Free Replay: The Search for Sustainability Summit

Good news for anyone who missed November 2015’s inspiring and life changing Search for Sustainability Summit: series producer Nathan Crane decided to offer another weekend of free viewing from January 22-24th, 2016. Details and viewing options here.

You can find some of my earlier posts about this amazing collection of speakers, artists and teachers here and here. If you love our planet, want to experience more control over your own health and food, and/or if you feel an urge to become more self-reliant in our changing times, this series offers twelve inspiring episodes with interviews, tips, techniques, community and examples. Unlike many preparedness publications that focus on doom and gloom, I particularly like how Nathan finds people who bring joy to what they do — who recognize both the urgency and the opportunities facing humanity right now.

Free viewing from this Friday through Sunday.

(I have no stake in making people aware of this series. David and I just enjoyed the episodes, and I know or have at least met a fair number of the participants. I receive many questions about gardening, preparedness and Earth Healing from clients, friends, and blog readers, so I want to share an excellent resource, especially during this free viewing window!)


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