Spine Health and Human Evolution

Today we have a long intro by me to a guest blog post from the wonderful folks at Wussow Chiropractic in Madison. This will be the first in a series giving more attention to the spine, because I keep having clients and Lightworker friends who’ve been experiencing the radically shifting energies on Earth via spinal injuries.

In my own case, I had hurt my spine many, many times before and since my 1998 car accident; however, I always managed to keep things bearable by practicing yoga. This past summer I threw out my sacrum by tossing 40 pound buckets of water as though they were quart sized mason jars. I’ve always used mental and spiritual energy to move heavier things than my 111 or so pounds would justify, but in my excitement about gardening this summer, I forgot to employ the usual Runes. What resulted was a nearly crippling sacrum injury that –unlike all my earlier back accidents –failed to “heal on its own.” As the pain gradually subsided with the help of selenite (the crystal “chiropractor”), I found myself experiencing all sorts of bizarre, seemingly unrelated symptoms in other bodily systems.

I mentioned this over tea to my good friend Dr. Ingrid Recnik, who happens to be a chiropractor. She put down her cup and said, “Let me feel your spine for a second.” She asked me a series of specific questions regarding very troubling health issues I had not yet mentioned to her. When I nodded yes to all of them, she explained how the specific vertebrae that were out corresponded to physical manifestations in those systems. My nerve function was compromised. As severe as the symptoms had been, the idea that they came from my spine was actually a relief, even though they indicated I might need external help recovering on the physical level. My intuitive ability to self-treat had served me well, but I had spent months chasing symptoms, some of them quite scary if I ever let myself ponder their implications. Like most people, I find it much easier to be Medical Intuitive for others than for myself.

Once I got to Wussow Chiropractic, my series of x-rays shocked everyone so much that I gained a new respect for the power of raw foods and energy healing. My spine looked like a train wreck, twisted all over the place and the sacral area had two vertebrae shoved a spine and a half width further to the right. Obviously, the condition of my spine did not stem from this single summer injury. Ingrid, who had known me socially as a vibrant, hiking, gardening, energetic person filled with vitality, could not believe the x-rays’ severity. “It’s a good thing you found a raw food diet years ago,” she said, “because your digestive nerves have been under massive stress since your car accident.”

She proceeded to go through my x-rays vertebra by vertebra and describe all the bizarre little symptoms that I’ve spent nearly 14 years circumventing, mentally shifting, treating with herbs, Reiki, Runes and visualization. “Most people with this spine would not be functioning anywhere near your level,” she said. “Frankly, I’m shocked. This wasn’t an ‘accident’ this summer. It was your spine crying out for alignment before your neck and back created a permanently arthritic condition.” Recognizing the intensity of my compromised spine created a wave of self-compassion as I realized that so many sensitivities and rotating pains had stemmed from the fact that doctors chose to treat my brain injury rather than my neck or back. It also made me realize just how many miracles flow through my life. I’ve not only recovered from a supposedly permanent brain injury, but I’ve also managed to thrive in the face of a severely debilitated spine.

Ingrid’s gentle way, the fact that I trust her as a dear friend, and a new found understanding that I didn’t need to live so far out of my body in order to enjoy life, have brought more groundedness and joy than I imagined possible in human form. Don’t get me wrong –I have always lived a magical life. It’s just that I needed to live a magical life in order to survive. Going through life disconnected from Source resulted in such debilitating pain and disabling symptoms that I couldn’t function at all. By contrast, the magical, meditative, intuitive and prayerful life exploded with winks from the Divine and the ability to inspire and help others heal themselves. Chiropractic has dramatically improved the quality of my life in so many ways, not least of which is realizing that the base line of chronic pain I’ve had since 1998 –to which I had grown so accustomed as not to notice it much until it disappeared– was actually optional. With proper alignment, more life force could flow through me, and I finally recognized that for me, yoga just wasn’t cutting it. I needed to build a new foundation from the ground up.

As a Medical Intuitive, I have now seen this sort of “surprise back injury” in so many Lightworkers since my own summer “accident.” In each case, the clients discovered they had had a lifetime of severe injuries that they’d managed to float above until this 2011 one just leveled them, forcing rest and treatment. Whenever I see patterns like this, the Medical Intuitive in me gets curious. I asked my crew of guides to explain, and they indicated that so much additional Light and Life Force Energy was coming to Earth that Lightworkers needed to “get in alignment” in order to accommodate it. When less energy was flowing, the little twists and turns of the spine didn’t matter so much, but when massive amounts of Light wanted to course through Awakening humans, the force would blow out anything in its way.

This made sense, since the night before I’d hurt my back this summer, I physically felt (and saw with my inner eye) the brightest light I’ve ever seen enter my crown, flow down my spine and then blast out my sacrum, shooting into the wall behind me. The next day, the exit point blew out and demanded rest. The months that followed provided the most introspection and core healing I’ve needed to embrace since my 1998 car accident, and the healing process has catapulted me forward in ways I’m just now beginning to recognize.

I intend to write more about spine health and human evolution, but for now I’d like to share some tips from Wussow Chiropractic about how to protect your spine in the winter. Yes, my injury has required that I heal on deeper levels, but ideally, we can be proactive about caring for our spine! At this time of increased energy flooding the planet, the more in alignment our physical bodies and kundalini channels are, the easier our Ascension will be. Until next time, here are Wussow Chiropractic‘s tips:

Snow Shoveling Safety Tips

Considering the average shovelful of snow weighs 5-10 pounds, the average driveway contains hundreds of pounds of snow. Typically, the arms, shoulders and back get sore and may occasionally feel pain.

The cold air invigorates most people into action; however, the same cold air can numb the sensations of pain and fatigue. Unfortunately, pain is a sign that an injury has occurred or that mechanically, you are doing something wrong in shoveling the snow (or that you should have hired the neighbor kid).

There is a right way and a wrong way to shovel snow – paying attention to your technique can make a big difference in how you feel the next day. As with any project, the prep work is the most important. The following are some tips on how to shovel smarter.

* Be Prepared. Spray your shovel with Teflon so the snow will not stick to it. The more snow that stays on the shovel, the heavier it gets and the more chance for injury.

* Do a warm-up first. A tight, stiff body is asking for injury. A few minutes of stretching can save you a lot of pain later. When you are shoveling, don’t forget to breathe. Holding your breath makes you tight and stiff.

* Layer your clothing. Layered clothing will keep your muscles warm and flexible. You can shed a layer if you get too hot. Make sure you wear gloves that cover your wrists; if your wrists get cold, your fingers, hands and arms will be cold too.

* Wear the right shoes. Choose shoes with plenty of cushioning in the soles to absorb the
impact of walking on hard, frozen ground. Make sure they have good traction so you don’t slip. A slip is all it takes to create an injury that will take you out of the game.

* Use the right shovel. Your shovel should be about chest high on you, allowing you to keep your back straight when lifting. A shovel with a short staff forces you to bend more to lift the load. A too-tall shovel makes the weight heavier at the end. (Note: Save your money-don’t buy a fancy ergonomic shovel; studies have shown that in some models, the hook end is too deep. Twisting to unload a shovelful of snow with this tool may hurt your wrists.) Also keep one hand close to the base of the shovel to balance weight and lessen the strain on your back.

* Timing is everything. Listen to the weather forecasts so you can shovel in ideal conditions. If possible, wait until the afternoon to shovel. Many disc injuries occur in the morning when there is increased fluid pressure in the disc because your body had been at rest all night. Also, don’t let those big snowfalls accumulate. It is far easier to shovel two or three times then one huge heavy mess.

* Drink lots of water. Drinking water frequently throughout the day helps to keep muscles and body hydrated. Be careful with hot drinks like coffee and hot chocolate. They contain caffeine, which has a dehydrating effect and adds even more stress to the body.

* Use proper posture. When you do shovel, bend your knees and keep your back straight while lifting with your legs. Push the snow straight ahead; don’t try to throw it. Walk it to the snow bank. Try to shovel forward to avoid sudden twists of the torso and reduce strain on the back. Using a scissors stance works best. Put the right foot forward for a few minutes then the left foot.

* Take your time. Working too hard, too fast is an easy way to strain muscles. Take frequent breaks. Shovel for 5 or 10 then take a 2 minute rest break.

* Get adjusted. Chiropractic care will help keep your back flexible and minimize the chance for injury. If you do overdo, the adjustments will help get you back on track quicker and prevent further injury.

Many thanks to Wussow Chiropractic for all their wonderful care and for helping so many people, Lightworkers included, realign with the amazing energies of these times.

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  5. Great post! I’ve been trying to do a lot of yoga recently to help my back health, we’ll see how it goes. THanks for all the info and thoughts!



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