Full Moon in Aries ~ October 20, 2021

My October 2021 Forecast shared:

October 20 Full Moon in Aries at 10:57 a.m. Eastern. The axis for this “Blood Moon” squares Pluto, so it will feel extra deep and intense. The Sabian Symbol for the Sun point of this Full Moon is “A MAN BECOMING AWARE OF SPIRITUAL FORCES SURROUNDING AND ASSISTING HIM.” With the Moon point opposite Mars in Libra, we’re invited to join forces within a community of spiritual warriors. In the days following this Full Moon, Mars continues to square Pluto, pitting the power of the individual against hidden forces and deeply entrenched oppression. Alone, the battle feels overwhelming. But when individuals join together in cooperation and solidarity, we win.

According to Dane Rudhyar, the Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon itself is:


KEYNOTE: The necessity for mature preparation and self-criticism.

We see here the tangible results of the situation evoked by the two preceding symbols. Great hopes, excited expectations cannot be sustained. The last symbol reveals the performer’s state of consciousness; in this one he is actually made fully aware of having promised – to the many elements of his own personality as well as perhaps to other human beings – more than he was able to deliver. The issue is how to handle this situation. In one form or another, it is an often recurring situation in the life of an individual person. The manner in which it is met determines the individual’s future possibilities of development and achievement.

This is the third stage of this five-fold sequence. What is implied here is the need to be more than “obsessed by potentiality” and subjectively involved in the use of the new powers. The objective results have to be considered, i.e. what this use will do. The individual is not alone concerned, for in a sense mankind as a whole will be affected. What is required, therefore, is an objective inclusiveness of the whole environment; thus a sense of RESPONSIBILITY for what one’s actions will produce in people who have been made to expect significant results.

You can read the rest of the Sabian Symbols by clicking here.

While squaring Pluto and opposing Mars, this Full Moon also loosely conjuncts Eris, the goddess of discord who started the Trojan War. This meeting intensifies volatility roiling beneath the surface. Egos could flare, so do your best to transcend the lowest expressions of these energies. On a higher level, they ask us to identify what’s worth fighting for and direct positive, healing and regenerative action towards that end. Think “Respect, Not Control.” Faery Rules are in effect. Respect and “No Rudeness” are especially important with this planetary combo.

In addition to conjuncting Mars, the Sun point of this Full Moon conjuncts the Trans Neptunian Object Haumea. In Hawaiian mythology, Haumea is the goddess of fertility and childbirth. Along with death and destruction, Pluto triggers rebirth, renewal and regeneration. Haumea’s presence reminds us that birth pangs bring forth life. We do not labor in vain.

We have spiritual assistance available at all times. Remember to call on it in times of need. If you remember to call upon divine help as a general habit, your life will become more magical than you can imagine. I’m a huge fan of prayer. It costs nothing except humility — and it will paradoxically build your confidence. “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

Love and Blessings,


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  1. Posted by mia a feroleto on October 16, 2021 at 1:48 pm

    Wonderful post, Laura.
    Thank you.

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