Some Announcements

Just a note to say that while I am still doing sessions for the rest of this month, with all the relocation tasks, I likely will not be blogging much, if at all. Perhaps a few quick photos or announcements as I have time or feel led. We moved the first half of our stuff this past weekend, including 2/3 of the houseplants, and it was a full weekend event. Whew! Lots of work and lots more to come. Thanks again to our superhero friend Tim, aka T-Bird, for all the above and beyond help this weekend. Also, a special shout out to Heather, who helped us on a very hot Saturday morning and got in a great visit, too.

Given the emails I continue to receive, I do want to remind people of the June Special and alternate option/add-on, described here. I don’t know if I will keep email sessions on the menu after June or July; however, they are much easier for me to fit in and around moving tasks, so this popular item is available for now anyway.

The renovations at the new house are coming along, as is the garden planning and groundhog eviction project, which is now seven layers deep and wide in scope — from freshly mown hidey hole camouflage to mundane pinwheels and wind chimes on order, to nasty predator scents, to overly fragrant flowers, to shamanic calling of owls and foxes if this guy doesn’t get the pre-garden memo I’ve now sent him daily for the past three weeks. I’ve got an appointment with an arborist scheduled for the neglected trees, along with internet installation and various deliveries and consultations later this month when we actually complete our move.

As mentioned before, we have a lot of moving parts related to this relocation, many of which are not my own considerations, so you can expect a more specific announcement (including actual location) once everything is in place later this summer. For now, I’ll leave you with a couple flower shots from today’s Goshen garden and the reminder that while coaching, intuitive services, Tarot, and Reiki are still available, please do not expect fast response on chatty emails, any promotional blog articles for your projects, or “quick,” free check-in’s.

I opened up the email special in May and June since so many people like to email me questions without scheduling a session. The popularity of this special confirms the demand for it. I’m also thoroughly enjoying the many, many property clearings people have hired me to do in the past month and a half. Apparently, lots of people and places want a huge vibrational lift. These also fit well into my busy schedule, as I can complete them at odd hours and/or specifically timed to coincide with proper Moon and astrological support.

Wishing everyone well in these months of transition. We have a relocation, but I know many others having similarly huge shifts. Blessings on the journey!


(Veronica — above — and snapdragons –below– are both groundhog and deer “repellent.” The verdict’s out on sea kale, but I love this gorgeous, low care, edible ornamental, currently nearing the end of its white flowering stage. The huge lily next to it is getting ready to pop its glorious red blooms any day now.)


Stay cool and Faery On!


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  1. Posted by Sophia Sutton on June 12, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    Thanks for the pics…so wild and beautiful…I love it. The pollinator garden and herbs i planted this spring are taking hold and it is so exciting to watch them grow. Blessings to you and David on your new life journey…happy moving…be well and faery on…like that!
    No need to respond…you have enough to do! : )

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  2. Posted by Sondra on June 12, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    Good luck in your move.

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  3. […] soul and will be deeply missed. I mentioned him after the first of our moves to Kalamazoo: “Thanks again to our superhero friend Tim, aka T-Bird, for all the above and beyond help this weekend.” “Above and beyond” was […]



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