Eagle Heights, Christmas Decorations, and Time Loops, Oh, My!

David and I had one of the loveliest Thanksgiving Weekends we’ve enjoyed together, just the two of us because David was on call Thursday. He did not, however, get called and so we made our own mostly gluten-free, entirely vegan feast, took a luxurious nap, watched a movie and puttered around the house.

In addition to the yummies below, I made gf vegan pumpkin pie (cashew based). The stuffing below is topped with a fermented celery “dressing” we began right after this previous post about Pickle Pipes. We had our doubts, but the celery did, indeed, end up delicious. The live, fermented food made digesting this big meal a breeze. (Recipe from “Fermented Vegetables,” by Christopher Shockey and Kirsten K. Shockey. The faux turkey was from Gardein and the only gluten containing part of our dinner.)


On Saturday, we decided to check out the W.K. Kellogg Estate, also known as “Eagle Heights.” Located on Gull Lake, this summer estate of Will Keith Kellogg features a Christmas crafts bazaar each year. We had no idea what to expect, but we like touring old manors. David thought it might transition us from Thanksgiving to the Christmas Season, and it sure did! This manor has so much history. With warm and informative volunteers, gorgeous decorations, 1,600-foot shoreline, crafts, Bird Sanctuary and the manor itself, we felt like we walked into a simpler time and place.



The entire back side of the house overlooks Gull Lake. Every rear window offers expansive views of trees, gardens and water.


One of the volunteers noticed a group of very faery looking girls and their moms hanging out by the fire. When she launched into story time, we joined to hear all sorts of tales about the eccentric Kellogg brothers, their Seventh Day Adventist diets, and W.K. Kellogg’s generous offers to various people and organizations to use his home. Who knew he created Corn Flakes specifically as an at the time unheard of vegetarian breakfast option?


In the library to the left of the entryway, we met these cuties:



We also saw the framed list of “W.K. Kellogg’s Lucky Seven Times Seven”:

Kellogg name has seven letters

WK’s father, John Preston Kellogg was born in 1807

WK’s father was a seventh child in his family

WK was born on April 7, 1860

WK was born on the seventh day of the week

WK was his father’s seventh son

WK had seven grandsons

“If one seven is good, seven sevens ought to be better. Who can fail to make a success in anything wih a combination of seven times seven in the family?” ~ W.K. Kellogg, 1931

The architect was instructed to use elements of seven throughout the home wherever possible –some of the sevens are:

Seven entry doors, seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, seven gables

There is a “seven” reference in many of the rooms

There are seven other structures on the estate

In a weekend of synchronicities, this room proved one of the richer ones for us. My mom, who collects owls, shares the same April 7 birthday as John Preston Kellogg. Owls show up for me whenever I undergo some major timeline shift or event in my life. I either see them, hear them, or other people feel compelled to tell me they just saw or heard an owl. You can find much more on those owl sync winks here, and in Mike Clelland’s “Stories from the Messengers” book, which features some of my own and my mom’s owl experiences.

In any case, this number and owl synchronicity came as validation of some curious timeline twists and turns that transpired on Friday and Saturday. Late afternoon on Friday, I looked out to see hundreds of crows circling and dive bombing each other across the street. I’ve seen crows before, but the only time I’ve seen that many doing such things was in the weeks following my 1998 traumatic brain injury. I documented the time I spent recovering at my parents’ house in an essay called “The Backyard Owl,” because, yes, while the crows swarmed in the sky, an owl sat outside during the day, watching me as I watched him.

The crows on Friday got so rowdy and so numerous, that I texted Tania Marie: “… It’s cool. Haven’t seen this many at once since right after my car accident.”

Tania: “About a week ago we had tons of Ravens following us at Fallen Leaf Lake and cawing and making odd noises. Maybe they know something up”

Me: “Could be. Someone on my Celtic Studies forum mentioned similar last week. … She thought hers was related to CA fires. Definitely some strange behaviors. After my injury when I sat witht he owl all the time at my parents’, crows fought daily for weeks. That was surreal. Like warfare of two rival armies in the skies and the Owl just sat still on a branch watching me. All quiet now.”

Tania: “Could be the fires … different in different areas and for various reasons but collectively connected.”

Me: “Yes, always more going on!”

Then Saturday morning, Tania and I had another flurry of texts in which I told her about a “download” I received right after the crows stopped. This was related to alternate timelines, my novel “Schizandra and the Gates of Mu”, and a path not taken that now, nine years later makes so much sense why I felt so led to shut down my original trajectory. This clarity felt like when I saw news of the fires in Santa Rosa, CA which burned down the neighborhood right next to where I used to live in 2009.

You can read the details at link above, but long story short, towards the end of 2009, I began experiencing what I would now term pre-TSD. I kept getting visions and audio that I called “a roar and light barrelling towards me,” “a pillar of cloud and a pillar of fire.” Dreams, visions, and an urgent sense to “get out now,” that my life depended upon it led to me getting divorced and leaving California. Again, synchronous owls marked that passage (also described in “Stories from the Messengers,” as well as at the link above). All of these tales keep looping back on each other in a kind of fractal synchronous timeline soup.

In any case … I got a mega download about the direction of my writing, exactly why I switched Schizandra’s cover and changed genres at the last moment, then shut down the entire series that could have gone a very different way. After texting Tania on Saturday morning, since she was also involved in the switcheroo, I went to put on shoes for David’s and my excursion to Eagle Heights. As soon as I picked up the little ankle boots — not new, mind you — I shrieked, because all of a sudden the materials were different. So different that it startled me, thinking I had a mouse in my shoe or something. These originally all “leather” boots suddenly had two different materials, including a now very soft “suede” around the backs. I put the materials in quotes because these are NOT the shoes I bought, and yet they are… .

If you live in my world, these kinds of things startle and make you question your memory, but they also happen often enough to fit a certain pattern of weirdness. I’ve blogged many times about timeline changes, alternate realities, timeline tune-ups, non-linear time and pre-cognition. I don’t claim to know exactly how the Universe works … only that it doesn’t always run in a linear fashion. When making a “reality upgrade,” sometimes the details don’t quite match up. In June 2016, I shared in a post called “Big Shifts and Timeline Splits“:

I spent last week in a series of deep, involved dreams — the kind you know were not “just dreams.” In one such dream, I found myself sitting on a couch next to someone who had emotionally abused me for much of my life. Just as that person began the old bait and switch style “generosity,” I suddenly began dry heaving. Not only could I not swallow the bait and switch, but it was triggering an interdimensional vomit session.

This person yelled at me to get off “his” couch (which it wasn’t), so I ran to the bathroom and started vomiting concrete and gravelly sludge into the sink. The “vomit” came not from my stomach, but from my lungs, and it more than filled the sink. I awoke from the dream because I was literally dry heaving so loudly in bed that it pulled me out of sleep. The moment I awoke, though, I felt completely different. Free, light, and on a different timeline.

Sure enough, some “facts” and relationships were very different than they had been when I went to bed the night before. Also, in one of those cosmic winks I see so often in timeline jumps, in which some things no longer match up, the doorknob of the blue house now turns in the opposite direction as before. It used to require an extremely hard left turn to enter that house. As of that morning, the door started giving me all sorts of trouble, until a couple days later, I realized, “Ha! It’s the opposite now. A hard turn right gets you in with no effort. The timeline’s winking at me.” Sure enough, it works no problem to enter with a hard right turn, but in a further upgrade, it so happens our landlord is getting us entirely new doorknobs and keys for both front and back doors. This old front doorknob will move to replace the old garage entrance.

Doors are highly symbolic of timeline shifts. It’s one reason I paint portal doors to preferred realities. Since that shift, my mom’s old house is now under contract. It took a huge amount of work and two Reiki Healing Attunements, but that house sold in under three weeks amidst massive synchronicities.

Like the doorknob in 2016, shoes are also highly symbolic: “If the shoe fits …”. Think of Cinderella’s timeline shift with her shoe. In this case, I confirmed with David that the shoes never had that double material before. He was the one who insisted I buy those shoes in the first place, while I was much more excited about some multi material red, brown, tan and black boots I bought at the same time. We both concluded that we would have noticed these ankle boots being two different materials. They’re much more interesting now than they’ve been all the other times I wore them. Also, the hand feel was so different that I literally yelped and dropped the boot when I picked it up to put on my feet. I cannot prove the boot shifted as a timeline change marker, but that’s the kind of bizarre detail that usually confirms it for me.

That kind of detail and the appearance of one or more owls. Whenever three owls show up, it really seals the deal. The room decorated with three white owls, a reference to my mother’s birthday, and seven sevens (which also refer to my character Schizandra’s Life Path Number Seven) … well … it all adds up. To what?! Who knows, but I was already feeling so much clarity about the old and new writing directions, as well as huge appreciation for how well my intuition and the animal kingdom guide my ways.

OK, back to our Saturday adventure. We walked upstairs to all the crafts and views from the second level:



We bought some Christmas gifts, and then headed downstairs and outside:


One of the volunteers’ daughters got married on this pier … on a warmer day, of course!


You can sort of see the shoes there, but it was a dark and gloomy day, which made the decorations and lights all the more festive:


There are something like 89 steps from the manor to the lake shore, and W.K. walked them twice per day. He lived to age 91.


We walked back around front and said our goodbyes to the most amazing trees. As usual, whenever I find an extremely faery tree like our birch or the one with so many faces on it at Eagle Heights, my laptop and WordPress conspire not to let me post the photo. This gives you a sense of the 1920’s manor and some of the tree friends, though.


Synchronicities continued when we got home, and I began reading Eric Wargo’s book, “Time Loops: Precognition, Retrocausation and the Unconscious.” It kind of reads like a bunch of scientific studies proving the validity of how I live my life. In any case, it makes sense of so many experiences I’ve had — way too much weirdness to explore here. If it sounds like I post some wild stuff on my blog or in books, please realize that I censor myself very heavily. (All that Plutonian privacy stuff!)

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned timeline jumps and a dream about a golden frog. This was a multi-layered dream, with mundane, larger personal and (I believe) collective timeline relevance. Things moved along in fairly “normal” ways until I found myself very aware of needing to tread lightly with someone in the dream. This person was shouting in outrage about people including their name on a gift, giving them credit without asking them to contribute. I got an intuitive flash about this person’s unreasonable reactivity and why people had carefully tiptoed around the person in the first place, giving credit where credit wasn’t due, just to avoid the explosion. Immediately, I felt bad for “thinking negatively about” the person, yet (still dreaming) I couldn’t shake the intuition that this was not a safe person, that interactions required caution.

Against my own will, I found myself saying to the person, “Wouldn’t you have lashed out if the exact opposite happened? If they hadn’t included you?”

Inside, I thought, “Laura, zip it! Why poke the elephant? You know it’s there. Do you really need to put this to the test?”

To my surprise, just as we were crossing a threshold, the person in the dream looked sheepish and admitted, “Yeah, I would have been pissed either way.”

At that very moment, as we crossed the threshold and this person confirmed my intuition, a golden frog hopped across the threshold, too, right before the person closed the sliding glass door. It was a shiny, golden frog, about three inches long, with a white underbelly. It started hopping to steps and then down to the front door, and I followed it.

“Don’t let the dog eat it. That shiny skin might mean it’s poisonous. Don’t touch the golden frog.” With a kind of Faerie Realm logic, I knew the golden frog wasn’t poisonous to me, but would be to others. The frog also reminded me I had meant to pick up gifts at the front door before getting sidetracked by the volatile person’s freak out.

Hop, hop, hop … and out the door the frog and I went.

I looked up frog wisdom: frog appears to those who hear messages from the other side. It is connected with knowing when to speak up and how to navigate your way through situations. It also arrived in the dream just like the “pings” arrive in those synchronous confirmations of really out there intuitions that eventually prove true. “Time Loops” posits that all or at least most ESP is, in fact, “precognition” of information acquired via ordinary means in the future and then pre-remembered by the present self. I’ve mentioned this possibility to many people, including Mike Clelland during his extensive interviews of me for “Stories from the Messengers.”

Finding an entire book exploring this topic from a scientific and personal angle is “golden.” It removes that little doubt/judgment I’ve often felt when I get intuitive warning about someone or something … and then feel bad for thinking negatively about that situation or person. I know to follow my intuition, because it does lead me well. It has, quite literally, saved my life, as in the dream warnings to avoid a murderer on my trip to Reno and then still unexplained faxes that confirmed the accuracy of the warnings once I arrived home safely. It’s often difficult to prove a premonition’s truth if you manage to avoid the premonition, but I’ve had so many “whoa” moments.

Due to the twists, turns and never-ending-story-sync-winks, there’s no clear end point to this blog post, so I’ll leave you with this fascinating talk between Gordon White and Eric Wargo. Well worth a listen, if you’re into such things!

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  1. Posted by Robyn on November 27, 2018 at 9:56 pm

    Laura, love, love, love this! I too have these sorts of experiences and it is hard to put into words. If I tell anyone, it is only you as I feel no one else would grasp!

    Liked by 3 people


    • Thank you, Robyn! Yes, I knew you’d get it. 🙂 It’s so funny how many people tell me, “You’re the only person I’ve ever told this to …” . As I mentioned to Sue, that gives me a much larger pool of experience even than my own extensively weird time loops. This is so much more common than “isolated” individuals have been led to believe it is. The Time Loops book is interesting in part because it shares how overwhelming the scientific evidence is for this kind of awareness … and yet, the resistance is so monumental that other theories with way less “proof” are hallowed, while time loops and precognition get ridiculed.

      So strange how deep the fixation goes on linear time. I often wonder if THIS was the actual “Fall” of “Man.” So many more possibilities and so much more empowerment exists when we loosen the tentacles and shackles of linear time. 🙂

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  2. So pleased you both had a peaceful and relaxing Thanksgiving Laura with no interruptions etc.
    The pictures of the Kellogg residence awesome as was the multiple Seven’s in the place…
    Beautifully decorated , and was fascinated yet not surprised at the synchronicities experienced.. And loved the owl connection..

    The crows now that is interesting about them.. And learning that you experienced something similar while you were convalescing.
    I say interesting, because believe it or not we don’t get crows or ravens often around us, even though there are woods and high trees for them.
    Yet this past two weeks we have noticed a pair who sit on the TV aerials of our near neighbours house across our back garden.
    Now we are often hearing them crowing.
    Nothing like the amount you saw fighting.
    The fires were reported here in the UK and have been devastating . So to have known and lived in that area one time must have been very upsetting.

    I can only say that you were wise in following your intuition way back then in 2009. As you were prompted to leave..

    Your dreamtime session seems very much to me like you were shedding and cleansing out your system of old programming and blockages which you were now releasing from past wounds.

    The story about your boots… Amazing.. But I agree that time is not linear.. I remember Spirit once telling me that it is only within this construct we have time.. And Time is not past present or future, but if we look at time like a deck of cards.. Each dimension is stacked on top of one another and the time portals can be accessed directly through the centre to each ‘Card’ dimension or several simultaneously. Which makes sense to me as we are living worlds within worlds..

    I look forward to coming back to some of those post links you have provided when I have more time.. I especially want to read the one on ( Big shifts and timeline splits.) that sounds really interesting. 🙂

    Dreams for me have become very interesting, and I believe we are on the verge of a major upgrade..
    Loved the Frog and its meaning Laura.

    And thank you for the video link.. Saved to my watch later.. I am sure it will be well worth watching..

    Sending HUGE hugs your way and much love my friend..
    Love and Blessings 💜🙏💙

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    • Thank you, Sue! I figured you would “get” it. The book, “Time Loops” confirms so much of my own experiences, but via sessions and blog comments, I’m also privy to so many more people’s stories. I know that this kind of non-linear living is WAY more common than people realize. Most people either question their memories, or they fear ridicule, but, as Robyn indicated in her comment, people tell ME what they often tell no one else. That gives me a sense of so much more going on — in so many more people — than others would think. To me, it’s a mystery that society is so hooked on linear!

      Yes, the first dream I described, was definitely a purge … lungs associated with grief, and that’s the big thing that left. It was replaced by a calm assessment of what happened, minus all the narcissism and gaslighting.

      I don’t always agree with everything Gordon White writes or says, but he and his guests have fascinating discussions on all sorts of fringe topics. This one was particularly filled with time questions … though, of course, many of these things are difficult to describe in a simple manner.

      The best movie I know of regarding this kind of time slippage/future influencing past/time loops is “Arrival,” which brings in an ET element that I know permeates even Vonnegut’s “Billy Pilgrim as become unstuck in time …” Slaughterhouse Five novel and so very many more odd cases of missing time, synchronicity and precognition. Wild stuff, but if your mind can go there, fascinating and much more accurate than a single, linear trajectory.

      Love and hugs to you, too! Laura

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  3. Hadn’t had chance to read all or comment yesterday. I’ve been in my own time warps lol. And interestingly was working on a painting called Bedtime Stories, which is the way this reads – like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride – and your dreams connect with. Fun to be interwoven in story including through shared clothes, as it brings extra layered meaning to timeline shifts and bridges between us into focus. 😉 Speaking of frogs, the first thing I thought of with the frog was Schizandra. 🐸 Like you, I get told the things people dare not share elsewhere and most times when that happens it is like a Time Warp in itself as if a separate reality bubble surrounds us with the sharing. I’m sure you can relate. Love the Kellogg house adventure and 7’s. And remember, the novel I’m working on is layered to bridge time like Arrival, weaving multiple timelines together. 🌟 Definitely all pointing to the “upgrades”Sue mentioned – or slipping into what IS

    Liked by 3 people


  4. Posted by Anthony on November 28, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    Hi Laura!

    Interesting post about your dreams, and those shoes! Have you had any other funny little things show up, like finding your toilet paper roll reversed or unexplained bites taken out of your food? Just wondering, because some time back I went shopping at Nugget market and put a six-pack of gluten-free beer in my hand cart. I went through the check-out and there was nothing unusual as I took it out and placed it on the conveyer belt…but when I got home, two of the beers were completely empty!! The lids were still on them and there was no fluid anywhere. I can take the reversed toilet rolls, but my BEER?! NO!!! I must have gremlin guides! Or, leprechauns!

    On dreams: the last one I had that seemed prophetic was the one about the hurricane and lightning, but recently I had a vision that was strange – all I saw was WHITE. Not pure white, but the white of one of those felt-tipped backboards you see in schools. Sort of a table rasa, so to speak. Not sure what to make of that one – a “reboot”, maybe? Or, draw my own reality?

    But one that I had a few years came back to me lately: I had a dream where I was sitting in a jeep, and a black man was standing a few feet away – the same black man who introduced me to my girlfriend in 1998, and who later came out of nowhere to ask how I was (and both times disappeared into thin air!). Anyway, I heard my dream self ask him, “Is it time to write my book now?” And he just said, “We are getting out of here.” Then he walked over to me, held my face in his hand, and looked directly into my eyes and said: “We are going home” while nodding his head, with a serious expression – and I merged from the dream into full wakefulness with him still there for a fleeting second. So after seeing that white background dream, I’m wondering wazzup! Maybe I’ll check in with you to see what’s going on soon, when your schedule opens up again…

    But in the meantime, be sure to check your shoes before putting your foot in them! I’ve gotten some…interesting…surprises there, too!!

    Liked by 3 people


    • Hi Anthony, good to hear from you. Yes! I have had many bizarre experiences, including with a bag of carrots that would appear and disappear from our fridge in Madison depending on which collective timeline was in play during 2012. It kept switching back and forth. It became a joke with David and me, as I would notice the switch, we’d check the fridge, and then the bag would or would not be there depending on what I sensed. Although very spiritual and intuitive, David’s a super rational, grounded Taurus, so he’s my gauge of “Am I seeing this right?!” I’ve had so many other things, though. Too many to list.

      Whenever you’d like to get in touch, just let me know. Since I split the Metaphysics of Lyme book into two, now three different books, my schedule has gotten much more manageable. More time for sessions again, as the writing won’t take a marathon to get some of the books out there soon. 🙂

      Very interesting dreams! Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Posted by Kieron on November 28, 2018 at 11:13 pm

    I heard a different story altogether about genesis of the corn flakes and what they were supposed to do. Totally different timeline, maybe? Or else the volunteer docent was too prim to mention it. 😉

    Liked by 3 people


    • LOL … maybe so on either or both accounts! There were young children present, so if it was racy at all, then that would have been omitted. Those Kellogg men were pretty eccentric, especially John Harvey. Have you seen The Road to Wellville? We’ve been trying to figure out how accurate or spurious that film is.

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  6. Posted by RJ in Truckee on December 2, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    I’m so happy you had a lovely Thanksgiving and weekend.

    Wow. I never knew about this place. My mom is a Michigander so we went back often when my grandparents were alive. I’ll have to ask her about this place as my grandma so loved birds so I’m surprised we never visited this place.

    As for timeline shifts, I’ve had them often, along with things disappearing and reappearing, including a beloved necklace.

    Liked by 3 people


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