Powerful Full Moon in Pisces

The Moon entered Pisces at 5:52 a.m. Eastern US Daylight Savings Time. I hadn’t planned to write about the coming powerful Full Moon in Pisces, but a beautiful dream, client sessions, and so many synchronicities urged me to give everyone a heads up. As the Moon makes its way through this sign of dreams, mysticism and intuition, pay particular attention to dreams (awake, asleep and especially somewhere in between wakefulness and sleep).

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, September 11, I awoke from the most amazing dream. I wanted to go back to sleep, because I’ve been in a period of high strangeness, little sleep and major insights. I felt well rested and whole when I awoke, but I wanted to roll over, feel into the deliciousness of the dream and go right back to sleep. Instead, I received the persistent message to get up and record the dream in an email to a friend, but to send the email to myself instead of the friend so that I had the timestamp.

Odd instructions, right? And hey, if I’m not even sending the email to the person it’s addressed to, why can’t I just write it when I wake up in the morning. I would NOT forget this dream. It’s one of those dreams that stays with you — that you return to again and again. At least, that’s how it felt to me. I’ve had a few of those in my lifetime, and they continue to inspire a sense of awe and wonder whenever something triggers me to recall them.

I tried to ignore the message to get up, because I really wanted to sleep and just “be” in the dream. I rolled onto my side, but the message came stronger. The image of the dream played over and over in the background like a silent and holy soundtrack. Major synaesthesia (blending of senses — color of sound, vibrational harmony) pervaded my awareness, but that annoying voice overlay wouldn’t let me back into the silence: “Get up now. Record the dream. Email it to yourself.” Over and over like a nagging child pulling at the fringes of my brain. Arggh! Those Dream Guys never quit. Just write the damn thing so you can get some sleep. After five or ten minutes of this annoyance –still overlaid with the beauty and harmony of the dream scene, which kept replaying itself — I went to my office and dutifully sat in the dark, in front of my laptop.

Here’s what I wrote:

I’m here at 2:41 a.m. typing this intro paragraph and emailing this to myself, because it’s all about the timestamp. I awoke from a dream/vision. Deep black space, with a sort of turquoise illuminated nebula. I think that’s the word. There was what looked like a turquoise lightning strike — except much more fluid and graceful — aimed at the center of this somewhat pulsating turquoise light … it was a bit lighter in color than turquoise, somewhere between chrysocolla and blue calcite. The lightning-is strike hit the center of this nebula and then it almost looked like a jellyfish, or very fluid butterfly wings … or maybe like very slow motion nature films of a flower shooting its pollen into like a lily or something … but it’s still black deep space … and the color is this turquoise-is color for the lightning and the receiver.
The “wings” or jellyfish like balloon lift up like the butterfly wings in my shaman dream and then PULSE out whatever just got implanted in that spot. It appears to pulse out to the Universe. It’s that big, and this process continues. It’s very beautiful and silent, but the frequency’s like ethereal music just out of my hearing — actually, it’s silent, but I hear/feel/see the frequency and it has a signature. I realize this is your Chiron conjunct Jupiter right between my Pholus (butterfly effect) and Mars … that ongoing generator that runs all the time in me, but gets activated and pulses out. Basically, whatever’s been happening to your experience in that point, when it lines up with that same point in me, just naturally pulses out a HUGE amplification of that lightning strike. It looks like a pulse of light, but it’s kind of flapping butterfly wings and sending it out to the Universe.’’

“The lightning-is strike” was intended my me to read “lightning-ish strike,” but many of my typos tend to reveal deeper layers. “Is” is a verb, but IS is also the name of a powerful Rune. Here’s some information from Karl Hans Welz:

IS teaches you to find your true ego:  the ego that shines through the morass of the limitations with which you are identifying yourself.  IS is quite similar to the tarot card of the hermit, who has a staff that symbolizes his ego.  He had to be a hermit so that he could look at his ego from a perspective that is beyond the limitations of society.  The hermit, using IS, has renounced all distractions  so that he can find his true ego that he needs to be ONE with his inner Self.  Being ONE, he is then capable of enjoying life to its fullest, and serving society much more effectively than he ever could have done with the ego that society so skillfully has distorted.  Of course you can be a “hermit” in the middle of a city, surrounded by people with which you interact on a daily basis like any other human being.

The stanza of IS in the magical poem shows the way.  It says there clearly: 

A ninth one is mine: 

If danger is out in the sea 

To protect my good ship 

I conjure the wind on the billowing floods 

And I sing into slumber the sea.
This is a clear reference to the four elements that the hermit has to master so he or she can reach the goal of Oneness with the Higher Self (see the course in cosmic consciousness).  Being aware of the true ego is an important step toward this goal.

Without going into too much detail, because doing so would literally be an entire book — I stumbled upon this image right after getting the “instructions” to find and image and write this post. I never pay for images to post on my blog, but this stock photo was “the” image. No other would do! The colors are almost an exact match to what I saw, except this image looks head on to the explosion, whereas I was seeing it from the side.

My dream clearly showed the lightning-ish/lightning-IS strike going into the center, and then the wings/balloon pulling back and then whoooosh pulsing forward and out into the entire Universe. As I look at the image, though, I notice that the Pisces glyph looks kind of like a butterfly, which makes it even more perfect. Today, the Moon will cross over that exact 7 degrees 48 minutes to 10 degrees 10 minutes Pisces spot. I just checked, and as I type, the Moon’s at 5 degrees 26 minutes Pisces, so getting very close to my natal Pholus.

One description of Pholus is “small thing, BIG EFFECT.” Pholus supposedly “explodes whatever it touches,” creating explosively big changes like the butterfly’s wings causing a hurricane elsewhere. In my experience, the Pholus effect tends to trigger very, very good things, but I find that more on path someone is, the more that’s true. Not everyone has a major Pholus aspect in their chart. My Pholus happens to be very close to my 7th house natal Mars, though. Very long astrological story short, this combo acts as a constant generator of catalyzing change through relationships. It’s one of the things that makes me a powerful life coach, but it also affects friendships, “random” encounters and intimate relationships.

This aspect turns me into a nonstop catalyst, even if the other person’s chart has nothing to do with that spot. It’s just baked into who I am. If someone’s natal chart or whenever a planet crosses over that point, it creates massive ripple effects that continue to reveal them through time. Initially, it doesn’t seem like much, but looking back I realize wowzer! So, here I am sharing this blog post with no idea why, but I’m sure months, years or decades from now, it will reveal itself as highly significant.

What does the IS Rune have to do with this? I don’t know, but I do feel its importance. I also find it fascinating that the Moon will cross over Neptune in Pisces on its way to Full. They’ll be close enough to call a “conjunction,” which makes this Full Moon extra Piscean and extra Neptunian. Neptune rules Pisces, and the Moon, Neptune and Pisces amplify each other. In addition to beauty, Faerie, harmony, dreams, idealism and mysticism, imbalanced Neptune/Pisces influence addictions, distractions, illusions and delusions. I would suggest this is a time for inspiration, but not a time to expect clear rational guidance. Beware of trying to cram something very large into a tiny conceptual framework. Neptune expands, Pisces is boundary-less.

In the Tarot, the Moon card can indicate deception, but it also means “Stay on your path for safety.” Intuition will run exceptionally high right now, especially for anyone with planets in Pisces. If you have planets squaring (Gemini/Sagittarius) or opposing (Virgo) Pisces, this caution runs doubly high: if you try to nail down your intuition into the mental realm, or if you get too fundamentalist about the interpretation, you’re probably setting yourself up for disappointment and disillusionment (also Neptune/Pisces).

My best advice? Enjoy the beauty, harmony, inspiration and dreaminess of this time period. Pay attention to and record any dreams or visions, but don’t expect full clarity on them until the fullness of time. If you have tendencies towards alcoholism, be especially careful not to drink and drive or to make any major decisions while drunk. That’s good advice anyway, but especially over through Saturday. If any of the symbols, images or words in this post jumped out at you, ponder them, research them, journal about them … but don’t try to logic them out right now. In time, you’ll know. For now, just be.

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  1. Posted by Eliza Ayres on September 12, 2019 at 10:01 am

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  2. Quite conjunctive with what has been happening in my life this past week especially with regard to orgonite additives. This is one of those periods of fresh discovery that only come a couple of times a year for me. Been dreaming remembered dreams every night lately – obviously something is going on.

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  3. Posted by Karen on September 12, 2019 at 10:30 am

    Laura, how very cool! Tuesday night I was feeling pretty stuck and found myself thinking I needed/wishing for some kind of lightning bolt in my life. Then I realized I was pretty much inviting the Tower card into my life and quickly rethought that, hoping I wouldn’t need quite that level of a reboot and intending the golden crown instead. Thanks for the catalysis!

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  4. Posted by Linette on September 12, 2019 at 11:00 am

    Oh, my friend, I love how beautifully you describe these goings-on ❤ I've been feeling it here, too. Thank you for the extra warning about staying on path….with my sun and my north node in Sag, and my rising sign of Virgo, I am definitely heeding this warning! (oh my, I just took another look at my chart… 4th house is in Sag, packed with Neptune, Sun, NNode, and Mercury….) The last few days have been chock-full of major insights into my work life and how to shift from struggle to joy (much as Tania has written about lately!). I've also noticed, as just a a little example, that a book I checked out recently about the scientific research being done into human energetics has suddenly become very hard for me to read. I've read about a third of it, and was completely fascinated, but just – bam! – lost interest a few days ago. I am learning to read the signs that tell me to stop playing in my Gemini habits and go play in my Sagittarius intuition. 😉 I love uncovering all the layers to things, and your post has given me lots to think about and put together. Thank you for sharing your beautiful dream… I can almost see it in my own head, and it is glorious ❤

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  5. Awesome, Bo, and no surprise since you and your Orgonia creations have crossed my mind several times this week.


  6. Oh, very cool that you caught that and consciously redirected/revised your intention/invitation. 🙂

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  7. You’re welcome, Linette, and thank you for sharing some of your process. Yes, that packed 4th house of yours … and of course, the natural ruler of the 4th house is Cancer/The Moon! So yes, very important to trust your dreamy intuition instead of going all mental Gemini. Even Virgo can get pretty mental, being co-ruled by Mercury, which also rules Gemini.

    I love this dream! One of my favorites of all time, and I especially love that it just keeps playing through me like a background soundtrack or something. Really delightful. ❤ Love you bunches, sweet friend! You've been on my heart and mind, too, so not surprised to find this comment from you. ❤

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  8. I see I should probably have included even more Karl Hans Welz text in the post, but I also feel the post is right as written. I’ll leave his additional insights here:

    “The stanza of IS in the magical poem shows the way. It says there clearly:

    A ninth one is mine:
    If danger is out in the sea
    To protect my good ship
    I conjure the wind on the billowing floods
    And I sing into slumber the sea.

    “This is a clear reference to the four elements that the hermit has to master so he or she can reach the goal of Oneness with the Higher Self (see the course in cosmic consciousness). Being aware of the true ego is an important step toward this goal.

    “The ship, being solid, refers to the material plane, the earth element, or consciousness. The wind is the mind, or the air element, while the floods refer to the emotions, or the water element. The billowing floods refer to emotions that are stirred up by thought that attaches itself to futile objects of the external world and to illusions. These illusions are the result of your identifying the mapping of your perception with the object itself.

    “Consequently, you have lost the knowledge of the difference between your picture of the world and the world as it is. Such pictures are nothing but figments of your imagination and results of your mechanisms of abstraction which in turn are subject to the illusions of a distorted ego. The act of conjuring the wind is the act of using your will, the representative of the cosmic fire element. With this will, you learn to control your thoughts that are emotionally charged, and your emotions that are running wild as a result of your having your thinking attached to them.

    “The practice of IS teaches you how to detach yourself from your emotionally charged thoughts, and to reach a standstill of your thoughts whenever you desire to do so. Such calmed down thoughts give you the control that is necessary for your reaching the realms of your true ego.

    “You need not go out in the woods to be a hermit, of course. All it takes is practice. With the mastery of IS, you will find it easy to control Runic energies. Therefore, you can use IS to attract Runic energies and to ground them.

    “When you attract Runic energies with IS you are an antenna of cosmic energies. When you ground them, you act as a grounding rod. The body positions for these two practices are accordingly. You have your arms stretched above the head when you draw cosmic energies. When you ground, your arms are hanging down on the sides of your body. ”

    Much more here: http://runemagick.com/rune_magic09.html

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  9. I just checked my astrological transits at the time I began writing the email of this dream. Transiting Chiron at 2:41 a.m. was EXACTLY sextiling my natal Mercury with an orb of 0 degrees 01 minute. Since I had the dream a little before that time, it may even have been closer than 1 minute. To me, this seems extremely significant since I was writing (Mercury) a message (Mercury) literally about Chiron. This particular aspect of Chiron to my natal Mercury opens another rabbit hole — or butterfly effect — because the degree of my natal Mercury has been a REALLY important synchronicity the past few days.

    All in all, this is extremely precise timing and underscores my sense of this being very important dream operating on many levels, including a message of collective healing.

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  10. Posted by Linette on September 12, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    Same here ❤ I love those dreams that just stick with you….like little dreamtime touchstones that bleed through so well that they just ride alongside waking life. Delightful seems to me just the right word ❤

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  11. Posted by Linette on September 12, 2019 at 2:23 pm

    You replied 22 minutes ago and I looked at 2:22 ❤️

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  12. […] Powerful Full Moon in Pisces […]

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  13. 2:22’s been jumping out for me a lot, too! ❤

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  14. Posted by Anthony on September 12, 2019 at 5:22 pm

    Wow, more synchronicity!!

    I’ve also seen something like you did, and have been doing a lot of research trying to find out what it is that I’m trying to “remember”.

    I recently read an article by Lisa Rising Berry, and she talks about something that could be related to your experience:


    In that article she mentions that there was a flare-up of Sagittarius A a couple weeks ago, the “black hole” at the center of our galaxy.

    What she thinks is going to happen is that we will reconnect to source, and Sagittarius A is the vehicle for returning us to where we came from – in other words, we are going home, or we are bringing the vibration of “home”, HERE!!

    I also just re-read the prophecy of Peter Deunov,and he mentions something that, too, may be related:


    I’ve always known since I was a kid that something momentous was going to happen to the Earth during my lifetime. All along, here I thought it was going to be a comet, but no! That’s just so past-tense! Instead, It might just be something much more wonderful than that :-))

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  15. Anthony, I love when you go Neptunian! Thanks for the links. 😊


  16. Upon reading I too thought this is about collective healing

    Hard to put into words 🙂 which I’ve experienced the past two days with many things

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  17. This is also relevant to the Isa and IS discussion: https://secretsoftheserpent.com/2019/10/06/wishing-well/

    … particularly so, given my natal Isis (asteroid) location.


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