Rebounding: Why It Sometimes Works

We’ve got a rebounder in our basement, and it’s getting used. Big time. I’ve had rebounders off and on in my life, and I’ve always found them kind of a drag. I like how they move my lymph, but all those exercises kind of bored me after a (very short) while. For years, rebounding fell into that “I know it’s good for me, but gosh I hate it” category. Lately, though, I’ve started dancing on our rebounder, and not just dancing, but dancing to sacred chants and meditating on our “rebounding World.” I bounce for 25-30 minutes everyday now, having so much fun I need to stop myself after half an hour in order to get going on other tasks.

This healthy habit began as a remedy for empathing my dad’s lymphoma symptoms but it has had so many benefits I don’t even know where to begin. For one, I love dancing, but we have hardwood floors, which get kind of, well, hard after awhile, especially with a sometimes sore sacrum. Enter the zero impact of the rebounder. My back self-adjusts as I bounce and dance, and I’ve managed to cut my chiropractic treatments in half since I started daily rebound sessions. My lymph no longer pools, and I’m not having anymore weird cross-over from my dad’s lymphatic issues. I started making homemade kefir and chaga tea to ease the immune symptoms I’d experience whenever his flared up, and so far so good there, too. All those fabulous enzymes, minerals and probiotics have taken my normally healthy body up so many notches that I’m not even in vibrational range to empath my dad’s health issues anymore. I like to think that my healthy habits somehow traverse back to him, but I have no way of knowing that for sure. I just know that rebounding, kefir and chaga tea make me feel fab.

Groovin’ to MC Yogi has given me a chance to ponder “rebounding” as a concept and how it applies to our world right now. As within, so without. Microcosm and macrocosm. I bounce around, increasing bone density, moving lymph and restructuring my spine as old structures fall away and new ones reconfigure. We’ve had at least 450 high level bank resignations since the beginning of 2012, many high level media, government and banker arrests, as well as over 200 clergy arrested for long past crimes. We’ve supposedly got insiders preparing a new financial system that benefits everyone on Earth, not just a select few. And by “everyone on Earth,” I include Earth herself in there. Permaculture and cleaning up the planet rank high on global tasks in the New Earth. Having escaped near total tyranny in a bad relationship with a psychopathic society, one could say, we are all rebounding. We’re moving to something new, even as remnants of the old continue to fall away.

On an individual level, people often turn their noses up at “rebound relationships,” as though rebounds can never quite match up to a “real” relationship after a subjectively “sufficient” amount of time has passed. True, without a dramatic inner inventory and vibrational shift, most people fail to escape the patterns that led them out of their previous relationship; however, some people do manage to rebound well. By keeping the vibe high, focusing more on qualities they do want than on the traumas they’re leaving behind, these folks manage to launch themselves into something far beyond what came before. Their rebound becomes more of a quantum leap.

As a society, we have the possibility of making a quantum leap right now. Old structures will continue to fall away, but we need not feel bereft or directionless. We can shake it off and use that motion to attract something way healthier and way more fun. We can dance. We can sing. We can rebound, dance and sing all at the same time. Try it! You’ll never dance, chant or rebound the same again, and the higher my energy gets, the more easily I can imagine a brand New Earth. It doesn’t take that much.

Our Basement Dance Floor

As you can see, our basement dance floor is no great shakes on its own. But add some MC Yogi to the mix:

… and you’ve got inspiration for your moves. As you bounce and restructure your own body, your own energy reaches out across the world. “Be the change that you wanna see … in the world, just like Ghandi.” In 2003, Sally Kempton conducted my very first magazine interview, for Yoga Journal. She profiled my brain injury recovery (under my maiden name, Derbenwick) in an article called “Bouncing Back.” When I dance on my rebounder, I sometimes think of that article and smile. How I’ve bounced! (And I’m writing that here at 777 words — “777: You are definitely on the right path in every area of your life. Stay balanced and spiritually aware so that you can continue moving forward on the illuminated path.” ~Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101)

Having rebounded from many things, many times in life, I know it’s possible to rebound well. We can and will rebuild our world. We can dance!

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  1. Posted by Another Lightworker on March 27, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    Thanks for addressing the old myths with this comment: “On an individual level, people often turn their noses up at “rebound relationships,” as though rebounds can never quite match up to a “real” relationship until after a subjectively “sufficient” amount of time has passed.” How many months or years are required before others are satisfied that we have proven that we are ‘happily alone’ and ‘independent’ enough to deserve a new relationship? We’ve all heard the old standards – 3 mos for every year you were together, at least a year, etc. Who decides this stuff? And sometimes the universe works on both partners to where they come back together. Divine Love works wonders, you know. And Divine Flow enjoys manifesting what others scoff at, misunderstand, or consider impossible. So thanks for dispelling these old myths and impossible standards that have burdened us for too long.



  2. Posted by Denise on March 27, 2012 at 10:48 pm

    Thank you for inspiring me to rebound.Blessings to you and David.



  3. Laura, it’s such a joy having you in the world to bounce along with…thank you! My favorite rebounding CDs include Tom Petty’s Highway Companion, and Robin Lane and the Chartbusters – both open up my rock and roll heart 🙂 I usually start off aiming for a quick 20 minutes of jumping, and end up going for 30 or 35 – like you, I don’t want to stop and always feel so much better afterwards! And what else you said about “rebounding” – right on. Keeping the vibe high, with Love ~diana



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  6. Have you ever heard of anyone getting numb toes while they are working out?

    Liked by 1 person


    • Yes, but it could be from a wide variety of things — i.e. pinched nerve, poor fitting shoes, too tight socks, diabetes, Lyme disease, circulatory issue, etc., etc. Best to get that checked out if it’s more than just a one time thing.



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