Horizontal Kale and Other Gardening Fun

That title is not an exaggeration! Check out my Winterbor Kale:

horizontal kale

Although my other two Winterbor’s continue upright, this one decided to tip all the way over on his side and shimmy himself clear of the second and bottom InstaBed tiers. Quite the creative wind support! You can see he’s made friends with the French Sorrel, which made a surprising recovery once the giant cherry tomato plant stopped hogging all the light.

In addition to this horizontal action, we’ve got some new long rows ready to rot down in preparation for additional trellis action next Summer. I’ve added two more of these rows, and I have three more trellises to use. If I get everything else done, I might even figure out the next location for the final of our six “combo panel” trellises:

vertical gardening prep

The rosemary and asparagus have settled into Fall’s chill, with the rosemary reminding me daily that I need to dig her up and repot for the Winter:

rosemary and asparagus

We’ve still got the cold frame “Guarden Bed,” which David’s going to help me windproof a bit more, along with a protective tarp “skirt” around the edges. You can see I also added concrete blocks to the back as a northerly windbreak. Those blocks will eventually stand beneath our rain barrels, but I like the alternate seasonal uses for them:

Guarden Cold frame

Despite some wind issues, the Guarden continues to produce amazing goodies. I pulled a nice, big turnip today, along with “a whole messa greens.” Outside, you can’t even tell I removed anything from the lush bed. Our bellies will know, though. Dinner in twenty!

turnip and messa greens

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. It is really nice. Have you tried aquaponics? I think that we can grow year round food. Maybe have a greenhouse in every community for fresh vegetables. And a greenhouse, and or aquponic system in every home to grow food also. Look at this link, http://www.backyardaquaponics.com/ .



    • Thanks, Susan. I don’t personally eat fish, but aquaponics is on my radar from contact with Will Allen of Growing Power. I’ve mentioned it to several people in Goshen, and apparently, some people are already trying backyard aquaponics systems. I’d like to see a full scale community level system in effect and will be mentioning it at various community garden planning meetings in the near future. Thanks for commenting! Peace, Laura



      • Thanks Laura. I think one can use Koi, or Gold fish for aquaponics as well as fish to eat. I have seen a small scale aquponic system for indoors using about a 10 gallon tank to grow herbs, and things like lettuce. I think adding a greenhouse to ones home would be good, as well as the aquponic system. I am have an idea that with this people can grow their own food and be healthier. And I think it could be done on a large scale for a community. There are community gardens, why not a community greenhouse. I want to get this idea out and have people thinking about it and do it. Please share this with everyone. Those with money that they want to help do something, this might be a good thing for them to use it for. I think world wide this can be done.



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