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Timothy Glenn ~ The Quan Yin Effect

This is a non-astrology article by Timothy Glenn, and I love it! His insights turned on some major light bulbs related to my recent Strength Portal with Quan Yin and Tiger. I knew there was more to that portal painting!

Quan Yin Effect

by Timothy Glenn

This will be a personal story, dating back to simpler times – before the internet, before cell phones, even before buying that very first MS-DOS computer – back into the mists of time when most of us in the industrialized world were being introduced to futuristic technologies like pagers, digital watches, CD players, and answering machines that used cassette tapes. This tale will chronicle the evolution of discovering and developing a gaming concept I came to call Quan Yin Effect.

Dungeons & Dragons

For those unfamiliar with “real” Dungeons & Dragons – and other such fantasy role-playing games – people actually sat in the same room together, communicating without the aid of tech devices. They rolled plastic dice of different shapes and colors. They wrote statistics and pertinent game data on paper. And yes, they talked to each other without a plasma screen in sight – or even in mind, since most of us had never heard of plasma screens.

Some folks might not bat an eye at using dice of different colors – but different shapes? Yes – the Platonic Solids, in fact. Aside from the standard 6-sided cube, gamers use the 4-sided tetrahedron, the 8-sided octahedron, the 12-sided dodecahedron, and the 20-sided icosahedron – depending on the desired level of randomity.

When the uninitiated would ask about that “weird hobby”, I described it as a combination of group novel writing and improvisational theatre – set in fantastic worlds inspired by Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Fantasy Gaming spontaneously grew out of millions of imaginations that dreamed of experiencing the kinds of adventures you could encounter in realms like Middle Earth.

Legends and Lore

Handbooks proliferated, offering ideas and guidelines for game play as the hobby continued evolving. The Fiend Folio came to be replaced by The Monster Manual. Deities and Demigods came to be replaced by Legends and Lore. Character Classes expanded and became more refined. For example, the clumsy term Magic-User gave way to the more sensible term Wizard as a broad Character Class with its own guide book, which delineated a variety of sub-classes of Wizards.

But for this tale, the inspiration for Quan Yin Effect came from the book Legends and Lore. In any D&D world you wanted to create, the Deities representing various Pantheons were considered to be real characters in their own right. Of course they maintained powerful influence over the world (usually from afar), and most Player Characters would serve a particular Deity. Individual Gods and Goddesses were assigned gaming statistics, personality traits, and special abilities.

In those early days of Fantasy Gaming, I only had scant familiarity with the Deities of ancient cultures. Regarding Quan Yin, all I knew was that respected spiritual teachers all spoke of Her with love and admiration. They referred to Her as the Mother of China, or the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. For that younger version of myself, this basically translated as “Goddess with nice vibes”.

Quan Yin Effect

When it came to quantifying Her qualities into a game context, it came as no surprise that Quan Yin had utterly awesome healing abilities. But another of Her abilities impressed me: No act of violence could take place within a certain radius of Quan Yin. Now that’s Power. My youthful imagination took flight with such a beautiful concept.

Not even Thor would be able to wield his hammer to harm anyone in the presence of Quan Yin. Love is the greatest Power. This imagery brought to mind an old Star Trek episode called Errand of Mercy, in which the Organians would not allow the Federation and the Klingons to engage in conflict. Their weapons would simply fail to operate. Spock rendered his assessment: “I should say the Organians are as far above us on the evolutionary scale as we are above the amoeba.” Captain Kirk later said: “We think of ourselves as the most powerful beings in the universe. It’s unsettling to discover that we’re wrong.”

Quan Yin had established Herself as a complete embodiment of Peace. Her personal energy field radiated sufficient universal love to neutralize any incoherence that would spark violence.

Quantum Peace

Back in the 1970’s I became intrigued by theories concerning our imminent quantum leap in evolution. The idea dovetailed with teachings within the metaphysical community – a dawning age of enlightenment and planetary initiation. I was especially impressed by a teacher from the early Transcendental Meditation movement, who gave a lecture entitled Quantum Peace. It resonated so strongly to consider Peace as a powerful energetic in the universe.

This provided a backdrop to encountering Dungeons & Dragons and my introduction to Quan Yin. Since there have been so many spellings of Her name, it was automatic for me to prefer Quan Yin, because this carried the concept of Quantum Peace within Her name.

Years of dreaming, meditating, and Fantasy Gaming led to adopting the term Quan Yin Effect – the influence of Her completely coherent energy field. In entrainment, the stronger energy fields hold their own, whereas the weaker fields have to do the entraining. Any incoherent patterning that interacted with the Divine Essence of Quan Yin would have to get it sync with the pure coherence of her Quantum Peace.

And ultimately, Quan Yin Effect is attainable by anyone. We can all establish ourselves as a healing presence in the world.

Give Ourselves a Break

It all begins within ourselves as these human avatars playing our cosmic game of 3D Planet Earth. We didn’t enter this game by descending on the clouds, fully manifested as Deities of unconditional love, mercy and compassion in the earthly realm. On another level, yes. But not as these humans. We embarked on this journey of healing humanity by first becoming humanity with all its faults and foibles. This long and winding road entailed learning curves that would lead us through all sorts of trauma.

Compassion for the world can be achieved through compassion for ourselves. We took on bodies riddled with negative programming and conditioning that had been passed down through generations. Humanity has developed a deep dark shadow side. Our collective darkness is now emerging into the light, where it can be healed.

Carl Gustav Jung encouraged us to integrate the shadow, not to pretend it wasn’t there, while we danced around in our imaginary worlds filled with rainbows, butterflies and puppy dogs. Jung famously said: “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

Embodying Quan Yin Effect

We all have the opportunity to step forward and become conscious co-creators of the New Earth. Light Workers have a place, but Shadow Workers are blazing the trails into an ascended state of being through a Quantum Leap. Shadow Workers clean up their own backyards first, primarily by sharing Quan Yin’s level of mercy and compassion with themselves.

The most effective healers are those who have been through the entire process themselves. Many of us are Souls who chose to plow through the trauma to get the road map, so we could share it with others when the time came – only the time is now.

The Earth Herself is helping facilitate this process. Here’s a helpful analogy. It’s easy to imagine striking a match, which represents the friction leading to conflict. Now imagine striking that match under water. The underwater atmosphere will not support that conflagration any more than the Earth’s future energy field will support the nervous impulses required for violence. That amounts to a planetary Quan Yin Effect. Millions of us are unfolding into such co-creators right now.

Yeshua said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The alpha and the omega of that admonition is to “Love yourself.”

Timothy Glenn

Timothy Glenn ~ Uranus Electrifies Taurus 2018-2032

If today’s post makes your head spin, you’re not alone. Writing this article challenged even Timothy Glenn’s vast intellect and ability to keep track of not just one but three astrological cycles — the Tropical (or Western) zodiac, the Sidereal (or Eastern) zodiac, and the ways these dance together. He expresses things that the current iteration of human brain can barely comprehend.

If you have minimal or no understanding of astrology, I suggest you skip this post, or allow its themes to wash over you without trying to nail down the details. If you’d like to do some “remedial Timothy Glenn,” click through the links to previous articles he’s written. Bottom line in non-astro babble: we’re in and have been in a time of extreme chaos for over a decade. But there’s a very bright light at the end of this exploding tunnel. If you manage your vibration and keep your wits about you, you can benefit in huge ways from the current and coming times.

This post and the linked articles serve as a 40,000 foot view of where we’ve been and where you could be headed, depending on which timeline you choose. As a side note: if you felt the invisible war kick into much higher gear this past weekend and early this week, you are not alone, and no, you’re not crazy. The stakes run extremely high right now. Timothy ends his article with a Rumi quote, and I’ll end my intro with the Rumi poem I excerpted for Door Number 17: Elen of the Ways:

There Is a Way

The intellect says: “The six directions are limits: there is no way out.”
Love says: “There is a way. I have traveled it thousands of times.”
The intellect saw a market and started to haggle;
Love saw thousands of markets beyond that market.

Uranus Electrifies Taurus 2018-2032
by Timothy Glenn

Let’s begin with an excerpt from the 2018 article Uranus in Taurus: The Preview, under the subheading Another Fine Myth.

Q. What happens when the irresistible force meets the immovable object?

A. The so-called immovable object has its illusions shattered.

“Many of our Taurean illusions are coming up for review. Think you’re grounded? Think the Earth is solid? Think institutions and ways of life are permanent and immutable? Uranus in Taurus will invite you to guess again.

“As our old friend the Buddha pointed out, the entire universe is transient. Everything is moving, flowing. Nothing is solid and stationary.”

Perhaps in this case Taurus can be analogized as a gigantic boulder that cannot be moved as a whole, using the available tools. But given sufficient time, Uranus can chip away at the Taurean boulder and whittle it down so it can be removed piecemeal.

Again from the 2018 article:

All That Matters

Everything earthy will be challenged. Materially based, consumer driven societies will rethink and retool, or risk extinction. The old greed-fueled financial systems of debt slavery have reached their expiration date.

Uranus also serves as the Liberator. Uranus loves to create opportunities. Uranus promotes conscious evolution. And this is where Uranus can bring its highest ideals right down to Earth.

We will all have adventures in realigning our priorities, to the point that some of our dearest old values will be weighed and found wanting. Not a single one of us can expect to usher in the New Earth while carrying on in any of the old world paradigms.

May the Force Be With You

Uranus fuels the Aquarian awakening as it burns through earthbound illusions like opacity and solidity. And when it comes down to push and shove in games of an irresistible force versus any kind of object, Star Wars aficionados prefer to encourage us by saying “May the Force be with you.” We never hear “May the Object be with you.”

Taurus involves objects, like our possessions and valuables, because it represents our values. Anything inauthentic will be cast into the cosmic recycle bin. Indeed, it’s time to get real.

We will see a massive re-prioritizing by the human collective – at least by those of us willing to transcend our thousands of years’ worth of brainwashing and conditioning. Jason Breshears ( uses the term Dungeon Programming. This conjures imagery from Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Who among us has truly chosen to exit the Cave and leave the illusions behind?

A Timeline Overview

Most people exclusively focus on either the Tropical Zodiac or the Sidereal Zodiac; western or eastern astrology, respectively. This brings to mind the famous quote from the refrain of Rudyard Kipling’s poem The Ballad of East and West: “East is east, and west is west, and never the twain shall meet.” Both are valid systems, and a comprehensive timeline overview would be incomplete without factoring in both Zodiacs.

May 15, 2018: Uranus entered Tropical Taurus for a preview.
November 6, 2018: Uranus retrograded back into Tropical Aries.
March 6, 2019: Uranus entered Tropical Taurus for the long haul.

June 1, 2024: Uranus enters Sidereal Taurus for a preview.
December 13, 2024: Uranus retrogrades back into Sidereal Aries.
March 18, 2025: Uranus enters Sidereal Taurus for the long haul.

Note: This brief period gives us Uranus in Taurus in both Zodiacs.

July 7, 2025: Uranus enters Tropical Gemini for a preview.
November 8, 2025: Uranus retrogrades back into Tropical Taurus.
April 26, 2026: Uranus enters Tropical Gemini for the long haul.

July 5, 2031: Uranus enters Sidereal Gemini for a preview.
January 8, 2032: Uranus retrogrades back into Sidereal Taurus.
April 20, 2032: Uranus enters Sidereal Gemini for the long haul.

Back Up the Truck

Let’s turn back the clock for a brief synopsis of what Uranus had been working on while electrifying Topical Aries. The defining astrological influence of the preceding decade involved Uranus in Aries forming a square to Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus the revolutionary in Aries (named for the Grecian god of war, whose planetary ruler is Mars, named for the Roman god of war) escalated the long-raging and far-ranging war for human liberation to a thundering crescendo.

The old world plutocracy fought to maintain its position in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Despite its pretenses to the contrary, the ancient Saturnian Death Cult finally had its death grip on humanity broken. The old system’s minions still had lot of fight left in them, so Uranus continued hurling “enlightening bolts” through its revolutionary volunteers.

A Preparatory Timeline

May 28, 2010: Uranus entered Tropical Aries for the preview.
August 14, 2010: Uranus retrograded back into Tropical Pisces.
March 12, 2011: Uranus entered Tropical Aries for the long haul.

The 7 exact squares of Uranus and Pluto:

June 24, 2012
September 19, 2012
May 20, 2013
November 1, 2013
April 21, 2014
December 14, 2014
March 16, 2015

June 28, 2016: Uranus entered Sidereal Aries for the preview.
September 1, 2016: Uranus retrograded back into Sidereal Pisces.
April 8, 2017: Uranus entered Sidereal Aries for the long haul.

Uranus in Aries on Steroids

This gave Uranus a little more than a full year to run its revolutionary operations in Aries uninterrupted in both Zodiacs simultaneously – from April 8 of 2017 to May 15 of 2018 – before beginning its triple transit over the cusp of Tropical Taurus. The grand finale encompassed six more full months of Uranus in Taurus in both Zodiacs, from November 6 of 2018 to May 6 of 2019. This provided the revolutionary forces with plenty of momentum to carry on with Uranus thundering against the old system from Sidereal Aries, while beginning to rock the Earth in Tropical Taurus.

Uranus had established itself in Tropical Aries just as it entered the orb of influence for the square to Pluto.

From the article Pluto and Uranus Go Cycling Part Two:

“The war had been raging underground for decades. But in the 2012 to 2015 phase, the conflict emerged onto the surface where even the normies could see it. They might still be hoodwinked by the old world’s propaganda machine as to what was actually happening and why, but the deceivers needed to shift into overdrive, spinning bogus narratives to distract and mislead their steadily dwindling audience. Welcome to current events.”

The gauntlet had been thrown by the spring of 2015. The old world’s control grid had been officially challenged, and it was now Game On. In the interim, the old system’s death grip on the world had been broken. The former controllers would retain a steadily weakening grip, but their former death grip would not be regained. They have a lot of fight left in them because they know nothing else. They remain intent on wreaking whatever havoc they can, however futile their efforts may prove to be in the end.

Meanwhile, Back at Uranus in Taurus

For the September Equinox of 2022, we had Mercury, Chiron, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all in retrograde motion, as outlined in the August 29 article This Is So Retro. Even though the Fog of War has grown thick, it doesn’t need to pull the wool over our eyes. May we have the wisdom to keep our wits about us.

Uranus in Taurus has a major Deep State weapons system in the crosshairs: the old world economic system. The banksters and their debt-based Babylonian Money Magic are due to be hit by a cosmic lightning bolt. However, we are witnessing a curious phenomenon. The dominators and the liberators both need to take down the old economic system to implement a new one. With all the current retrograde energy, and with the banksters acting in desperate bravura, we are entering a Mad Max level of information warfare.

Revelation Inspires Revolution

Our current retrograde season carries the potential to reverse the momentum of the Information War, to the point that the mainstream corporate propaganda outlets will be pressured into backpedaling on more and more of their narratives. On the grassroots level, too many people know too much. The tide of the awakening cannot be stemmed, let alone be stopped. We can expect to see minions of the old guard scrambling to throw each other under the bus.

Here are a few bits of astrobabble: Mars the Warrior entered Tropical Gemini on August 20, 2022 – perfect for escalating the information war. He will advance to 25 degrees of Gemini before turning retrograde on October 30. He will have briefly entered Sidereal Gemini on October 17 prior to stationing retrograde, and will remain operational in both Tropical and Sidereal Gemini until November 14. Mars will sweep all the way back to 8 degrees of Tropical Gemini, and then resume direct motion on January 12, 2023. His forward charge will propel him all the way through the rest of Tropical Gemini (ending on March 25, 2023) and then all the way through Sidereal Gemini (March 13 to May 11, 2023). The keyboard warriors will have a heyday in the Meme Wars.

In addition to the Mars in Gemini adventures, Pluto will still be operating in Capricorn in both Zodiacs until March 23, 2023. On that date, Pluto will enter Tropical Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus. This will begin a quintuple transit back and forth over that cusp. The Apocalypse – literally the Unveiling – will swing into an even higher gear.

Bifurcating Timelines

For more than a decade, we have been witnessing increased polarization of energies in our world. We can analogize it as the Biblical separation of the wheat from the chaff. Inelia Benz calls it The Split, and has been talking and writing about it since 2011. Souls have been choosing to Ascend to an incomparably more expansive level of consciousness, while others have been surrendering themselves to getting tossed back into the cosmic recycle bin.

Painting with a broad brush, two basic time tracks are looming before us. One is organic. The other is synthetic.

Welcome to Cyborg City

Working from the Archaix data, Jason Breshears has spoken extensively about a time of unprecedented abundance (especially for the United States) following our current political and economic transformation of 2022-2023. He has even described it as a utopia. He also emphasizes that this period of prosperity would only last about a decade and a half – until the world-changing Phoenix Event of 2040, the year that Pluto finally exits Sidereal Capricorn. A comprehensive outline is provided in the July 11 article The Plutonian Phoenix Does Capricorn, 2008-2040: A Timeline Overview.

Synthetic timelines would lure people into extreme states of dependency on external forces, to the point of surrendering their humanity to achieve some theoretical empowerment in an artificial matrix. You could enter an even deeper dream world through virtual reality. Is your phone trying to groom you for being transmogrified into an android? No problem. You could have super powers! As Agent Smith told Cypher in the first Matrix film, “Anything you want.” What could go wrong?

Legions of egos may succumb to the temptations offered by artificial intelligence and its virtual reality traps, but multitudes of Souls are opting to return to our innate organic way of expressing life in the natural universe.

Inherent Abundance

As outlined earlier, the setup phase for the time of unparalleled abundance will involve Uranus entering Taurus in the Sidereal Zodiac. The manifestations may not seem as fantastic as the illusions experienced by those who have chosen the virtual reality timelines, but blessings will abound on the organic timelines.

June 1, 2024: Uranus enters Sidereal Taurus for a preview.
December 13, 2024: Uranus retrogrades back into Sidereal Aries.
March 18, 2025: Uranus enters Sidereal Taurus for the long haul.

Note: This brief period gives us Uranus in Taurus in both Zodiacs.

July 7, 2025: Uranus enters Tropical Gemini for a preview.
November 8, 2025: Uranus retrogrades back into Tropical Taurus.
April 26, 2026: Uranus enters Tropical Gemini for the long haul.

Note: For these last five and a half months we will again have Uranus in Taurus in both Zodiacs. And then Uranus will keep on electrifying Sidereal Taurus into the year 2032.

Uranus Trine Pluto

The phase of massive growth and opportunity will be fully established by the user-friendly trine of Uranus and Pluto. Uranus will have already been operating within the orb of influence for the trine before the setup period is complete. Here are the dates of the 5 exact trines:

July 17, 2026
November 29, 2026
June 15, 2027
January 13, 2028
May 10, 2028

As we approach that magical phase of abundance, we might give sincere consideration to practical caveats. The transitional phase in our immediate future will give the old world technocrats a chance to generate false flag events, complete with misleading narratives. Their agenda will always include ruses to increase division among us. The more we unite at grassroots level, the more we terrify the Matrix Minions.

We have witnessed the results of our social consciousness indulging in banal, asinine, trivial pursuits when abundance is available – such as the previous century’s Uranus/Pluto trine that kicked off the Roaring Twenties. Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it. May we choose wisely. We will be blessed with opportunities to transcend Dungeon Programming, and co-create a whole new Reality while still living as these human avatars within the Hologram.

Even the Matrix – or the Hologram, or the False Light Universe, or whatever we choose to call this Simulacrum – is an expression of the Field of Infinite Possibilities. Ultimately, everything is The Field. We may not always agree on our interpretations of our data sets. But agreement occurs in the head. None of that will matter as our story unfolds, if we remain aligned in our hearts.

Universal Love is the Essence of The Field in its Infinite Wholeness. And as Rumi said: “Out beyond the ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

Timothy Glenn

Timothy Glenn ~ Pluto and Uranus Go Cycling Part Two

Pluto and Uranus Go Cycling Part Two
by Timothy Glenn

In Part One we started exploring the astrological influences of the synodic cycles of Uranus and Pluto. The mid Sixties treated us to a wild phenomenon when the planet of evolution (Pluto) and the planet of revolution (Uranus) teamed up in our skies for the first time since Pluto had been discovered. This concluded their synodic cycle that had begun in the mid 1800’s, and then kicked off a new cycle in grand style.

The years of Uranus conjunct Pluto can be credited with playing a major role in manifesting what we know as The Sixties. An adage among a certain sector of the baby boom generation has been: “If you remember the Sixties, you weren’t there.”

Come a Little Bit Closer

We often start noticing effects of a conjunction of planets when the faster one moves to within 5 degrees of the slower planet – or as we say in Astrobabble, within the orb of influence. In this case, the faster one is Uranus, which takes 84 Earth years to complete one lap around the zodiac. Uranus first moved into the orb of influence in October of 1963, a matter of weeks before the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and two full years before the first exact Uranus/Pluto conjunction.

Here are the dates of the 3 exact conjunctions: 1) October 9, 1965; 2) April 4, 1966; and 3) June 30, 1966. Uranus did not move beyond the 5 degree orb of influence on the other side until the end of June 1968.

Within that time frame of nearly 5 years, Uranus had sparked the transformation, set the tone for the new cycle, and established themes that would come to loggerheads at the Uranus/Pluto opposition in the mid 2040’s.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

We can play with common astrological symbology to analogize themes for this current cycle. Uranus represents revolution, and Pluto could naturally represent the Plutocracy of the old world. Setting us free from the ancient control system of Babylonian Money Magic is definitely something Uranus would accomplish during these times.

Uranus rules electricity, hence electronics, hence computers, hence the internet and so forth. Mass communication would then provide an ideal tool for Uranus to deliver an awakening jolt to human consciousness on all levels. Pluto delves deep and also involves the Collective Unconscious. Uranus did strike our world with a cosmic lightning bolt in the Sixties. And as technology continued to unfold in the ensuing decades, humanity’s antiquated mindset would have its programs uninstalled or even have all its circuits totally fried.

Analogies and interpretations abound, and they shine forth as different facets of the same gem now increasingly bathed in universal light.

With a Little Help from My Friends

None of these astrological influences ever play solitaire. Even though we’re focusing on the Uranus/Pluto synodic cycle for the sake of simplicity and brevity, it occasionally helps to consider an example of wider context. Everything affects everything.

As Uranus moved away from the synod with Pluto through the 1970’s and 80’s, it headed toward the receding sextile in the mid 90’s. It’s worth noting that the favorable effects of the sextile to Pluto were in turn affected by Uranus and Neptune completing their synodic cycle in the early 90’s. In fact, Uranus had moved into the orb of influence for its sextile to Pluto before Uranus had left the orb of influence of its conjunction with Neptune. It’s also worth noting that this had been the first Uranus/Neptune synod since Neptune’s discovery.

For those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to feel, this filled our collective psychic atmosphere with spiritual idealism and a desire to ascend to a significantly more spiritual way of existing.

Here are the dates for the 5 exact sextiles of Uranus and Pluto: 1) April 10, 1995; 2) August 8, 1995; 3) March 8, 1996; 4) September 20, 1996; and 5) February 5, 1997. As these two planets moved into the heart of their sextile in 1995, they did so as both of them changed signs in the Tropical Zodiac. Uranus moved into its own sign of Aquarius. Pluto left its own sign of Scorpio, and entered Sagittarius.

Pluto in Sagittarius threw the gauntlet, challenging us to transform our overarching philosophies of life, the universe and everything. Uranus in Aquarius could finally start playing with the internet to get his revolutionary messages across. Uranus has long been known as the Awakener and the Liberator.

The old system would still not go down without a fight, so the international banksters took their usual unfair advantage of the opportunities offered by the 90’s. However, the cosmic oddsmakers began hedging their bets in the other direction.

There’s a New World Coming

One way or another, the old system would not survive another half century. The first half of the first century of this new millenium is scheduled to usher in a radically different system on the heels of the old one’s demise.

As we trudged into the early 2000’s, humanity’s ancient and ongoing war for independence ramped up for the final battles. People have employed the terms of light versus dark, good guys versus bad guys, white hats against black hats, or liberators versus dominators. No matter how you see it or express it, the two sides rallied for the test of strength and resolve brought on by the receding square of Uranus and Pluto. The information wars would only escalate from there.

Here are the dates of the 7 (yes, 7!) exact squares of Uranus and Pluto: 1) June 24, 2012; 2) September 19, 2012; 3) May 20, 2013; 4) November 1, 2013; 5) April 21, 2014; 6) December 14, 2014; and 7) March 16, 2015. By the time we reached 2016, the battlefield had been fully prepared, and it was now Game On.

A lot of astrologers had looked back with trepidation at the previous square of Uranus and Pluto in the 1930’s. They saw the rise of totalitarianism, the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and yadda yadda yadda. But that had been the approaching square heading toward resolution of the previous synodic cycle that had begun in 1850 and 1851. But in 2012 through 2015, the receding square of the current cycle was playing out a new set of themes within a different set of parameters. Comparing the themes of the mid 1800’s to the themes bursting forth in 1960’s was a typical case of comparing apples and oranges.

The war had been raging underground for decades. But in the 2012 to 2015 phase, the conflict emerged onto the surface where even the normies could see it. They might still be hoodwinked by the old world’s propaganda machine as to what was actually happening and why, but the deceivers needed to shift into overdrive, spinning bogus narratives to distract and mislead their steadily dwindling audience. Welcome to current events.

For What It’s Worth

We now find ourselves in the second half of the crucial year of 2022, in the midst of the Pluto Return for the United States. We have Pluto in Capricorn in both the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs until April 23, 2023. The game of life on Earth has come down to crunch time.

Not much farther down the road, we see opportunities for monumental abundance when Uranus forms the receding trine to Pluto. The potential will be unprecedented. But in this case, there is wisdom in looking back to the previous trine in the early 1920’s for a cautionary tale. If we follow the example of the industrial nations who squandered their abundance by indulging in asinine extravagance, we would deserve to lose virtually everything just the way they did in the Great Depression.

Wisdom behooves us right now to evoke the universal love in our heart of hearts, accompanied by common sense and savvy reason. Intellectual honesty will prepare us with pertinent information for the changing world of tomorrow. We are being handed an opportunity that transcends anything we have known in many lifetimes. And this can involve incomparably more than financial increase. We will see the release of suppressed knowledge, allowing us to make advances in user-friendly and earth-friendly technologies, especially for health and longevity.

After the approaching trine of the Roaring Twenties, Uranus only needed to travel another 30 degrees to hit the approaching square. And then it only needed to travel another 30 degrees to reach the approaching sextile. The general public’s abuse of the trine had set their system up for disaster at the square, only to find itself depleted at the sextile. We can look back at the humans in the early 1920’s and say: “They chose poorly.”

It’s time for the human race to wake up, stand up, and grow up. Here are the dates for the 5 exact trines: 1) July 17, 2026; 2) November 29, 2026; 3) June 15, 2027; 4) January 13, 2028; and 5) May 10, 2028. Perhaps history will look back at our handling of this trine in the mid to late 2020’s and say: “They chose wisely.”

Time Has Come Today

Researcher Jason Breshears ( has delineated the 138 year cycle of world changing Phoenix Events. The next one is scheduled for May 16, 2040. Pluto will complete its thorough scouring of Capricorn in the Sidereal Zodiac that very year, as discussed in the article The Plutonian Phoenix Does Capricorn 2008-2040: A Timeline Overview. In fact, the 2040 Phoenix Event is expected to be The Big One.

As outlined in Pluto and Uranus Go Cycling Part One, the Uranus/Pluto opposition of 1901 and 1902 corresponds perfectly with the most recent Phoenix Event.

The other major cycle in the Archaix material concerns the Nemesis X phenomenon. The projected date for the next Nemesis X Event is November 1, 2046.

And now in their current synodic cycle, here are the dates for the 5 exact oppositions of Uranus and Pluto: 1) September 22, 2046; 2) February 14, 2047; 3) August 15, 2047; 4) April 11, 2048; and 5) June 29, 2048. This corresponds perfectly with the next Nemesis X Event.

Long Time Gone

Long before the conclusion of the current Uranus/Pluto synodic cycle, we will be inhabiting a truly different realm. Linear time will serve as a tool for us to apply how and when we choose, rather than a synthetic force that entraps us. It will all come down to a matter of consciousness. We have allowed our consciousness to be hijacked by predatory forces within this holographic construct, so we can play this game out and then return to our real lives as Universal Spirits.

A key Matrix program that has dominated humans in the Earth simulation tells us that our physical bodies are not the free flowing energy fields they really are. Instead, people are conditioned to believe that our bodies are frozen sculptures of solid matter, and therefore have a ridiculously limited shelf life.

Even within the simulated Matrix game, we recognize that we are living in bodies that endlessly renew themselves on a regular basis on all levels. Every so often, we have a whole new body. And yet we still follow protocols for doing stupid stuff with our avatars; like getting sick, growing old, and dying.

Enough is enough. Yes, 2022 is squeezing us through the skinny part of the hourglass. But we can prepare our consciousness to emerge into higher awareness, and then take full advantage of the technological and spiritual benefits awaiting us as we head into the receding Uranus/Pluto trine. From that point, Uranus has to travel 60 more degrees to reach the climactic opposition in the mid 2040’s. That gives us quite a bit of wiggle room.

If you’ve been playing this round of the Earth game in an avatar that believes it can’t survive that long, you have generated that precise result simply by setting the intention. Here is one of the rules of the Matrix game: If you base your future on your past, you’re screwed.


Uranus will finally catch up with Pluto again to complete their synodic cycle and start a new one. And there will only be one exact Uranus/Pluto conjunction as they launch the next cycle on April 24, 2104. Maybe none of this will matter then.

Timothy Glenn

Timothy Glenn ~ The Field

This is a follow-up post answering questions received since Timothy’s last article, “The Plutonian Phoenix Does Capricorn, 2008-2040: A Timeline Overview.” According to Tim, the next follow-up post will discuss additional astrological patterns that track with information uncovered by researcher Jason Breshears ( Today’s post covers how Tim “sees this, that, or whatever.” Enjoy!

The Field

by Timothy Glenn

There is only the one infinite energy field, often known as The Field of Infinite Possibilities. You can also call it the Universe, the Multiverse, the Omniverse, God, Goddess, Heavenly Father/Mother, Spirit, Creator, All That Is, Infinity, Source, or anything you wish, because everything you could ever think of to call it is already contained within it. You can even address it as Hey, You! No problem – because it’s anything and everything.

Some of the aforementioned expressions carry a lot of baggage, especially the word “God”. Such terms broadcast connotations of belief systems that are designed to function as a tractor beam. They are intended to pull our consciousness into an illusory holographic trap, which in turn is filled with limiting rules and regulations.

Our friends in the realm of physics prefer a neutral term: The Field. Everything is The Field. Everyone is The Field. This brings to mind the words of the wonderful Persian poet Rumi: “Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

You are The Field. There is nothing else to be. Everything is an expression of the whole, and the essence of the whole is always present in each of its parts. Rumi conveys this principle with his classic eloquence: “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the ocean in a drop.”

You are all of infinity expressing itself at a single point.

Shifting Into Neutral

The Field is completely neutral. In its infinite wholeness, The Field is not dividing itself into positive and negative, right and wrong, true and false, yin and yang, light and dark, good and evil, or any of the zillions of other polarities we could ever imagine.

Neutrality also provides a key to transcendence. Many people approach spiritual practices as though they were making a jailbreak from their earthly reality. By viewing the human world as a prison from which to escape, people make it more real for themselves. They tie their mental and emotional energies to the very world from which they want to liberate themselves. This epitomizes the famous expression coined by Carl Gustav Jung: “What you resist persists.” If you fight it, you feed it.

Like so many endeavors in life, transcendence is not necessarily easy, but extremely simple. Calm down. Center yourself. Enter a state of complete neutrality and render all else irrelevant. And once all claptrap of this alleged reality has been rendered irrelevant, you have already achieved a state of transcendence.

It Just Is

Paradoxes can be fun. The only thing you can ever know for sure is that you can never know anything for sure.

In our human experience, each of us gathers data from which to construct our model of the universe. Most people confuse their model of the universe for the universe itself, and not merely a model. Socrates apparently understood this when he said, “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”

We can speak from our own perspectives and interpretations, and do so emphatically. But is Reality a one-size-fits-all proposition? Probably not. I usually don’t bother debating with anyone who gets dogmatic about a belief, although I might counter them with the question: “And what about the rest of infinity?”

Is the earth round or flat? Yes. And much more besides. We could describe the earth as a multidimensional hologram. But then, are they actually dimensions or are they density levels? Or are they simply orders of magnitude of scale within the same dimension and density level? It’s easy to come to the conclusion that nothing in this world is what it appears to be. But then, if it appears that way to us, then so it is. But then, did we factor in observer effect?

The Field of Infinite Possibilities is exactly that. The delightfully eccentric physicist Doc RAM (Dr. Richard Alan Miller) sums it up succinctly: “If it’s possible, it exists.”


Life, the Universe and Everything is the third book in the six volume series known as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The “ultimate question” is posed: “What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?”

The supercomputer called Deep Thought calculates the answer as 42.

Even though author Douglas Adams tried to pass this off as a joke and nothing more, he was well known for his fascination with technology. Here we turn to ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange). Every character on your keyboard has a numeric designation. On that official list, number 42 is the asterisk.

What is the answer to life, the universe and everything? The asterisk, the wild card that can represent anything.


In the early 90’s, I adopted that simple compound word to express my overarching philosophy of life, the universe and everything.

I even had a t-shirt made to display my philosophy and my fundamental approach to it: “Yeah, well…whatever.”

Timothy Glenn

Timothy Glenn ~ The Plutonian Phoenix Does Capricorn, 2008-2040: A Timeline Overview

Today we’re lucky to have a long awaited post from my dear friend, astrologer, numerologist, Tarot reader and author Timothy Glenn. A heads up to avoid confusion: in this article, Timothy explores both the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs, also known as Western and Eastern Astrology. We’re in an overlap period where both systems place Pluto in Capricorn, exponentially increasing the intensity. For clarity, any articles I’ve written on astrology deal with the Tropical system. This post goes further by synthesizing the effects of two different perspectives.

Timothy says this post will spawn other posts in response to questions and comments, so feel free to comment and ask away.

The Plutonian Phoenix Does Capricorn
2008 – 2040

A Timeline Overview
by Timothy Glenn

As Pluto transits through our skies, it influences us individually and collectively to transform the areas of Earth life indicated by the nature of the Zodiac sign through which it is transiting. In 2008 Pluto initiated a challenging phase of worldwide metamorphosis by entering Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. In our individual natal charts, the effects are colored by which houses Capricorn occupies, as well as the aspects (or angles) transiting Pluto forms to various features of our charts.

Pluto brings transmutational energy into everything it touches. Unlike Saturn, Pluto does not do remodeling jobs. We can picture Saturn as the guy who heads the quality control department. He steps forth into a specific part of our chart wearing a white lab coat and carrying a clipboard. After making check marks and jotting a few notes, he hands us the paper and says: “Here are your specifications. Make these adjustments.”

But not Pluto. He saunters onto the scene wearing steel-toed boots and a hard hat. He frowns and shakes his head while glancing around, and then announces: “It’s all coming down. Bring in the wrecking balls and the bulldozers. We’re going to build something brand new here.” Monty Python fans can picture a sudden appearance of John Cleese in an unlikely setting, uttering the famous words: “And now for something completely different.”

The Phoenix Effect on the Collective

Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio, which has been represented by a scorpion, by a serpent and eagle, or by a phoenix. In the case of the serpent and eagle, the intent has been to convey that Scorpio can display a noteworthy dark side (the serpent) but an equally higher expression (the eagle). The phoenix conveys both. The Pluto/Scorpio energy involves the cycles of death and rebirth, and the phoenix illustrates the entire process.

Pluto tends to strip everything down to bedrock level in preparation for the renewal phase. Pluto’s journey through Capricorn from 2008 to 2040 lays a firm foundation – not merely for a rebuild, reboot or reset of human society – but in this case for a radically transformed biosphere for the Earth.

Prophecies of a New Heaven and a New Earth could play out in profoundly unexpected ways. Back in 1968 (during the Uranus/Pluto conjunction) I encountered theologians who predicted the restoration of the Biblical firmament – which they described as the water vapor canopy that occupied the thermosphere prior to being unleashed for the Great Flood. Restoring the water vapor canopy would alter the very nature of our biology. And from the surface of the Earth, not only would the Heavens appear differently, but their energies would affect us in wildly novel ways.

The Phoenix Gets Down to Earth

Capricorn’s realm includes everything manifested in public, such as governments, economic systems, organized religions, academic institutions, the media and so forth. Corruption runs rampant in these structures. The Phoenix Effect will hone in on the consciousness and frequency patterns associated with such corruption, and burn all of it to the ground. After all, Capricorn is an Earth sign.

This astrological journey is preparing us for an even grander Phoenix Event in 2040. Throughout the years, people have asked what we can do to prepare. I always emphasize that our spiritual preparation matters more than all else combined. If there remains any part of us energetically connected to the old world and its consciousness, we can generate our own internal Phoenix Events. We can reduce those illusions and beliefs to ashes.

Here is a useful adage I’ve used for decades: The more official the source, the more suspect the information.

The old system weaponizes fear to establish authoritarianism. The New Earth will be rooted in love, allowing unlimited expansion of consciousness.

A Tale of Two Zodiacs

Western astrologers use what is called the Tropical Zodiac, which is based on the relationship between the Earth and Sun. Every spring equinox in the northern hemisphere, the Tropical Zodiac is adjusted to zero degrees Aries. Eastern astrologers use what is called the Sidereal Zodiac, which follows the constellations. Both are valid systems for exploring effects of celestial phenomena, albeit on different levels. Over the last couple millenia, the two zodiacs have gradually drifted a little more than 24 degrees apart.

Our Pluto in Capricorn timeline began in 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn in the Tropical Zodiac, and will conclude in 2040 when Pluto exits Capricorn in the Sidereal Zodiac.

Meanwhile, we are being squeezed through the skinny part of the hourglass. Here is a time table:

January 12, 2020: Exact conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Tropical Capricorn.

February 26, 2020: Pluto entered Sidereal Capricorn.

June 29, 2020: Pluto retrograded back into Sidereal Sagittarius.

December 31, 2020: Pluto reentered Sidereal Capricorn for the long haul.

Pluto will not begin its quintuple transit over the cusp of Aquarius in the Tropical Zodiac until April 23, 2023. This will give us a little over two and a quarter years of uninterrupted Pluto in Capricorn in both zodiacs simultaneously – like Pluto in Capricorn on steroids! Altogether, we will experience these effects for about four and a half years, from February 26, 2020 until November 19, 2024. Here is the time table for Pluto working its way into Aquarius in the Tropical Zodiac:

April 23, 2023: Pluto enters Tropical Aquarius.

June 11, 2023: Pluto retrogrades back into Tropical Capricorn.

January 21, 2024: Pluto reenters Tropical Aquarius.

September 2, 2024: Pluto retrogrades back into Tropical Capricorn.

November 19, 2024: Pluto reenters Tropical Aquarius for the long haul.

Dark to Light

As the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto deals with anything deep, dark and hidden. From our dirty little personal secrets to the colossal coverups of the old world controllers (such as the governmental, religious and economic institutions), this transit will shed light where darkness has dominated.
Pluto transiting through Capricorn epitomizes the prophesied Apocalypse, which literally means unveiling. Revelations of our true history and the corruption behind the scenes would only feel like a catastrophe to the guilty ones with lots to hide – and therefore lots to lose.

A Pluto Return for the Archives

The United States wields tremendous influence over the entire world. Here in 2022, the United States is experiencing its Pluto Return, which “just happens” to occur during the two and a quarter year window of uninterrupted Pluto in Capricorn on steroids.

Pluto has come full circle, returning to its own place in the 1776 chart for the Declaration of Independence. A mass of people, including professional astrologers, were so excited about the numerology of 2/22/2022 that they designated that day as the first exact hit of the Pluto Return, which had already occurred on February 20. But that’s okay. At least we saw widespread awareness and enthusiasm. And since this is Pluto, not Saturn, we don’t need to obsess over technical details.
Plenty of action is happening under the radar of the general public. The corporate propaganda machine has shifted into overdrive, spinning phony narratives to distract and mislead their dwindling mass of believers. But the principle of Dark to Light will eventually prevail.

A Phoenix Return for the Archives

Researcher Jason Breshears ( has delineated a 138 year cycle that has brought about Phoenix Events on a grander scale, affecting various geographical locations or specific societies. Every so often the world gets hit with A Big One, like an immense flood. And it “just so happens” that the next Earth shaking Phoenix Event is due to occur in the year 2040 – the very year that Pluto does its triple transit out of Capricorn in the Sidereal Zodiac.

Our 2008-2040 Pluto in Capricorn adventures will conclude when the Phoenix Return is due to rock the “big boat”. The petty games of humanity that we have been concerned with during Pluto in Capricorn will be overshadowed by the Phoenix Return of 2040, because the “big boat” is Earth Herself.

2040 will not merely initiate another game, but introduce a previously unknown sport – like jumping from soccer to quidditch. Retrospection in the 2040’s will see our current Pluto in Capricorn adventures as no more than beginner level training and warmup exercises.

Exploring Possibilities

Pluto in Tropical Capricorn (2008-2024) would probably focus on undermining the old system for its destruction. Pluto in Sidereal Capricorn (2020-2040) would be more focused on the rebirth phase, when we move out from under oppression. A user-friendly transitional economic system would help us free ourselves to utilize long-suppressed technologies and develop new ones – especially for health and longevity.

2022 may not feel comfy/cushy, but this year puts us right in the heart of the Shift of the Ages.
Pluto in Capricorn is compelling humanity to clean up its act in preparation for The Big One. Portions of humanity will be able to achieve Ascension. We can choose to transcend the old world matrix programming, and align ourselves with the energetics of an emerging New Earth – still the same Earth Mother, only now resplendently clothed in a magnificent life-enhancing biosphere teeming with infinite possibilities.

Meanwhile, we have a lot on our plates, and it’s time to do the dishes.

Timothy Glenn

Timothy Glenn ~ Global Metamorphosis: 2021 Update

I’ve been waiting for this! So happy to post a new article by my friend, the astrologer, numerologist, author and Tarot reader Timothy Glenn.

Global Metamorphosis: 2021 Update

by Timothy Glenn

Since most of the energies for the global transformation are centered in the northern hemisphere, we can use the analogy that a lot more than mere leaves will fall in the autumn of 2021. Simultaneously, people in the southern hemisphere might feel as though they were Atlas, carrying all the weight of the world on their shoulders. Australia, for example, seems to be running a beta test for tyranny. That’s awfully heavy energy.

And something’s gotta give. Numerous times during the last two decades, the Proterrian channelings have offered this observation: “The most likely scenario is that the New World Order will eventually raise its ugly head, and very shortly thereafter fall flat on its face.” We might ultimately decide that this was a face plant worth waiting for. Keep the Faith.

How Would You Label This Year?

2021: OMG!!!
2021: The Big Reveal
2021: Truth Will Out
2021: The Facts of Life
2021: Pop! Goes the Planet
2021: The World Flips Out & Flops Around
2021: Turnabout is Fair Play
2021: Buckle Up or Simply Let Go
2021: The Masks Fall Off

Pluto in Capricorn on Steroids

Pluto’s multifaceted journey through Capricorn is pulling magnificent power plays at this time. Two major facets merit attention.

  1. From the article Global Metamorphosis: A Timeline Overview: “The Pluto/Scorpio energy involves everything deep, dark, hidden and secret. The Saturn/Capricorn energy involves everything out in the public. So the two teamed up to begin exposing dirty dealings of the world’s control systems, be they governmental, economic, academic, religious or scientific.” A review of the aforementioned article will help you pan the camera back and gain a broader perspective on this world-changing phenomenon.
  2. Unlike Saturn, Pluto does not do remodeling jobs. Pluto does urban renewal. His wrecking balls and bulldozers have been assigned to remove and replace the conventional Capricornian structures: coercive governments, exploitative economic systems, brainwashing academics, organized religions, and institutionalized fraudulent science.

Controlled Demolition

In the article Global Metamorphosis: A Timeline Overview, essential understanding is presented under the subheading A Tale of Two Zodiacs. The Tropical and Sidereal zodiacs have now drifted a little more than 24 degrees apart. As a result, Pluto will be operating uninterrupted in Capricorn in both zodiacs simultaneously from December 31, 2020 until April 23, 2023. This earns the designation Pluto in Capricorn on Steroids.

This time period marks the spectacular part of the controlled demolition of the global mechanisms for propaganda, manipulation and domination. Pluto entered Capricorn in the Tropical Zodiac in 2008, and we can analogize its work there as the weeks or months of preparing a building for demolition. It takes time to wire the building, set all the charges in place and make sure the timing is precise all the way down to the split second. After all, the actual pulling of the building down into its own footprint achieves freefall speed.

When the time arrives to pull the building, final prep work is done. The area is cordoned off, all necessary safety precautions put in place, and so forth. Then comes the part we capture on video. Kaboom! This is followed by cleanup to prepare the site for the long rebuilding phase.

As Pluto in Capricorn in the Tropical Zodiac has been focused on undermining the old system, Pluto in Capricorn in the Sidereal Zodiac will focus on evolving our new way of life. It’s the current phase of overlap that can be tricky: all of 2021, all of 2022, and the first few months of 2023. Lightning can strike at any time. Be prepared.

Choose Your Timeline

Welcome to crunch time. Your path ahead is yours to determine. Painting with a broad brush, the two principal time tracks looming in front of us are presenting the most basic choice. One is synthetic. One is organic.

The synthetic timelines lead people into deeper states of dependency on external forces, to the point of surrendering their humanity to achieve some theoretical immortality in an artificial matrix. Is your phone trying to groom you for being transmogrified into an android? What could go wrong? Welcome to Cyborg city. Leave your free will and your dreams at the door. Your reality will be determined for you. We apologize for any inconvenience. You have read and understand the terms of service. Just click on the link provided. Thank you for your compliance.

The organic timelines open gateways that lead us back into our natural sovereign states of being, as direct expressions of the infinite energy field. Welcome home to the universal love and the endless exploration of The Field of Infinite Possibilities. You are The Field. You are The Creator. You are The Love.

You are all of Infinity expressing Itself at a single point. And what’s the point? You are. It’s really that simple.

You are.

Timothy Glenn

Timothy Glenn ~ 2020: The Turning of the Tables

At long last, Timothy Glenn’s 2020 article: well worth the wait!

2020: The Turning of the Tables

by Timothy Glenn

The Turning of the Tides would also have been an appropriate title, but the tides turned in 2017. Now the effects of that turning of the tides in 2017 are beginning to become visible to the population at large. Some of the more obvious effects that we will be able to see (with 20/20 vision) this year will be made evident in The Turning of the Tables: that is, the gaming tables in the human world.

As far back as our conscious memory reaches, those gaming tables have been dominated by the power brokers of the Old Guard. Traditionally, the dice have been loaded, the decks have been stacked, the tables have been tilted, and the scales have been weighted; and not in our favor. May the odds be ever in our favor? Oh, please.

Here in 2020, the G.E.A.R.S. are shifting: as in Government, Economics, Academia, Religion and Science. There have been games played out upon humanity for millennia, and humans have played along. But now the human collective has outgrown the underpinnings of such gaming. Aside from all that, the Earth Herself is opting out from hosting any form of fear-based gaming, and so now She is turning the tables — with gusto.

Playing the Numbers

In numerological cycles, the number 20 denotes a turning point, so we might translate 2020 as the turning point of turning points. There will be no putting the genie back in the bottle or the toothpaste back in the tube.

Card 20 in the tarot deck is called Judgment. The traditional depiction shows Archangel Gabriel sounding the trumpet in heaven, as people below are rising from graves. This represents the call from the darkness into the light. Continue reading

Timothy Glenn ~ Global Metamorphosis: A Timeline Overview

Yesterday morning, before this post came through from Timothy Glenn, in the space between sleep and wakefulness, I had a dream/vision of receiving a new article from Tim. Sure enough, I had received the “pre-email” article. The synchronicity tells me this one’s extra important and will prove prescient in coming years. You don’t need to understand all the complex astrology to get the overall message and overview of key themes and dates.

I became fast friends with Timothy Glenn way back in 2006. His playful humor, excellent teaching skills and collective overviews continue to hit the mark. Many thanks for the latest installment of Global Metamorphosis!

Global Metamorphosis: A Timeline Overview

by Timothy Glenn

Pluto spent the bulk of 2008 establishing its presence in the sign of Capricorn. From there, Pluto would spend more than a decade and a half undermining the world’s authoritarian systems, gradually setting them up for replacement. The original Global Metamorphosis article was even written before I started publishing online. Much has changed.

Pluto would not be doing a solo act during all this time, so interplay with other planets would color the planetary transformation. The ever dependable Saturn rules Capricorn and thus merits attention, along with our less than predictable friend Uranus. These disparate influences played significant roles in the Global Metamorphosis from 2012 through 2015.

Saturn and Pluto in Mutual Reception Continue reading

Timothy Glenn ~ Superconscious Technique

Here’s a different type of post from Timothy Glenn. It can appeal to artists and scientists alike, and it provides effective ways to hack your own inner programming. Tim’s article came through via email just after I posted yesterday’s Dolores Cannon video. As synchronicity would have it, they go well together like theory and technique.

Superconscious Technique

by Timothy Glenn

Sometimes we dust off an old book and reread it, discovering that it now offers a whole new experience. Sometimes we pull an old technique out of our memory banks, and find it works more effectively than ever. Such has been the case with the Superconscious Technique.

I initially encountered the Superconscious Technique back in the early 90’s through a group called Extraterrestrial Earth Mission. A lot of us adopted it, and then adapted it to suit ourselves. After retrieving it from the halls of memory a few months ago, I reworked it yet again to fit the current reality.

This is not presented here as though it were carved in stone, as if reality were a “one size fits all” proposition. Since we are an evolving species, it helps if our modalities evolve with us. You may find that some of the wording doesn’t quite work for you, but can be edited as you see fit.

The Superconscious Continue reading

Global Metamorphosis 2019 Update

Another new article from Timothy Glenn! In his email to me, Tim notes, “2020 is going to be Global Metamorphosis on steroids, so there might be more than one update of this series during that year.” Meanwhile, 2019 promises to be quite the wild and revelatory ride. Here’s Tim with some cosmic perspective on human evolution and the New Earth:

Global Metamorphosis 2019 Update

by Timothy Glenn

The Global Metamorphosis articles focus on Pluto’s 16 year journey through Capricorn in the tropical zodiac, emphasizing two of the main facets of this phenomenon:

Removing and replacing structures of the old world control grid in all areas, including (but not limited to) Government, Economy, Academia, Religion and Science.

Bringing to light, facing and dealing with the reality of everything that has been deep, dark, hidden and secret for millenia (thus allowing the old control structures to remain operative).

Saturn to the Rescue Continue reading