Inward to Ovate

Regardless of how you label your spiritual path, this post speaks to so much of what I’m hearing in sessions and from friends, and feeling in my own life. How could I not re-blog a post that quotes both Bilbo Baggins and the Tao Te Ching?! Worth a few reads if you find you’ve changed (or are changing) so much in recent years that you barely recognize yourself, and little remains of what you called “life” … yet still you travel on.

A Druid Way

pathImagine a path you create as you go. We don’t need to call it “shamanism” or “Druidry” or “earth spirituality” or anything else in particular. If anyone asks, it’s “nothing special.” It’s just “what you do every day.” I call it my life.

You respond, or you don’t, to the guidance of hints, nudges, dreams, gut instinct, chance encounters, coincidence. You seek, or you don’t, for something that begins to answer the call inside you, the tickle or itch that won’t go away. Oh, you can dull it for days or decades with a wider variety of distractions now than at almost any other time in the last ten millennia.

Sometimes, perversely, it seems the call or itch or tickle is ITSELF the distraction. Can’t do it all. Just gonna live my life. Keep my head down. Leave me alone, will ya? Not gonna get suckered into a wild goose chase, a…

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  1. That does sound very familiar, Laura. And who wouldn’t want to follow the link to both Bilbo and Lao Tzu? 🙂 Thanks for passing this one along. Love, Jamie

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  2. Posted by DW on June 1, 2015 at 11:15 pm

    Plus Star Wars….”So *not* the Druid I was looking for.” (Side note: worth a wander over to his Spam Awards page for several jolly good laughs: 🙂 xxo Dayna

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