Timothy Glenn ~ 2019: Welcome to the Reset

Today we have a special treat: Timothy Glenn’s 2019 report coming in well before the Chinese New Year! I’ve hyperlinked the earlier articles he references. It’s always fun to look back on how predictions unfolded across linear time.

Personally, I’ve been feeling Saturn in Capricorn in a major way, as Saturn’s been crossing and hovering over my Capricorn North Node. As Tim mentions, even if you don’t have any obvious Capricorn in your chart, you’re still going to feel these energies in at least some area(s) of life. Both 2019 and 2020 feature a whole bevy of potent astrological alignments. Whew! Excellent times for those who’ve diligently done their Shadow Work, and a chance to awaken for those who haven’t yet … Here’s Timothy’s report:

2019: Welcome to the Reset

by Timothy Glenn

Perhaps you feel as though a gigantic hand with its index finger extended has descended from the universe, and has pressed the reset button on Planet Earth. If so, you’re far from being alone.

From the article 2018: Welcome to the Storm:

2017: SHTF (Shit Hits the Fan)
2018: SFOOTF (Shit Flies Out of the Fan)

And now we can add:

2019: SSAO (Shit Splatters All Over)

The external structures of our world are barely beginning their transmogrification. The governmental, economic, academic, religious and scientific systems of the old Matrix will have no place in the New Earth. Useful remnants of them could find a temporary place in the planetary transition, but will diminish into mere traces as the fear-based Matrix fades away, and the love-based New Earth emerges.

All Eyes on Capricorn

As noted in the article Global Metamorphosis 2018 Update, Pluto has now established itself in the third and final decanate of Capricorn. Its mission of hanging out humanity’s dirty laundry will intensify in 2019, and run headlong into 2020, when it reaches fever pitch.

Our species has a deep, dark, ugly shadow to be drawn out into the light and integrated. 2019 will start making a spectacle of people who have pretended to be “of the light” while indulging in extremely dark practices. Chief among these will be the politicians, propagandists and entertainers who have chosen the career option of deceiving the masses.

2019 will also treat us to three eclipses in Capricorn: a solar eclipse in January, a lunar eclipse in June, and another solar eclipse in December following Jupiter’s triumphal entrance into Capricorn at the beginning of the month. The stage will then be set for the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn to kick off in January of 2020. We could write volumes about the potentials of 2020, but let’s focus on the warm-up exercise of 2019.

The action in Capricorn will continue revolving around the systematic dismantling of a global power structure that has been in place at least since the time of ancient Babylon. We have seen the same group of souls incarnating along the same bloodlines for millennia. They have engineered governments, empires, religions and other control mechanisms. We can give credit where credit is due: they have mastered the science of deception. But the time has come for them and their machinations to be exposed.

The most challenging part of this for millions of well-meaning folks will be facing the dreadful realization that they have been supporting the old bedarkened system while believing the opposite. Serious delusions can die hard, but it would be far more difficult in the long haul for the human race to continue living in denial.

Getting Down to Earth

Uranus will complete its triple transit into the earthy sign of Taurus during the first week of March, and will not even begin its triple transit into Gemini until the middle of 2025. In the interim, Uranus will be complementing the intense restructuring action in Capricorn.

Dreams and visions have their necessary place, but we would all be wise to establish a strong physical presence as the Earth moves through this phase of her transition. Among our main priorities will be health and fitness, symbiotic living with the Earth, and setting clear boundaries. And once we establish our new boundaries, it would behoove us to enforce those boundaries.

Effects of this transit are discussed in the article Uranus in Taurus: The Preview. 2018 gave us a foretaste of what Uranus in Taurus can generate for us. For now, Uranus is tying up loose ends back in Aries. When he blasts his way back into Taurus in March, it will be Game On.

Saturn Sextile Neptune: A Reality Check

Saturn in Capricorn (the sign it rules) will spend all of 2019 dancing in a user-friendly sextile to Neptune in Pisces (the sign it rules). By transiting their own signs, their influence is amplified. Although not as spectacular as other astrological phenomena, the interplay of these two disparate planets will open a significant window of opportunity.

Saturn = get real. Neptune = dream on.

Are your dreams realistic? Do they harmonize with and even enhance your Soul’s purpose for this life? Saturn sextile Neptune will offer to help clear the mists of confusion, and to show us practical steps that will carry us toward the fulfillment of our Soul’s Dream.

Your genuine desires for this life may seem fanciful or even impossible to the Saturnian view of the old world, while being perfectly realistic from a spiritual perspective. We can get completely realistic about our literally infinite possibilities, cultivating the art of practical mysticism.

For those conversant in astrobabble, you might contemplate these two images: Saturn with a heart, and Neptune with a spine. Now picture them teaming up to redesign and reengineer our world.

Saturn sextile Neptune can also support our structured spiritual practices such as tai chi, qi gong, yoga, meditation, etc. It can also help us disengage from emotionally charged circumstances, and to exercise an important spiritual principle: Accept What Is.

2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12

The twelfth card of the tarot deck is commonly called the Hanged Man, although no one is being hanged. The character is voluntarily suspended upside down, much like a yogi doing a brain flush, employing one of the many inverted poses in yoga. I prefer to call this card The Mystic.

The Mystic (or so-called Hanged Man) represents someone who has perspectives that appear upside down according to the old world. Since the twelfth sign of the zodiac is Pisces (ruled by Neptune), the numerology for the year will strengthen Neptune’s influence.

2019 marks the first 12 year of the new millennium. Plenty of people will feel that their world is being turned upside down, but they have been part of an upside down world all along. Perhaps they can come to understand why mystics have called 3D Planet Earth “the deeper dream”. We have somehow co-created a world we could accept as “reality”, when it functions in a manner 180 degrees bass ackwards from Spirit – while simultaneously being a part of and an expression of that Spirit. 2019 also says “Welcome to the World of Paradox.”

20 + 19 = 39

The Knight of Cups is card 39. All the Knights in the deck are mounted, armored and ready to face challenges. Since the suit of Cups corresponds with the water signs in astrology, this Knight rides forth to face emotional challenges. In the Robin Wood Tarot, the Knight is mounted on a steed of the sea and is riding frothing whitecaps. The idea here is to ride those waves of dramatic emotional energy without spilling a drop from your cup.


An essential element of the 19/20 sequence is forgiveness – quite the challenge for most people. Perhaps consideration of a popular meme would help: Forgiveness is not about letting someone else off the hook, but removing the hook from ourselves. We do not have to forgive for the sake of the others, but for our own sake.

Forgiveness has its roots in the genuinely unconditional Divine Love, the energetic essence of the Infinite Energy Field in its wholeness. Not dividing Itself into positive/negative, good/evil, right/wrong or any other expression of polarity, this Love is a completely neutral force. We will not achieve Transcendence into a reality founded on Divine Love unless we learn to forgive, which can be done by achieving a state of neutrality toward everything and everyone, all of which in turn is part of The Field.

One of the Knight’s messages of tough love: get over yourself.

Recapping Capricorn

You do not have to “be a Capricorn” to be powerfully impacted by the action in that sign throughout 2019 and beyond. Some folks might claim there is no Capricorn in their chart, but that is hardly the case. Capricorn was not on vacation in the Andromeda galaxy the day you were born. Its influence appears in your chart, and dominates the affairs in some area of your life.

No matter where it is placed or how significant its influence, Capricorn is becoming profoundly activated in all charts this year. It will rearrange the furniture of our world. In turn, it behooves us to proactively restructure our lives to accommodate a cosmically broader and yet much more down to Earth concept of the universe.

Capricorn’s recommendations: Open up. Reconsider everything. Let go of anything that no longer works. Build a new you. Help co-create a New Earth. And remember that for the New Earth to emerge, the old Matrix needs to be dismantled – completely.

Timothy Glenn

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  1. Completely

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  2. Posted by Eliza Ayres on January 2, 2019 at 1:25 pm

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

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  3. Posted by Linette on January 2, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    This falls right in line with what I have felt riding toward me this year. I LOVE the use of tarot, astrology, and numerology together to really get to the juiciness of this year’s expected influences and energies! That adds such a lovely layer of understanding for me, so, thanks, Timothy! It’s an 8 personal year for me, so it looks like I Will be a busy girl getting my dreams out of my head and into the physical. ❤ Thanks so much for sharing this powerful insight, Laura!

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  4. Posted by Linette on January 2, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    Reblogged this on The Library of Luminous Enchantments and commented:
    To follow along with my own sense of what is to come for me, personally in 2019, I wanted to share this very informative post from Laura Bruno’s blog, written by Timothy Glenn, astrologer and mystic extraordinaire, regarding what to expect within the world at large and what influences you might see in your personal life during 2019.

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  5. Yikes, with Mars in Capricorn in my first house, the shit is already starting to fly. Where’s my umbrella?

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  6. Posted by Neal on January 3, 2019 at 6:25 am

    Wonderful, dear sister.

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  7. Posted by Kieron on January 3, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    Encouraging to know I am closer to where I want to be (in the context of readiness for these times) than I believed previously!

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    • That’s great news, Kieron! It kind of makes up for the less pleasant parts of the journey when you realize you’re ahead of where you thought you were. 🙂



  8. Thank you Laura for sharing Timothy Glenn’s predictions, and it confirms my own feelings that I feel this year will expose to the light many whose dark side has not really been seen.
    I feel these next two years will bring to light much disclosures about our governing bodies and hidden agenda’s.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas beak Laura and may I wish you and yours a wonderful New Earth Year for 2019 and way beyond..
    Love and Light..
    Take care..
    Sue ❤

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