Follow Me Into the Faery Realm ~ Do You Hear The Call?

Faery time! And yes, it’s true. Tania and I purposely make the same meals on the same evenings for our respective Dave/David’s as a silly but effective way of bridging distance, and we did, indeed, do faery readings for each other on New Year’s Eve. Food portals and faery fun! All Seelieness aside, Tania’s post includes a beautiful new sacred tattoo design, as well as extra tips on connecting with the Faerie Realm. If you’re feeling a bit under the weather or the world weighs too heavily upon you, you might have a faery deficiency. Best to correct that ASAP!

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Faery portals have been in activation lately.

Well, when aren’t they really?

But sometimes it’s a more intentional process 😉 Or is a result of your belief and readiness deepening.

I happen to wear several permanent ones on my own “spiritual skin”, including a Seven Pointed Faery Star on top of my left foot, which helps me to walk between worlds with all of me, and a Faery on my left “wing” that represents me sending energy to Earth along with Nestor, but there’s been a lot more of this energy abound recently and my own experience is becoming more constant rather than now and then.

It’a all part of that embodiment I talk a lot about…the more we deepen into the essence of who we are, the more consistently we will walk in that energy.

I’ve also been experiencing this Faery portal energy with the sacred tattoo designs that are channeling…

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  1. You two make me smile. Thanks for being you….and you! I love your seelieness. I was getting my dose of nature magic this morning watching the birds around the birdfeeder while it was snowing. The beautiful cardinals and juncos, titmouses, and a few newcombers joined the crowd…house finches and the yellow rumped warbler and a sparrow looking bird, i think. The sunlight was glistening on the water and I felt such peace. Thank you! Much love to you radiant ones. Sophia

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  2. You guys know how to have fun

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  3. Funny, I was just writing about the tufted titmouse in my permaculture homework, probably as you were leaving your comment! Much love, Sophia!

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  4. Yep! We do. 🙂

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  5. Posted by Kieron on January 9, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    “Seelie” is exactly the word I was feeling in regard to you two. 🙂 For anyone who is unaware, it’s a Scots Gaelic word meaning something like “blessed” but with an overlay of fey or the otherworldly. 🙂

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  6. so much love and gratitude to all of you!! we love sharing the fun with you and frolicking in the magick together! ❤

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  7. Yes! What she said. 🙂 xoxo ❤

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  8. Thanks, Kieron! 🙂


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