Wildtending: Refugia and the Seed Arc Garden

More wisdom and ideas from Dana at the Druid’s Garden! I particularly love the whole concept of “refugia,” both in Nature and in human nature. I continue to receive panicked emails and texts from people suddenly noticing their world becoming unhinged. Meanwhile, I know many people around the world for whom the world is “spiraling into control” or if not control, at least into a sense of Divine rightness and order. We have influence. The pressing question remains: how will we use that influence? Dana offers some excellent ideas here.

The Druid's Garden

Over the course of the last six months, I’ve been discussing in various ways philosophies and insights about helping to directly and physically heal our lands as a spiritual practice, weaving in principles of druidry, permaculture, organic farming, herbalism, and more. Specifically, I’ve suggested that we can have direct, meaningful, and impact benefit on our lands and through the work of our “healing hands” we can help heal the extensive damage caused by humanity. The reason is simple: we have lost so much biodiversity in so much of our landscapes; even our forests are in many cases, pale representations of what they once were in terms of biological diversity. This is true of tree species, plant species, animal species, insect life, soil biology, mycology, water-based life and so on.  While nature has the ability to heal herself, with the help of humans, she can do it much more…

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