November Specials Reminder

Before things get crazy for everyone with the holiday weekend, here’s a quick reminder of this month’s specials. Wishing everyone a Happy Gratitude Day, tomorrow and all days.

As always, this month’s offerings reflect my sense of how to support the current and emerging energies, as well as responding to client and reader questions and requests. In this month of All Soul’s Day, it seems fitting to offer a brand new Soul Reading Special. Whenever planetary consciousness rises, past life bleedthrough seems to increase, crying out for attention and release. So many of last month’s Medical Intuitive Special sessions revealed past life factors that I thought I’d offer a more directly soul focused special this month.


$131 Soul Readings

Soul readings are what some people would call Past Life Readings, except we choose an area of focus — specific repeat challenges or relationships — and I share my impressions of the multiple lifetimes and patterns (attempted corrections and over-corrections) that have resulted in your current experiences. Bringing long-repressed past life stories to the conscious surface allows you to consciously address them, releasing old trauma, while embracing latent gifts. $131 (25% off) if prepaid on or before 11/30/2015. Please contact me to sign up.

$222 Mini-Coaching Packages

Back by popular request, this three-pack of half hour sessions represents a $52 savings over the usual rate. Sessions can be scheduled weekly or as needed. They can address anything from career changes to relationships to esoteric skills, potential relocation, past life issues, and/or health concerns.

$222 if prepaid on or before 11/30/15. Please contact me to sign up.

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