Suspicious Observers ~ More Big Solar Explosions

Thanks to Lance White for sending along this report, which came out yesterday.

If you find yourself feeling inexplicably tired, have a wicked headache, or vertigo today, just an FYI, some big CME’s (coronal mass ejections) have been headed our way for a couple days and continuing. Sensitive people may want to review these earlier posts on dealing with the energies of solar flares and EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies):

Ascension Symptoms and Solar Flares

How To Protect Yourself from Empathing Societal Angst and EMF Madness

Amazing Orgone

If you know Reiki and feel “off” from the energies, don’t forget to use this powerful tool to balance yourself. Also, hugging trees or walking barefoot on the Earth really does help you to ground — as in electrically ground — yourself. Crystals in the red, black or green range (except moldavite) tend to anchor your energy, too. I’d stay away from amethyst during this intense period of solar flares, since amethyst tends to shoot your energy up towards the crown, while right now, most people really need the energy moving more towards the feet.

Obviously, if you’re having serious symptoms, do get those checked out. Not everything happens due to solar flares. I just wanted to give people a bit of a heads up, as I know many readers, friends and clients are extremely sensitive to the Sun. It seems the Sun’s whoopin’ it up, too, for Solstice. 🙂

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  1. Posted by Nikkoale on June 22, 2015 at 3:29 pm

    Thanks for this information, Laura. Yes, I have been watching the Sun pump up the volume for several days. Energy is heading our way still, but the activity from the Sun has settled back to “low” levels and a quiet period for the past several hours. Also, here, we got tons of rain from the remnants of the hurricane, and now 100+ heat indexes are forecast. I am in awe of Gaia as she “manages” herself — giving us life-sustaining extra water and cleansing for Solstice before a “dormant” period of heat. Jedi and I walked early this morning to miss the heat. Literally hundreds of dragonflies joined us. Magick continues in Eos’s Garden!

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  2. This big plasma incursion seems to be making people more tired and groggy than enervated.

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    • It seems to have affected people different ways. I was tired, but considering the pace I’ve kept for the past month and especially the past week, that could just be normal. Some people reported terrible headaches and nausea. Others were juiced. Despite temps in the 80’s and nearly 100% humidity, I still managed 4 hours of yard work, so obviously not too severe for me. I used to feel like a drunken sailor with these CME’s! On the other hand, I received some pretty desperate sounding emails from people whose Lyme symptoms flared up like never before. To me, that signals die-off — like the CME’s were creating a big purge, followed by a Herx. Wishing everyone well. I just sent some additional customers your way, BTW. 🙂



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