Tania Marie and Me: Equinox Visit and Cosmic Adventures with Our D’s ~ Part 2

Continuing on from where we left off in Part 1, Tania Marie, our Dave/David’s and I found ourselves at Cave of the Mounds — a stunning, prehistoric, subterranean world, carefully preserved since its discovery in 1939. You can see just a small selection of David’s photos from our guided tour below:









Someone kindly managed to snap a photo of the four of us, quite the feat with everything either pitch black or brilliantly highlighted:


Above ground we found butterfly and herb gardens, the top of a huge sinkhole we saw from below, and various trails “through time.” David caught Tania and me hamming it up as we “stopped to smell the roses.”



After Cave of the Mounds, we faeries couldn’t resist going to nearby Mount Horeb, “the troll capital of the world!” Here we are on Trollcam, showing off Tania’s matching key tattoo:


Since he missed our prehistoric peeps photo, we asked David to rest with us awhile on this kindly troll’s bench:


Afterwards, we did some shopping, and then look who we saw on our way back home:


We returned to their “Magick Bus” RV, where the guys took a Wisconsin brew break with New Glarus Indigenous IPA, while Tania and I enjoyed Live soda flavored kombuchas. Who knew cola and root beer could be so healthy?! Vegan pizza and salads followed at Roman Candle Pizzeria.

With our time together winding to a close, we realized we had not gotten any photos of baby Cosmo with “Auntie Laura,” so we all gathered again at the Magick Bus the next morning. Tania made smoothies from the greens I’d harvested from our garden, and we spent quality time with the world’s snuggliest rabbit. You could call this photo T.L.C.:


Our 11 a.m. checkout time loomed near, so we said our goodbye’s and headed our separate ways — Tania and Dave West to Iowa, and David and me to meet our Madison friends for lunch before heading East to Goshen. We’ve already got some ideas in the works for the next trip, but with the four of us very much in flux and synchronicity so obviously at play in our lives, time and sync winks will tell where and when we meet again. I was telling David on the way home just how grateful and lucky I feel to have such a loving romantic partnership with him and such a deep, beautiful friendship with Tania … and now we both know and love Tania’s Dave, as well. So much laughter and love:


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  1. so cool that the cave photo came out so well! yay! the “smelling the roses” photos are super fun too, and i LOVE the title TLC!! how perfect is that?! ❤ thank you to david for the photo captures and all of his awesome driving. and thank you for your unwavering love and support. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ what a fun and love filled time all around!!

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  2. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    Here is the concluding Part 2 to Laura’s blog of our Equinox weekend fun and magick. So much was packed into the short weekend, which was multi-layered that it’s impossible to share it all and some things some times are, well, things to preserve as our own little “peace” of potency. 😉 You can be assured, however, that we are always intending collective reach to what we’re conjuring up with the integral threads woven. What I can say is that an incredible rush of heightened and more powerful energy is streaming in by the activations created. Wow! So grateful to have such incredible friends, so much otherworldly support, and of course lots of love and laughter filling our lives. As we head to Nebraska today and create a farther physical gap between us, I’m reminded always that the bonds shared with those we love are always close at heart. So much love to you all, until the next time something inspires a pop-in. ❤

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  3. […] Tania Marie and Me: Equinox Visit and Cosmic Adventures with Our D’s ~ Part 2 […]

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  4. Posted by Nikkoale on September 27, 2016 at 2:27 pm

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  5. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    Part 2. Don’t want to miss ❤️💜🦄



  6. Posted by Linette on September 29, 2016 at 11:37 am

    T.L.C. ❤ Those are spectacular photos of the caves!

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  7. That is so precious. You too are darling together. What a beautiful energy. Lots of love

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