Synchronous Owls

If I’ve seemed particularly incommunicado, it’s because I’ve delved deeply into not only my permaculture coursework, but also into a long-awaited book by Mike Clelland called, “The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee.” I feel it’s one of the most important books of our times and will affect many, many lives. I’m pleased to see it’s currently #1 or #4 on Amazon in several categories related to UFO’s. I don’t normally read much UFO literature; however, I always notice overlays with faerie lore, stories from clients, bizarre experiences in my own life, and intense periods of synchronicity. I’ve also had some correspondence with Mike, as well as having our own bizarre back and forth “undelivered” synchronicities spanning several years. My full review will follow once I’ve finished the book, but I wanted to let people know this book is out — both Kindle and Paperback versions.

Today’s reblogged post comes from late January 2010, just before I left California for Chicago, and it references an extended experience I had with a particular owl in Pennsylvania. Since owls seem to be rising in the collective unconscious, I thought I’d repost in honor of Mike’s book. In the comments you can actually see one of Mike’s missed attempts to contact me via the blog, the very day I left California, leaving a marriage, friends, beauty, and many unexplainable experiences behind me. The synchronicities of the undelivered and later re-found blog comment or email happened enough times to make us both chuckle. In any case, there’s something going on with the owls, and I recommend the book to anyone who’s had clusters of owl, ET, UFO or paranormal experiences. You might find a missing clue.

Laura Bruno's Blog

I have been having so many owl synchronicities the past two months that I decided to repost this essay from 2002. Originally published in The Spiral Journey, it won an Animal Communication Writing contest when I could barely write more than 20 minutes per day and when I had never even heard of Animal Communication!

On my most recent trip to visit my parents, my mom alerted me that she had heard “my” owl hooting on a very significant date for me. Owl Wisdom emphasizes a change in cycle, clairaudience, communication between realms, stealth, reincarnation and shapeshifting. These things certainly make a lot more sense to me now than they did in 1998 when I first encountered this lovely visitor!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my trip down memory lane. Maybe some day I’ll write a sequel. For those interested in learning more about owls and their extraordinary passion…

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  1. 😉 i forgot to send you a photo of my owl jammie pants i texted you about

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  2. Laura was the first person I contacted when my spate of owl synchronicities unfolded early last week. Then came Clelland’s Owl and synchronicities book the day after I told my story, and I hadn’t a clue any such book was debuting. This is described in a string of posts on The Daily Grail:

    Needless to say, something has my full attention now.

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  3. […] for a resident great horned owl as gatekeeper and garden guard. (Guarden?) Long story, but I have a history of calling great horned owls and having them appear. One even sat with me every afternoon for six weeks at my parents’ house while I recovered […]



  4. […] seem to avoid our front yard or scurry past as fast as possible. A few people have texted me with synchronous owl hoot reports immediately after I’ve put out telepathic calls for dusk and dawn owl patrol, so […]



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