confused with pedophilia (an attraction for sexually immature children), hebephilia was commonplace in the Middle Ages when lifespans were considerably shorter and children of wealthy or noble families were affianced while still in the cradle, and married as soon as they entered puberty.” (Again, click here for the full article.)

In light of ongoing allegations, revelations and secrecy surrounding Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, this almost exact meeting of Pluto and Hebe at the point of Pluto stationing retrograde deepens the questions. Will more revelations come to light? Or will we face yet another delay on rooting out the truth? Will their victims find justice? Will we learn which powerful figures are on their blackmail lists?

UPDATE 4/25/2021: “Never Before Seen Photos Reveal Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were VIP Guests in Bill Clinton’s White House.” Bingo! This is exactly the sort of thing I expected to come out around the time of this 4/26 Full Moon. More here.

Will the masses turn away from such sordid, sickening truths? Or will the masses say, “No more!” Grooming of teenage girls, though abusive in today’s context of longer lifetimes and extended childhoods, is far easier to face than the systemic abuse of very young children.

But this Full Moon-Pluto Rx-Hebe cluster throws light on all of it: what will we, as individuals and as a society, do about sexual abuse and human trafficking?

These are not easy questions, and we’ll have from April 27 – October 6, 2021 to plumb our depths for some answers. Whether we like it or not, some ugly truths about power, abuse, coverups and occult (hidden) things are bound to reveal themselves. If this happens around the time of the Scorpio Full Moon, followed by Pluto stationing retrograde, explosive reactions could follow when the Sun conjuncts Uranus in Taurus on April 30.

Black Moon Lilith — also in Taurus right now — also deals with issues of sexual abuse, human trafficking, the Shadow, sovereignty of the body, and power to vs. power over. The vaccine issue is a huge Lilith issue — both the autoimmune reactions so many are having from the jabs, and mandatory vaccination with an experimental substance as the ultimate form of rape. Lockdowns trigger and riots release pent up Lilith energy.

I think of Black Moon Lilith as a female version of Pluto and Scorpio combined with Uranus. Like Pluto, she deals with taboo, shameful, and sexual topics, but like Pluto, the rewards of Lilith bring regeneration and a renewed natural state. Like Scorpio, Lilith wants true intimacy, but when she feels attacked, she reacts with a poison sting. Like Uranus, Lilith hates feeling restricted or censored. She wants to break free at any and all costs. Come hell or high water, restrained Lilith will fight chains and burn bridges.

It is possible to embrace and harness Black Moon Lilith energy, to reclaim it as a kind of Women Who Run with the Wolves natural empowerment … or the old hag turning into the fairy godmother or beautiful maiden once treated with respect.

Respect is key to calming Lilith.

Mercury and Venus in Taurus offer potential to speak the truth in love in a grounded way … but they’re surrounded by super volatile energies writhing for change. Remember to breathe. Remember to pause before reacting. The Serenity Prayer might feel difficult and inadequate to say right now, but we need these three elements more than usual at the end of April:

“Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.”

Black Moon Lilith, Uranus, Sun, Mercury and Venus all in Taurus, all loosely square Saturn in rebel Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) spark revelation and revolution. Pluto conjunct Hebe in Capricorn — another Earth sign, ruled by Saturn — brings the body, physical and societal structures into the spotlight.

Recognizing the energies in play encourages us to make the most of them. I cannot stress enough the importance of the three parts of the Serenity Prayer: Serenity to accept what you cannot change, Courage to speak up, take action around what you can do, and the Wisdom to know when to act or when to pause, when to shout and when to shut your mouth, still your beating heart, listen and observe. Wait for the right moment, yet commit to acting or speaking at the proper time.

This passage calls for radical presence. Pay attention to dreams, intuition and symbols. Bring compassion to yourself and others. Ask to discern the right use of power to, rather than power over. Empowered people ignite empowerment in others. As the Full Moon shines light in deep, dark Scorpio and Pluto, and the Sun conjunct Uranus offers liberation and spontaneous insights — may we each commit to becoming our truest, deepest, best selves. Then we as individuals and as a society can rise like the phoenix, born from its own funeral pyre.

All this energy colors the end of April, but remember, April 27 only marks the beginning of Pluto’s dive through the Underworld until October 6. In late May, Saturn turns retrograde until October 10 (10/10!), further amplifying a sense of introspection until October. Use that Serenity Prayer to know when to share insights from your time in the depths. Sometimes they feel scary, but that’s where the real gems grow. Underground.

Happy spelunking!

Shedding the Limiting Core Beliefs

This Tom Lescher video has some funny color flashes, but it’s right on in terms of capturing the energies of today, as well as the wisdom and mystery of our bodies. Tom talks about this weekend’s Sun, Black Moon Lilith, Jupiter event as an “opportunity for us to become more conscious of our unconscious.” He reminds us that “You created the box that you’re in.” Here’s his YouTube summary:

“‘As I shed limiting core beliefs I value All that IS.’ The full Moon this weekend in Scorpio will dredge up from the bottom of our barrel all the old fears, memories and habits that keep us operating at half frequency as life goes by. It is amazing the stories our egos can tell us to justify staying small and NOT CHANGING!….. If we blow off these stories and open to what IS it can be amazingly PERFECT! Check it out! aloha…..”

Happy Full Moon and 5-5-5 World Liberation Day!