Episode 12 of The Search for Sustainability Summit

The final episode of the 12-day Search for Sustainability Summit has a free replay until 9 p.m. East Coast time tonight. Click here to watch this very positive piece, which shares things anyone can do from wherever they are right now. I listened to the first 11 episodes and will catch this one later today. I’ve really enjoyed the series, and learned a lot of exciting new and helpful things. I’ll share more in another post, because I’ve got a busy day of sessions here. Just wanted to make everyone aware of this last free episode.

If you’ve considered purchasing any of the series, I definitely recommend episode 11, which I loved! It talks extensively about communicating with plants and animals, and I learned so much surprising and really encouraging information about bees. I think that was my favorite one of the bunch, but I’ve not yet watched episode 12. A huge thank you to Nathan Crane and all the many speakers for putting together this wonderful resource! Nathan indicated the series received 93,000 viewers. That in itself makes me happy, because the information contained in this series was extremely life giving, practical and inspiring.

I had mentioned some issues earlier with music overlaid too loud over people talking. Nathan and his crew either tweaked that volume ratio, or I grew so used to the song that my brain was able to tone it down to a level at which it no longer distracted from the conversations. (Maybe a bit of residual brain injury preference on my part.) In any case, episode 11 includes an interview with the singer, Piea, and she’s just so lovely! What a gentle, loving spirit! Apparently, episode 12 includes a concert.

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  1. A close of friend of mine who sustained a brain injury in an car wreck a few years ago also has issues with loud ambients and wears a pair of disconnected headphones to soften the blow in noisy places.

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    • Yes, I need to bring earplugs to all concerts or loud venues, or it becomes viscerally painful. I was like that pre-1998 brain injury, but much more so since. The volume and multiple layers of distraction our culture “offers” are rather bizarre. I was thinking of that this morning as the train honked by, trucks idled, and every little thing needed to announce its presence. The quiet places are so rare these days. They truly need and deserve protection, like on the Olympic Peninsula.



  2. Posted by Demitra M. N. on November 13, 2015 at 9:06 pm

    Thank you, Laura, for being the one to bring this series to my attention. While I wasn’t able to tune-in for all the episodes, I did manage to make time for a handful of them and I have to say that I have benefited from them in more ways than is at first apparent. Sure the messages were important and at times insightfully new and yet I found the real treasure trove was the whole cast of buoyant messengers themselves who were not just talking the talk, but walking the walk — not just sharing possibilities, but imparting visions.

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  3. […] some of my earlier posts about this amazing collection of speakers, artists and teachers here and here. If you love our planet, want to experience more control over your own health and food, and/or if […]



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