Full Moon in Aquarius ~ August 22, 2021

My August 2021 Forecast shared:

August 22 Full Moon in Aquarius at 8:02 a.m. Eastern. This is the second Full Moon in Aquarius this year. The first one occurred in very early Aquarius on July 23 or 24, depending on your timezone. This one occurs in very late Aquarius, just before the Sun moves into Virgo later that day. This is a void of course Full Moon, also known as a “Moon wobble.” Not the best time for big declarations or intentions. It is, however, an excellent time for meditation and connecting with the Cosmos. Allow yourself to participate as “an architect of peace.” The Sun in Virgo can then ground those insights into lasting habits.

This Full Moon occurs in the final degree of Aquarius. According to Dane Rudhyar, The Sabian Symbol for this event is:


KEYNOTE: The ability for the person with an open mind and a deep feeling for self-transcendence to come in contact with higher forms of existence.

This is the last and culminating symbol of Scene Twenty-two of the cyclic ritual. This is indeed a fitting symbol, as the number 22 symbolizes all forms of mastery. At any level, it is a symbol of spiritual group fulfillment — of CONSCIOUS TOTALITY OF BEING.

(You can read the full write-up here.)

Note the double 22 of “Scene Twenty-Two” occurring on August 22. I view this Full Moon as a call to mastery, partnership, and transcendence — with grave consequences if we don’t shift the energies.

At 28° Aquarius, Asteroid Niobe conjuncts the Full Moon. According to Alex Asteroid Astrology:

Niobe was a descendant of the gods, granddaughter of Zeus, whose husband had founded the city of Thebes; she was inordinately proud of her heritage and her fourteen children. Once during the annual festival honoring Leto and her children by Zeus, Apollo and Artemis, Niobe rebuked her fellow citizens, exclaiming that her own fortunes were better than Leto’s, and her own children more worthy, and greater in number. Why then should the Thebans honor Leto, who was merely Zeus’ paramour?

Leto heard the insult, and urged her children to avenge her by killing Niobe’s offspring, which they did, loosing deadly arrows at them. Niobe’s husband killed himself in grief at the tragedy, and Niobe fled to the wild, where she was transformed into a huge rock that ceaselessly wept tears of remorse.

Astrologically, Niobe represents undue pride in one’s accomplishments, gifts, heritage or fortunes, and the fall from grace which often accompanies this. It can indicate issues with one’s own children, boastfulness, and inordinate self-importance, arrogance or conceit. Often humbling experiences will accrue, granting enhanced perspective or teaching important lessons.

In this increasingly polarized world, it’s easy to lean into separation instead of recognizing opportunities to rise above it. This is a good time to express gratitude for blessings — and to do so from a place of humility. Don’t apologize for your own good fortune, but don’t lord it over anyone else either.

Hera at 28°14′ Leo conjuncts the Sun at 29°37′ Leo. In mythology, Hera was Zeus’s oft betrayed wife. Along with childbirth, she represents jealousy and vindictiveness. I recommend embracing the creative aspects of Hera instead of amplifying her touchy ego in late Leo.

We’re reaching a crossroads in human history. In some ways it matters not which path we choose, because at the current level, they both lead to dead ends. As Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.” We can move beyond current limitations and pending disasters — but we must elevate our consciousness in order to do so.

This Aquarius Full Moon, followed by the Sun entering service oriented Virgo urges us to act from a place of devotion. Bring higher level awareness into all we do and are. Become the change we wish to see in the world.

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  1. Good food for thought. Need to switch gears, I’ve managed to allow myself to become too much a part of this world. Got off track. I’m here but I dont need to be of it. Not liking what I see and hear anyway. Create my own world. Time to get back on that path. Thanks much Laura ❤

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  2. I was sitting around with some friends yesterday, and we fell into conversation about how there had been an inrushing of synchronicities and clairvoyance in our lives over the past year or so. There was a quick unanimity among us that the various tribulations real or imagined served up to us had been consciousness expanding moreso than in any other time of our lives. Most of us were in out late 60’s.

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