Edible Landscaping Secrets

It seems like a good time to reblog this one. With reports of supply chain disruptions and other uncertainty, finding ways to sneak edibles into existing landscaping makes good sense. Plus, it’s pretty and yummy. In most areas, you still have time to order seeds for spring and bulbs or even fruit trees and shrubs for fall planting. The best gifts I’ve ever given myself are fall planted bulbs that bloom just when I can’t stand another day of winter. So cheery, and the pollinators will love you!

Laura Bruno's Blog

I get so many questions from people about permaculture, edible landscaping, Robinhood roses, and “permaculture in pots” that I thought I’d list some of the top things I’ve discovered here. This is by no means a comprehensive post — just sharing some of the beauty and a handful of general tips. (If you would like personal assistance with your own situation, this month’s Property Reading Special can include that.)

Combine Flowers with Veggies:

One of the easiest ways to sneak edibles into a “regular” landscape is to intermingle them with flowers. Passersby will notice the blooms but not the edible. This purple iris and columbine camouflage purple and green radicchio. The taller, vibrant plants distract critters from the radicchio, while the lower radicchio covers the soil and keeps it from drying out so fast. The radicchio is so well hidden that I forgot it was even there, until I found…

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