A Call for Reiki, Runes and Responsibility this July 4th Weekend

Just a quick heads up to any healers, energy workers, prayer warriors, and freedom lovers: the powers that would like to remain are practically peeing themselves with excitement about the possibility of turning “Independence” Day into a national day of terror, probably blamed on Syrians and/or “Patriots.” La, la, la, so annoying even to acknowledge their intentions, but the troops have been moved, Jade Helm’s in place, and the media’s amplifying the Fed’s typical narrative into one of “multiple” terror possibilities all over the US this weekend.

Given the symbolic way the psycho’s have used Greece (the birthplace of democracy) to override it, Wisconsin (the birthplace of unions) to attack worker rights, Charleston, SC (the city and state that first seceded) to launch a Confederate flag controversy, and on and on … we can see how using Independence Day to tighten the rest of the shackles around America would put quite the Yankee Doodle feather in their caps.

In any case, this whole sloppy production has grown tiresome, repetitive and old, but the reruns and weaker episodes keep coming. As such, if you feel so inclined, please anchor the strong, positive energies of freedom, personal responsibility and community healing and liberation in your little corner of the world, especially if you live in the US right now.

Reiki Master Teachers, a Healing Attunement on our entire country would not be out of order at this time! Reiki practitioners of all levels, please get that energy flowing to wherever it most needs to go.

Those who know how to use Runes might want to imagine the THORN and AR Runes surrounding themselves, their communities and even over a map of the entire US. THORN creates a semi-permeable hedge like the one around the castle in Sleeping Beauty, filtering out those who would harm the vulnerable, but allowing true lovers and helpers safe passage. The AR Rune brings light to murky areas, casts out ghosts, and shifts things from the Shadow back into the Light for purification and healing reintegration. If you click the links above, you can see the Runes pictured, along with yoga and hand positions. If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you’ll find Rune Songs. You don’t need to do all the other things on those pages. That site just happens to have excellent information on Runes.

If you just want to chant for peace, that works, too! Here’s one of my favorites from Tina Turner and a group of children singing a Vedic blessing for the world:

A Vedic blessing for the world:

Oṃ. sarveśāṃ svastir bhavatu;

sarveśāṃ śāntir bhavatu;

sarveśāṃ pūrṇaṃ bhavatu;

sarveśāṃ maṅgalaṃ bhavatu

“May everyone enjoy well-being;

may everyone enjoy peace;

may everyone enjoy fullness;

may everyone enjoy auspiciousness.”

Sing it with power and authority.

Let’s lift this country and our world into a completely new vibrational range!

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  1. Posted by gingernel on July 3, 2015 at 1:51 pm

    Oh, Laura – If you can believe it, I played this over and over this morning before I opened and read this email! You are the one who turned me onto it originally. I liked it so much I downloaded it. And the next morning, that exact mantra was part of the meditation series I was doing. Love!

    Thank you for sharing so articulately, as usual.

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  2. Great post and invitation, Laura. Thank you for sharing some specific ideas, too. And yes, the Psycho Theatrics have “grown tiresome, repetitive and old” … there’s a surreal feel to it, more and more. So attuning to and sending good juju is a fine idea (I’ll add some qigong to the reiki waves!). Happy Indie Spirit weekend! Love, Jamie

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  3. Posted by Sky on July 3, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    THORN and AR! Great runes to use! HAGAL is also a good rune to “mirror back” and away from you any negative energy that comes your way. HAGAL represents both the universe and you, so it’s also a great Rune energy to work with to help protect our country and ourselves. HAGAL can be worn as a pendant in the form of a six pointed snowflake necklace, six-petaled flower, or, simply six vertical lines in the design you can see here: http://runemagick.com/rune_magic07.html It can also be worn on the wrist by drawing, stitching, woodburning it onto on a fabric or leather band. Or painting it onto a bead worked into a bead bracelet.

    If you copy and print the symbols for THORN, AR, AND HAGAL and gluestick them on to cardstock or index cards, you can use them to work with those energies.

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    • Thanks for the additional tips, Sky! Yes, HAGAL, the create a new universe Rune. How could I have forgotten that one?! Many blessings to you and your family. Thanks for all your Runeing.



  4. Posted by Kieron on July 3, 2015 at 4:03 pm

    Timely. I am on an email list for city-wide notices about community safety, since I am the default block club leader in my immediate neighborhood. A blanket announcement came yesterday form the director of city something or other that warned about the potential “security” yadda yadda blah blah blah. I fired back a response declaring my independence from being spooked into jumping every time these pontificators shout “BOO!” and that this director dude is merely trying to justify his job and his outrageous salary by taking window-dressing positions to look important and vigilant while conveniently taking a 3 day weekend.

    Maybe that’s not fully in tune with a higher vibration for all, but I am so damned sick and tired of the rhetoric and bloviating. So I will counter it with the mantra and by making orgonite today.

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  5. […] A Call for Reiki, Runes and Responsibility this July 4th Weekend […]



  6. yes!

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  7. Posted by hyavision11 on July 4, 2015 at 6:27 am

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  8. Guess we succeeded. The 4th was enjoyable. I harvested Green/Yellow Beans, but no one wanted to share. They didn’t want to take my hard work. So I ate alone. My body was like, “YES” finally something that is 100% natural. Next goal pesto.

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    • Awesome! Yes, we had a fantastic day yesterday, too, and met some incredibly cool people from near and far. Loads of fresh peas and another party today. So glad your body’s happy with your hard work!

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