Two Links: Cat & Kaehler and Zany Mystic and Timothy Glenn

I’m still spending most of my time off blog, but I wanted to share some links that I know many readers will find inspirational and supportive.

The first is a vulnerable blog post by Catherine Grace O’Connell, sharing details about her own abusive childhood and younger adulthood, as well as the new podcast/talk radio show she’s co-hosting with Kathy Kaehler. You can find the article here. I know many readers and clients have tried to put the pieces together after sexual abuse and/or alcoholic parents. Cat & Kaehler’s new show focuses on redefining and empowering women over 50 by sharing the inspirational voices of women who’ve broken through their victimhood and ageism and into fabulous and inspiring lives. The podcast happens on Tuesdays at 11 a.m. Pacific or 2 p.m. Eastern.

The second announcement is for all the Timothy Glenn fans out there. His articles are always so popular on this blog, so I wanted to share the link to his recent return to A Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic.

I’ve not had time to listen to either of these programs, but I know many Lyme survivors have found great encouragement through Catherine’s story. The Fierce Fifty Campaign reaches out beyond the Lyme community to women over fifty and also to Millennials — so it’s a great bridging of women celebrating all ages. Tim and Zany (Lance White) always have great on air chemistry, so I’m sure this show will delight anyone who has enjoyed their many previous chats.

OK, back to sessions, packing and sorting … I wasn’t going to post others’ announcements, but I know these two have particular spots in readers’ hearts.

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  1. Many thanks for those shares dear Laura .. And I hope you are enjoying your time off blog.. I have been more absent than being on WP.. Good to see a post this evening..
    I know several people I know will be interested in your links..
    Love and Blessings xxx Sue ❤

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  2. More from Catherine: Fiercely Empowering Women of All ages through the lens of midlife. They can download LA Talk Radio app or it’s on iTunes. Here’s the newsletter sign up They can listen on the computer too. It’s live Tuesday at 11 pacific or download podcast any time after the show.



  3. You are awesome my beautiful friend. Get some rest and know how much I appreciate you and your beautiful guidance and friendship. I’m blessed.



  4. […] simultaneously building bridges with the millennial generation, and she’s also busy with her Kat and Kaehler radio program. Meanwhile, a huge motivation behind David’s and my move was to get us into a […]



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