Tania Marie and Me: Equinox Visit and Cosmic Adventures with Our D’s ~ Part 1

Best friend and faery twin Tania Marie and I are never apart in spirit. We keep in nearly constant touch via anything from texts to telepathy, and even if we have longer times without contact, we find our lives have either synchronously paralleled or gone into exactly opposite complementary experiences. Our own mothers have mixed us up in photographs, and our lives really do seem like those stories of twins separated at birth.

We both have our North Nodes (Destiny) in Capricorn, and we both have David’s/Dave’s with Cancer North Nodes. We’re roughly the same size and height, and our haircuts seem to parallel each other. Tania’s a two-fish Pisces, and I’m a twin Gemini. Tania has a special needs bunny, and I have a special needs yard. When Tania and her Dave downsized last year to start full time RV living, I simultaneously upsized by renting the house next door as an office/classroom/guesthouse filled with my David’s parents’ furniture they needed to move out of their old house. Despite the miles between Tania and me, we often giggle to discover we’ve made the exact same thing for dinner, or that one of us is out shopping for the very ingredient the other one just chopped.


All these long distance connections and synchronicities go into life-changing hyperdrive whenever life permits a fun and magickal in-person adventure. We went to the San Francisco Veg Fest Together in 2008 carrying bunny Nestor’s ashes and then learned about a bunny rescue that eventually led to Tania adopting Joy; I picked up her Joy with Tania and held her on their first road trip together; we’ve had many Cafe Gratitude binge fests where the waitresses actually looked under the table to see where we’d hidden all our food; we braved a spooky and synchronous Halloween 2008 in Bodega Bay with our friend Karen; have enjoyed multiple vegan Thanksgiving’s together; took a crazy, wild, and life-altering visit to Mendocino in 2009; did a silly, but potent faery reclamation of Chicago in 2010; and had a joyful reunion and birthday celebration in Goshen in 2015 when Tania first got to meet my David.

We’ve been planning this year’s gathering with “both our D’s” pretty much since Tania and her D took off in the RV. As timing and plans coalesced, we originally thought we’d meet over Samhain/Halloween as they drove East through Canada and then down through Michigan to Goshen, IN then wintering South and continuing their East Coast travels next Spring and Summer. These plans morphed all over the place until we finally decided to meet in Viroqua, WI on Autumn Equinox.

Yes, Wisconsin, the land of giant mice, cheese and brats:


Readers of this blog might remember The Sunflower Saga, Synchronicity and the NAPC, the first time tried to go to Viroqua amidst massive redirection, dreams and another head injury. I tried a second time for David’s birthday this year, but life strongly rearranged itself to send us to Turkey Run State Park instead. Apparently, I have a “thing” with Viroqua — a strong pull accompanied by a major block. When making plans with Tania, I mentioned that I was still a little nervous about that location, even though I’ve always wanted to go there, but we reasoned that since I’d be there with both Tania and my David, I’d be fine.

And so we made our respective reservations. While I harvested and prepped food for an Equinox Feast, we all gathered and prepared various gifts for one another. The afternoon before our trip, just as Tania and Dave neared Viroqua, I felt a sudden “flood” of energy. It was so strong that it knocked me back onto the couch, even when I tried to get up. Whenever I thought of our trip, I felt this powerful force field of energy so strong that it felt like a rush of water pulling me deeper and deeper. I texted Tania to say, “Wow, really potent energy for our trip in Viroqua. Almost knocked me out.” Then I checked the weather there, only to find a “Flood Warning.”

Hmmm …. I texted her not to set up camp too close to the Kickapoo River, as it might overflow, but we continued with our plans. We figured the potent energy came more from the intentional ceremony we had planned for that evening, the first time all four of us would be together, with Tania’s bunny Cosmo anchoring the center of our Circle. I had copied, modified and highlighted an OBOD Alban Elfed ritual, so that the five of us could personify the four directions and “the cosmos.”

All proceeded according to plan until …

…what I’ve come to consider “my Viroqua hex” reared its powerful head again.

Early Equinox morning, I received hurried texts from Tania that she and Dave were being evacuated from their camp site. A flurry of texts and phone calls followed as I tried to see if they could stay in the parking lot by our hotel, but people on their end urged them to get out of town while they still could. “Mudslides and flash floods would make it impossible” for David and me to reach Viroqua, and the Sheriff advised Tania and Dave to go to Madison. I knew she had little signal, so I located a KOA in De Forest, WI, just north of Madison, and it turned out they had trailers for rent, as well as a site for T and D.

Originally, we would have been staying about twenty minutes apart since we could not find any accommodations capable of housing both parties. Our trailer option meant a very different sort of packing, but it also meant we would be about twenty yards instead of twenty minutes away from each other! It meant we could hang out with Tania and Dave in their “home on the road,” while David and I shared our homecoming to the place he and I first lived together. A place with loads of vegan food options. A place we both love and had planned to drive through on our way home anyway to have lunch with dear friends there. A place which increasingly seems to be some kind of Wheel of the Year vortex portal for us, as demonstrated further by our potent Winter Solstice 2015 in Madison.

In any case, our plans rapidly morphed, and the synchronicities suddenly catapulted into crazy high gear. All of us dodged potential injury or death that day, between the rising floods on T and D’s end, and a rogue white van suddenly crossing and stopping right in front of us on the highway. As the day continued, Tania and I began to feel forces strongly opposing our visit, while even stronger forces protected and redirected us to safe communion. We eventually arrived, quickly got settled and then gathered in their “Magick Bus,” where we did introductions, hugged, changed into fun “Equinox costumes,” held our little ceremony and then feasted on the garden fresh white scallop squash “faux”lenta, pesto, tomatoes, leafy greens, raspberries and Sun Oven Lammas brownies, I had brought. It was so yummy and love filled that we forgot to take any photos that night.

Tania and I noticed that we “floated for hours” in some kind of altered state as our guys slept. The next day, Tania received word from our friend Dawn that she also felt floaty and interdimensional that night. We all felt we crossed onto a different timeline or alternate reality, as things eerily fell into perfect alignment, despite all the sudden twists and turns. I received texts from others confirming similar sense of shifts the night of Autumn Equinox, so we’re curious if anyone has other info to share in the comments below.

On Friday, we toured some of our favorite spots in Madison, including Willy Street Co-Op, of special interest to my D and me for green juice, and to T’s D for … vegan scones and donuts! Oh, yes, Dave is not only a vegan author, speaker, and animal rights advocate but also quite the junk food vegan connoisseur! He kept us well supplied with goodies throughout our trip, a bit of a shock to my “just harvested from the garden” norm, but also a fun and welcome treat! We enjoyed chocolate bark, donuts, scones and lots of wonderful teas from his extensive collection. We took them to our much missed restaurants Himal Chuli and The Green Owl Cafe, as well as to Roman Candle Pizzeria for vegan pizza. Here we are below on our first full, crazy windy day there, overlooking Lake Mendota, on the UW Madison campus. The wind was so strong it started blowing off my jacket and shirt, but we did manage to snap this selfie before wandering into more sheltered woods:


The whole trip continued to evolve moment-by-moment, and it seemed impossible to plan anything. Between road detours, missing emails, very specific weather guidelines, and more, we had no choice but to go with the flow. Saturday brought us to Cave of the Mounds, where we picnicked and then went on an amazing underground tour. I experienced such powerful and unshakeable dĆ©jĆ  vu when we got there that I kept trying to explain it away by my early childhood visits to Pennsylvania’s Crystal Cave. The avalanche of synchronicities and slow motion time experience of our pre-tour time there convinced Tania and me that some other important time nexus or circular time event had arranged for us to be there right then. My David kept mentioning “the importance of getting you ladies deep inside the Earth so you can do whatever you need to do there.”

It truly was magical inside that ancient cave, but I’ll continue our adventure in Part 2.

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  1. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    I’m still in offline/sabbatical mode while I focus on my writing and creating the next phase of life and home adventures to come. However, I did say I may pop up when least expected if I feel so moved, and this Part 1 blog shared by Laura of our Equinox weekend adventures felt like a good time for that while in Iowa. Much love and magick to all! I’ll share Part 2 as it pops in. ā¤

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, but more so for sharing your love and magick with me across all time space doorways. I love you! We had so much fun.. So glad the D’s got to connect… More adventures await the magick crew! We miss you…Cosmo sends a little lick of love and magickal nose nudge too šŸ˜˜šŸ‡šŸ‘­šŸ’ž

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  3. ā¤ļø It was so great all around! Miss you and love you so much!

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  4. Posted by Kieron on September 26, 2016 at 10:45 pm

    Did I ever. What happened to me on the 22nd was a second chance to open up to something I missed out on 8 years ago, and in so doing, I took a major leap forward in my evolution. Likewise, the 23rd involved a second major step forward, during a session with my current teacher. Two major shifts in about 48 hours! I think parts of me are needing to play catch up to the parts that are light years ahead… Interestingly enough, I have the same North Node going on as you two. šŸ™‚ I look forward to Part 2! šŸ˜€

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  5. What a beautiful post to match the beautiful photo of both of you.. Love it that you synchronise and experience synchronicity so often.. Loved reading how both can be making the same meal.. šŸ™‚
    Looking forward to part 2..
    Have a fabulous week.
    Sue x

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  6. And that’s why donuts are an essential part of any vegan diet! Great to see you guys and enjoy some magical time together …

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  7. […] « Tania Marie and Me: Equinox Visit and Cosmic Adventures with Our D’s ~ Part 1 […]


  8. I wondered if you would chime in, Kieron! Glad to hear you took some quantum leaps, too!


  9. Thank you, Sue! xx and a fabulous week to you, too!

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  10. Indeed, Dave, it puts a new spin on Vitamin D’s importance in a vegan diet!

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  11. […] on from where we left off in Part 1, Tania Marie, our Dave/David’s and I found ourselves at Cave of the Mounds — a […]


  12. ā¤ Thank you x


  13. Posted by Mitch on September 27, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    So fun to see you all together! I’m sure your friends and longtime reader’s notice how photo’s of you and Tania leap off the page sort of speak, the heart/solar plexus does a dance šŸ™‚ so sweet! much love to you all!

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  14. Aw, thank you, Mitch! Much love from us! ā¤ļø


  15. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    I know these dear women and have met Tania’s Dave and hope to meet Laura’s David at some point. Always enjoy with devilish delight your adventures in person or apart. That was a very intense Equinox. I had started my first trip in my RV since I retired. I was heading from Arizona to Californua to visit my kids and grandkids as well as a dear friend. About 45 mins east of our destination to camp that night me and my dear friend Java (my sweet furbaby) hit a sand/windstorm where we had to pull over. We stayed till it seemed to start to clear up. Then we got on the road again. About 15 mins later we were in whiteout conditions from the same sand storm again but with no where to go. I prayed and white knuckled it there for a half hour. When we finally pulled in I was a little worn out at that point. But checked in and was ready to go to our pull through. I backed up and hit a telephone pole that could not see from either mirrors. Needless to say I was glad it crunched the ladder on the back and not the siding. Once I was all set up and we nestled in I laid in bed. For almost two hours I felt like I was floating in the ocean or a water bed. It was very pleasant yet so surreal. Then it stopped and I dozed off to sleep. Thank you Laura for the mention in your post. Oxox

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  16. Posted by Linette on September 29, 2016 at 11:33 am

    So glad your visit was wonderful and that everything worked out! I am on to part 2 to see what other amazing adventures were had ā¤
    Jason and I also had some major shifts over the Equinox weekend that felt like steps sideways, both together and in each of us personally. Still integrating those into the physical body. šŸ™‚

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  17. Thank you, Dawn! Wow, that is quite the adventure for you, too! I hope you get to meet my David, too. šŸ™‚ Lots of love! xoxo

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  18. Thanks, Linette! Glad to hear you and Jason had some timeline shifts, too. šŸ™‚

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  20. […] second round of production. I’m still gathering loads of chocolate mint to dry for my nephew, best friend, brother and us. I’ve got garlic to put in the troughs as soon as I pull out the pepper and […]


  21. […] second round of production. I’m still gathering loads of chocolate mint to dry for my nephew, best friend, brother and us. I’ve got garlic to put in the troughs as soon as I pull out the pepper and […]

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  22. Thanks Laura


  23. […] Equinox, we ended up meeting Tania and Dave in Madison, Wisconsin during a trip documented in Parts 1 and 2. That left this past long weekend for a trip to Indianapolis and nearby Fishers, Indiana, […]


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