Why I keep writing about Monsanto vs. Maui

Why what happens in Maui matters:

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  1. This comment was left by Michael Burns on Jon’s site, but it’s worth repeating here:

    Michael Burns says:
    April 16, 2015 at 6:56 pm

    Monsanto is a corporation built on crimes, it is built on addiction and slavery, and war and human misery, pollution, and environmental destruction. Monsanto is built on collaboration with Nazis, and gangsters, dictators and war criminals. It is/has been the worst environmental polluter in whole history of man on this planet.

    The Romans as a corporation and an empire have been known to burn down prized hardwood and oak forrests in their wars against other peoples, in their blind ambition for empire building. The wanton destruction of a great and ancient forrest, in the cause of expansion of an idea, pales in complextion to the sins of Monsatan.

    Monsanto is a corporation that was started way back in 1901 by John Francis Queeny who had married the daughter of Emmanuel Mendes de Monsanto a sugar baron and a despot who ran a sugar plantation, built on slavery, and human misery.
    Queeny was in business with Emmanuel de Monsanto and broke away and formed Monsanto, his own company named in honour of his wife.

    Queeny made saccharine, and caffeine and vanillin. Addictive and dangerous substances. Saccharine is made from coal tar.
    From his St Louis base, and headquarters, John Francis moved towards production of sulphuric acid and PCB’s. He even made a town named Monsanto, Illinois, now changed to Sauget, Illinois to circumvent regional and municipal environmental rules. They knew from the beginning they were in the business of polluting and tried to protect and hide those sins from the public. There is a whole reality making machine now at Monsanto that is heavily financed and as honed and sharp as a razor’s edge. Its whole focus is propoganda, lies, deceit and creative g a false sense of what quality, wholesome and good and true actually mean.

    Monsanto was part of the Dayton Project, a scandal in itself worth a books lenght…


    in 1944 they were the first corporation to mass produce and sell vast quantities of DDT. And for nearly four decades until it’s banning in 1972, they covered the earth with this poison. They did this so well, DDT is found at present in Antarctic ice.
    It is cited in the research of Rachel Carson (the book: Silent Spring) as the main cause in the decline of predatory bird species like eagles, hawks, and the near decimation of the little peregrine falcon which every year comes back and roosts and raises another glutch of young on this old convent property, that I own. DDT affected the eggshells of predatory birds. And not just predatory birds. Even though they became the focus of this scandal.

    After the World War deux, Monsatan teamed up with none other than the chemical giant Bayer the lead company in a group of companies that formed IG Farben. The ‘death camp shower poison Zyklon B’ Farben. After the breakup of the global coporation I G Farben during the Nuremburg trials. The subsiduary companies were forbidden to do business in the USA with their ill gotten research knowledge, gained from torture, slavery and genocide, and war. Monsanto formed the company ‘Mobay’ with Bayer in 1954, which enabled Nazis to do business in the USA producing PCB’s and Polyeurathanes and other industrial toxic chemicals for expanding global world markets. With the PCB scandals of the eighties, Monsanto stocks took a dive. With declining sales and lawsuites and public scorn, and a trail of polluting back to 1901. They hired a fella out of Utah name Mitt Rowney, just freshly out of Harvard, along with his new formered company Bain Capital, which turned Monsanto’s world around with the off loading of Industrial chemical production side of Monsanto and towards biogenetics, pharmaceuticals and Agri-business. Monsanto sales soared with production of such things as Agent Orange; and the jungles and birth defects of Vietnam war. Monsanto invented and produced the infamous drug L-dopa for Alzheimer’s disease, that show such vicious side effects like narcolepsy, breathing problems, heart dysfunctions and hair loss, intestinal bleeding and psychosis, hallucinations and cytotoxicity.
    They made Celebrex with it’s side effects like edema, and cardiovascular problems, heart failure and hypertension, and much much more.
    They invented Posilac for lactating cows to make them produce more milk, which produced herendous side effects namely infections that resulted in pus in your homogenized milk, and endless side effects and torture from infected utters, and crippling for these animals.

    From 1996 onward they have moved towards world food domination in cotton, soy, peanuts, rape seed (Canola), and wheat and potatoes and beets and rice and who knows what their scientists wish to create in the paradise called Maui.
    Strange how epedemic severe peanut allergies became after 1996. I know people who go into anaphylactic shock because of a peanut. They are so sensitive they can’t even hear the spoken word peanut without going into convulsions. Monsanto bought up Cargill’s seed business and now distribute their seeds of death in 51 countries. They are now bed down with another nasty bed fellow ‘Cargill of the Amazon’.

    Monsanto is actually two separate corporations, distinct and different but with the same headquarters and chief executives and the same employees. This is a legal stance that confuses and complicates judicial proceedings. As Monsanto the unethical, is always in court. They have ringers that will keep you tied up in red tape till your next reincarnation. And so we arrive at Maui, beautiful Maui and understand what this corporation will do to get what they want. Monsanto is the number one threat to life on planet earth. They will lie, cheat, steal, murder, bribe and lobby. They will genecide, collaborate with enemies and start wars. One of the instigators of the Ukrainian situation at present is Monsanto, (collaboration with nazis again) and it’s GMO’s, which are banned there by the legal government of the Ukraine.
    Monsatan bottom line is power and money and profit and stock value. They do not care about anyone or anything but the cause of their one world empire building. Their move towards a singular world market dominated by Monsanto.

    From Québec says:
    April 16, 2015 at 11:38 pm

    Wow! Thanks for the link Michael. We are living in the twilight zone.
    We have to stop these bandits before they completely destroy this earth.
    Michael Burns says:
    April 17, 2015 at 2:27 pm

    Check these out…I have been trying to develop a logo busting image, something that breaks up the ju-ju of their corporate logo. Something that steals their magic. Something that when it gets in people’s heads, everytime they thing of Monsanto they think of my image. A image that goes viral, an image Monsanto would suit over. A image that’s wakes people who ignorant of what is going on, or that shakes up the complacent.

    If allowed Monsanto will take over Maui. It will become the secret island labratory of Monsanto, sailors won’t come near it…there is always be strange sounds coming from the island. SCREECHES AND SCREAMS in the night. Carcasses on the shoreline of little animals, big animals, chimera of all sorts. Humans with horse and pig heads. Two legged cattle with human heads. Snakes with wings. And there is always an acrid, eerie, throat choking fog over the land. No people live there anymore. Its the future, Just a large dark building with guard towers and cameras. Patrols and mysterious individuals moving in and out of the building. Small plots of talking wheat, whispering in the night. Plots of corns with Venus fly trap heads snapping at passing moths. The moon rises behind a massive Monsanto building, and potatoes in a plot pull themselves out of the ground and raise and stretch their leafy foilage to the light in a religious reverence…and then a sound can be heard building and building till finally a cacophony of screech is heard. Voicing the pain of their unholy existence. Sentient potatoes.

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  2. Thanks for sharing Jon’s post, Laura, and also Michael’s *very* revealing comment post. It lays bare the rotten foundation and psychopathic history of Monsanto … and the people associated with it. What’s the scriptural saying … you shall know them by their fruits? Or in this case, poison and more.



    • Yes, and in this case, also “fruits” would be in quotes, because who knows if the “fruits” include insect, fish and/or pig genes. Frankfoods, poisons and deception: what’s not to love?

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  3. Well that’s true. Frankenfruits Etcetera. It’s quite a track record … very consistent, they are.

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  4. Posted by DW on April 21, 2015 at 6:23 pm

    Frankenfruits! “Fruits” of the tree! I keep thinking about the line from Oscar Wilde I’d first read on this blog: “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.”….

    You can tell if it’s God by the fruit of the tree. (Very helpful in evaluating any relationships.) Agent Orange, anyone?

    Was just having a discussion about how the plantation system is alive and well, so here we are. R.E.M.’s “Orange Crush” now playing in my head, which is the most uplifting thing I can think to say right now.

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