Lyme Book Update

Some people have inquired about the collaborative healing Lyme Disease book project between Catherine Grace O’Connell and myself. Although we remain in contact, at the moment, it seems that life has sent each of us in different directions. When Catherine was ready to start working on the project in 2016, I needed to finish up several other projects; when I started writing the book in early 2017, Catherine’s other work ramped up so much that she couldn’t do any writing at that time. Then, David and I had the whirlwind of our house purchase, move out, and still ongoing relocation.

Around the time of our move, Catherine and I decided that we will support each other’s work and writing, but not write the book together, since we currently have very different foci. She started the “Fierce 50” campaign, which helps to connect women over 50 to their most empowered selves, while simultaneously building bridges with the millennial generation, and she’s also busy with her Kat and Kaehler radio program. Meanwhile, a huge motivation behind David’s and my move was to get us into a compatible location where we could both thrive and I could write fiction again. I’m happy to report that’s already happening, as I recently began work on my next novel.

With all its complexities and multiple layers, I find Chronic Lyme Disease most responsive to some very unusual strategies of healing. In early 2017, I started writing about these in a non-fiction format; however, I’ve since decided that non-fiction is not the best avenue for delivering these concepts or triggering healing. Instead, I feel inspired to interweave my Lyme insights into a novel, where hopefully, the story itself will bypass much of the devastating resistance and stuckness I see with Lyme disease and other “medical mysteries.”

Over the past 13 years, I’ve known and worked with some of the most incredible people who’ve found Lyme a worthy (though unwelcome) adversary. I hope and pray the power of Story helps more people to help themselves, as well as provides entertainment, inspiration and healing to readers from all walks of life. At some point, Catherine might write her own story, or I/we might write a non-fiction book on Lyme disease. For the foreseeable future, though, that’s my update: non-fiction Lyme book, out; novel with a Lyme connection and all sorts of metaphysical goodies, in. šŸ™‚ Thanks for your interest and support!

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  1. yay! and perfect timing of synergy with both of our writing, as you know. and both of our current posts all centered on upcoming books! and that circle of connection with my ending/your beginning and vice versa always…gotta love it!

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  2. Hi Laura..I’d like to share my Lyme story and ongoing solution briefly.. I contacted Lyme in August, got the rash that lasted a month but no bullseye, so hoping maybe a spider bite. Before the rash was gone symptoms started, first fever, then right behind came the migrating joint pain – shoulders, elbows, knees, fingers – and exhaustion. Upped my usual 15,000 mg. dosage of ascorbic acid to 40,000 mg a day [per Linus Pauling, etc] and the symptoms nearly disappeared within a few days – just some shoulder pain towards morning. [had no joint pain previous to this]. Thought ‘Wow, maybe I’m cured!’ Got busy for a couple of days last week and slipped in my C dosage and the joint pain started to return within two days, so obviously not cured. i upped the C again and the pain/inflammation has disappeared again – still with some right shoulder pain in the mornings.

    I’ve read that intravenous C will cure Lyme Disease, but that’s out of my reach right now, so I’m going to up the ascorbic acid iand dose more often during the course of the day. It seems the C is just keeping the symptoms at bay so I want to go ahead and see if I can kill this horrible invader.

    I was preparing to head to the doc for antibiotics before upping the C, despite the discouraging reports and side effects. After the positive results and some online research I’ve decided against it. Also may try food-grade hydrogen peroxide orally.

    I’ll keep you posted. And thank you for your wonderful blog!


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    • Thank you, Linda! I’m a huge fan of vitamin C in general. I was just telling my dental hygienist about it yesterday when she commented on my “amazing” gum health.
      Catching Lyme early is usually a big help. There are lots of herbal allies, too, but I find that embracing the inner initiation/journey is the most often overlooked, key factor in moving beyond the influence of Lyme and co-infections.

      Best of luck to you, and thanks for your comments about my blog. šŸ™‚



  3. Can’t wait to read one of my favorite authors new book. I will be waiting anxiously. šŸ˜‰ Happy writing.

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