Garden Update ~ June Blooms and CPL

Well, the roses got the memo: “It’s June!”







Black lace elderberries came out to play, too:


Fresh lettuce and half week old cut peonies, still incredibly fragrant:


It’s a feast for eyes, nose and tummy. Below, you can see my recently emptied Garden Tower Project, with its redistributed and recharged (Epsom salts + worm castings) soil spread among dozens of container plants lined up for eventual transport:


Believe it or not, those are only some of the containers. Yep, CPL (Crazy Plant Lady) has struck again. Once I figured out how I could use fabric pots and Big Bag Beds to create an instant garden under and around mature front yard trees, it was all over for the garden downsize. Once I discovered we have a resident groundhog in the new backyard and potential deer, bunnies and groundhogs in the new front yard, the fragrant (researched and repellent) plants somehow multiplied before my eyes. A bucket of leftover sand joined forces with worm castings and homemade compost to create even more potted options for divisions and starts from the successfully diverse ecosystem here.

I also might have called for a resident great horned owl as gatekeeper and garden guard. (Guarden?) Long story, but I have a history of calling great horned owls and having them appear. One even sat with me every afternoon for six weeks at my parents’ house while I recovered from my 1998 brain injury. I put out a request this week, and a friend who hadn’t heard one hoot since my wedding suddenly started hearing a great horned owl and felt nudged to tell me right after I mentally asked the owl for confirmation. I took that synchronicity as the spirit of the owl “reporting for duty” like so many others — praying mantises, wasps, mason bees — have done shortly after I expressed a need. With any luck, a resident owl will enforce the new garden rules, so that everyone behaves and gets along.

In any case, the portable garden continues to grow — both in size and number. I’m almost out of available pots, but I still have compost, sand and worm castings, so watch out, New Yard! You’re about to get an edible upgrade. It’s a lot more fun than packing. 😉

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  2. Posted by Kieron on June 3, 2017 at 7:29 am

    “BigBagBed” – wow, you just single-handedly eliminated a problem that had been vexing me for awhile now. Thanks!

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    • Yes, Kieron, and they work great! I have some here for blueberries, and those bushes are literally 5 times larger than the 2 I bought a year earlier and have in the ground. Apparently, it’s really the best for blueberries, because you control the soil pH, and they never get root rot. With the air pruning of the roots, they develop a huge root system, so they are also way more productive and drought tolerant. I had not realized they would allow you to grow under trees without cutting into roots. Major score!



  3. CPL in super power action.. go go! synchronously we visited my parent’s thursday and i got to explore their front and back gardens with all the flowers in bloom – they have so many! you would love it. and they have tomato and strawberry plants that are producing galore. i took a bunch of photos shared on instagram if you have time (any photo that has two layered white boxes in the right corner means there are more photos to scroll through). also the blooms in the forest and along the lake are in wild flower super magick mode. so many!! lots of garden delights abound! glad you’re finding ways to bring your joys to the new house and then some, as it is your love and without it you wouldn’t be you…

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    • Thank you, T! I just checked it all out, and yes, your parents have such a lovely garden. I’m impressed with all they can grow in the high desert, as that is not an always easy climate to grow fruits and veggies in. So much beauty! And, yes, me without a garden is like T without a bunny — it just doesn’t feel right for very long. xoxo

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  5. Posted by Andrea on June 5, 2017 at 10:42 am

    Didn’t know about Big Bag Beds…will run out to Home Depot after our call. Thanks!!!

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