Before and After Garden Pics from Last Time We Saw Ann Kreilkamp

My recent post detailing this past weekend’s trip to visit Ann Kreilkamp at her ecopod in Bloomington triggered WordPress to link to my post about the first time we saw Ann — at our place in May 2014. During that visit, David took a photo of Ann and me standing in the recently created front yard bed, then full of wood mulch and urbanite:

Laura and Ann

At that time, Ann also encouraged me to photograph as much of our yard as I could fit into one shot:

yard at Ann's visit

Holy, moly! I can’t even take that shot now, because there are “too many” plants and fruit trees “in the way.” Here are some after photos taken this evening, winding my way through a similar perspective of the above “before” image. Keep in mind that the before shot from 2014 was already the after from over a year of massive work. Even so, I almost cannot believe how much our yard has grown and flourished from late May 2014 to August 3, 2015:


Front bed

Walking back

Goumi and pear tree

more yard

side and backyard

Ann had a good laugh at David accommodating me with photos that don’t emphasize “my now too buff arms” such that I don’t even recognize my little waif self from two years ago, but LOL, now you see how I got those arms! As much as the yard, my biceps and triceps have grown, I feel like I’ve grown even more inside. Ann and I picked right up where we left off, but that’s because we’ve both been fast tracking our realizations, inner shifts, yard and home projects, and community building. I guess I needed to see it to believe it, but whoa … some growth. Creation on all levels!

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  1. creative growth indeed! weeeeeeeeeee!! and no more waifs for us. lightness of spirit and fertile, nourished bodies as a reflection of natural abundance

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  2. Posted by manyhahama1955 on August 4, 2015 at 1:54 am

    OMGoddess! Transformational, indeed! Absolutely beautiful! I would like a garden like that!! You look great too! lovelovelove!!

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  3. Someday, I want a home with a good garden. I have a community plot, but have limits in space. I also cannot decorate it too much. Hidden under my tomato plants are crystals that I plan on distributing in the wood after the growing season. Some of them are visible, and while I’ve had tomatoes stolen… no crystals have been taken. Still I think doing a full out Faerie Garden is a bit too tempting to thieves.
    So some day, a house of my own, with a well decorated garden. Then I don’t have to walk to my garden plot… when I was thinking about this I literally heard the word, “Downpayment.” It wasn’t sensing words like normal. So I enquired why my Faerie Friend had put this word in my head so clearly. I in fact have no idea what he plans.

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  4. Posted by Sherry on August 9, 2015 at 2:27 am

    enjoying the photos….thank you

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  5. […] excited to watch this full presentation by friend and fellow InDiana blogger, Ann Kreilkamp, filmed in Seattle by my sweet and amazingly talented friend, Mitch Mattraw. […]



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