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This February 2016 post wants to go up again. I can only marvel at the timing of the original post in my own life — just one week before I returned to PA to support my father’s passing and moving my mom into a whole new life. Doing so required me to assess who would thrive with my help, and who would not, because I could not be all things to everyone. That period also placed me in financial meetings under fluorescent lights for many hours per day, coordinating with contractors, realtors, funeral directors, church officials, extended family members, attorneys, and perfume wearing/chemical spraying in-home health care providers for my dad, mostly apart from David, and with minimal time for my usual high vibe foods. In short, 2016 was pretty much every personal trigger on steroids with surround sound and strobe lights!

But 2016 also brought things to a head for me and directly led to our relocation from Goshen to Kalamazoo. Despite all the in my face triggers and massive work in PA, I realized I did not miss Goshen (not even my huge garden) even a tiny bit. I also realized that I could not overextend myself to that level again. In the six months it took me to recover from my eight weeks in PA, David and I reassessed EVERYTHING. We decided to get married, and to move. Step by step, we righted the ship. It’s not that the previous ship was so wrong; it had felt right at the time, and we grew massive amounts in our five years in Goshen. The perfect storm of triggers just confirmed that we had served our time and were ready to expand in unknown ways. We now find ourselves so grateful and excited for our entire journey, especially what lies ahead.

I share this now, because I know many people feel triggered on many levels right now. We don’t develop equally across all areas of life at the exact same pace. If you find yourself triggered, or find clusters of triggers in your face, recognize the opportunities trying to present themselves. As Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” What makes your soul laugh or cry? What makes your soul sing? Deal with the tears, but allow yourself to follow the song and laughter. Peace!

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With the veils continuing to thin, lots of people are getting “triggered” these days. This post is a short reminder of the choices a trigger moment presents:

  1. Time for Shadow Work: If you see, read, hear or experience something that gives you an extremely intense, possibly over-reaction or makes you feel like a victim, then it’s time to root around in the dark closet of your own psyche to find discarded, rejected, disowned or falsely portrayed parts of yourself. These might be beliefs you took on to please others but that do not allow you to live an authentic life. They might be past life issues bleeding through to this time around and distorting your perspective. They might be gifts you learned to hide because you didn’t know how to manage them. In any case, Shadow Work pays big dividends. You can find a lot of articles on…

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  1. Great post Laura! I have an online workshop called: Your triggers are a gift! Including a workbook with exercises here: https://eliciamiller.com/online-workshop-triggers/

    In the recorded video workshop I covered:

    How to recognize when you are triggered
    Why physical symptoms, cravings and binges are responses to triggers
    How to use triggers to heal your inner child
    The source of triggers
    -Unprocessed pain from the past
    -Shadow projections
    -Boundary violations


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  2. Thanks, Elicia! xoxo


  3. So timely! I’m undergoing dental work. Lots of triggers activated. Thank heavens for Reiki!!! And you. 🙂

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  4. Just about everyone I know who avidly consumes their “news” via the MSM has become especially prone to triggering which is of course by design. Some of the worst cases are really beyond salvaging at least at the moment, so I tread very carefully around these unfortunates and just try to stay off of incendiary topics.

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  5. Oh, good luck with the dental work! I’m hearing a lot of that lately. So many conversations about teeth this week alone! xox

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  6. Yes, me, too. I was just telling Ann it’s like when you’re on the road and you know someone in front of you is driving drunk, swerving all over the road and acting like an overconfident jerk. Wide berth. VERY wide berth. They’re out of control and don’t know it.


  7. My dentist said you can’t remineralize teeth. I told her I know who had and that I’m sure going to give it a try! Thanks for planting that seed. 🙂

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  8. You’re welcome, and you totally can. Cure Tooth Decay, by Ramiel Nagel is the classic for that — how to minimize enzyme inhibitors and increase mineral absorption. There are metaphysical things, too, but that book was life changing for me. 🙂


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