Happy Solstice!

On this darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve been having quite the Light and sunlight synchronicities. Our little healing room light keeps turning on all by itself, even in the middle of the longest night of the year! It’s like a visual message saying, “No matter how dark it gets, you just can’t keep out the light.” I love it!

Additionally, I keep hearing and seeing references to sunshine, “Sol,” and the Sowilo Rune, also known as Sig, Sowelo, or — in the Runa Faery language –Seal. However you say it or draw it, the energy of this Rune represents the Sun. It literally means “Sol” and is strongly associated with lightning and great revelations. (Other meanings as described by Ragnar Storyteller include: Rune of Victory, Rune of Success, Good Luck, Inspiration, Increases Power of the Spirit, Psychic Powers.)

As usual for me, the synchronicities pile up in multi-layers and multi-dimensions. Last night, while listening to some similar music, I remembered the gorgeous video I’m sharing below. When we investigated if it was, in fact, the same song, we discovered that the music in the video below is from the soundtrack of “Sunshine,” a movie about restarting the Sun.

Happy Solstice! Happy Eve of increasing Light! I hope you enjoy this day on our beautiful Earth:

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