This is the coolest house ever!

Thanks, Zen!

Amazing House Truck Transforms into Fantasy Castle:

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  1. very cool…so many of these popping up..can’t wait to take off in the rv and later create a version of a tiny cool house. btw, like that you now have “like” buttons! yay!

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  2. I could totally see Dave engineering something like this! LOL, yes, I was always wondering, “How come nobody likes my posts?” Doh, I didn’t have the like buttons turned on. Details!

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  3. we will know within a couple weeks what’s up with likely before i see you, we may have our trajectory. i was always wondering the same too, and thought maybe you’re template you chose didn’t have that option or something. glad you found the button!

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  4. That’s great! And good news here in terms of sleep: they just blocked off the road closest to us, which means the train is not allowed to whistle right by our house anymore, unless there are pedestrians on the track. Things are moving along here. LOL, by the time we’re free to leave here, we might opt not to. Lots of artists are moving to town, and more people are starting to do the edible landscaping like I am. Prettier yards! Just got asked to be part of a Michiana (Michigan and Northern Indiana) gardens tour for Edible Michiana magazine. Fun times … xoxo and excited to hear your developments, too!

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  5. Posted by Linda on April 21, 2015 at 4:03 pm

    I knew when I saw this on Zen’s site you would like it! Totally cool. I’ve watched the video – John and I are going to watch it together tonight. Michiana garden tour sounds like fun!


  6. yes i’m excited and right now just moving forward as if…awesome on the road, although was excited about some choo chooing!! yes, it sounds like things are shifting there in positive ways, so it might all align after all for being there. build it and they will come 😉 congratulations on the garden tour! super cool!


  7. Thanks, Linda!


  8. Thanks, T! Not to worry, there are still PLENTY of train whistles through Goshen. They are just slightly less obnoxious than they were before. LOL, you won’t miss out!

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  9. lol! okey dokey 😉

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  10. Posted by manyhahama1955 on April 24, 2015 at 12:34 pm

    Such a beautiful family and an amazing piece of ingenuity and art form for a home. Yes!!

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  11. Yes, aren’t they just lovely? I told David that’s the happiest little boy I’ve ever seen, and no wonder, with parents like them living in a magical castle!

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