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This 2011 post wants to go up again.

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Someone on Facebook asked me some questions about Medical Intuition, and I remembered I used to have an FAQ page listed on my website, before I consolidated things onto my blog. The question and answer on FB has now become the first in a series of questions. I’ll begin with my original post that triggered the questions:

Our bodies are soooo smart! It never ceases to amaze me how they can keep us alive, teach, translate the soul’s deepest longings, nudge us to grow and still manage to enjoy smells, music, tastes, visions and feelings. We live in sacred, breathing temples made of stardust and earth. Wonder-full!

I want to know how bodies translate our soul’s longing? Anyone know how this works physiologically?

This is the kind of work that I do every day: translating the soul’s messages to people via their body. I seem to have natural, heightened gifts…

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  1. Please note, for anyone wondering: I am no longer on Facebook and have no plans to return. I canceled my account in December 2011. Just preempting any requests!



  2. Thank you for sharing that again Laura.. And Louise Hay’s book played a vital part in my own healing..
    For many years I was a Spiritual Healer, Intuition and our psychic awareness plays a huge role ..
    But the patient also has to want to heal.. I found that some people were closed to healing themselves, as their auras’ chakras were closed to allow energy work to help them..
    Loved reading your entire post.. ❤

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