Full Circle, Crust 54, and Fall Beauty

Have you felt the full circle effect more than usual since we entered November 2018? We sure have! All sorts of long term goals, projects and details seem finally to be falling into place this month. We experienced this in a symbolic way on this Saturday’s day trip to Holland, Michigan. We last enjoyed the twilight here when we went  “Walking on Lake Michigan at Sunset” in January, to celebrate David’s new job.

We went this time to celebrate both of us feeling firmly established in our new career directions. He’s fully trained and feels competent and thorough; I’ve added astrology services and some additional writing projects. At long last, I’ve also decided how and which structural foundations to put in place for some very long term business projects.


Much warmer than last January, Saturday’s views stunned in a different way, with light catching the wings of a hundred gulls.


David also took several photos with a dancing teal orb, but — typical of my most otherworldly photos — my laptop and WordPress often refuse to load them. Here’s one I managed to post:




In a double full circle — a Vesica Piscis — we realized at dinner that November 3, 2018  also marked the year anniversary of David’s last day at his old job in Goshen. We had gone the next day, also a Saturday, to the same Crust 54 pizza place in Holland. I love how this video shows similar views of water in its explanation of the Vesica Piscis:

While at Crust 54 the first time, we enjoyed their gluten-free vegan thin crust pizza, but we also set our sights on their astonishing gluten-free vegan Chicago style pizza. At busy times, it can take an hour or more to get your deep dish GF pizza, and we usually stop at Crust 54 because we’re too hungry to drive somewhere else. This Saturday, I thought to call ahead for a pre-order, with us arriving at 7 p.m., giving us time to watch the sunset. It turns out we’ve been fantasizing about this pizza for exactly one year, but we didn’t make the connection until we sat down at our synchronous call ahead order 54 at Crust 54.


I’m happy to report, the gluten-free vegan Chicago style deep dish pizza was as amazing as anticipated! We built our own with spinach, artichokes, roasted garlic, black olives, onions and Daiya “cheese”.


And while it baked, we frolicked at the Lake …


… with sun, sand and a heart shaped tree:


This next photo feels like its own time and space warp. Scotland? Ireland? Long ago and far away …



Big Red Lighthouse always glows at sunset, but this morning, nature treated me to similar crimson glory in our own backyard:


Our Japanese maple gave my morning journaling the red carpet treatment. This little slice of life hints at some of the everyday magic all around. As we nestle into our second Autumn in Kalamazoo, our hearts are full of gratitude for this entire year, this entire journey, for what has been, what is and what’s to come.

Peace to you and yours, as we cycle and swirl in the Fullness of Time.

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  1. Happy Fall!  Bask in its glory one and all!

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  2. 54 is also the atomic weight of Xenon gas which I have been experimenting with lately as an orgonite component. You little nod that way is more encouragement.

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  3. Posted by Eliza Ayres on November 5, 2018 at 12:24 pm

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  4. It all sounds lovely… so happy for you, Laura! xo

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  5. beautiful fall, beautiful you….celebrating the new! i spy a piece of T with you 😉

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  6. Thank you! (P.S. I love your cozy, warm brown elvenish coat, too…wonderful! xx)

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  7. Oh, somehow that got switched. The song is “The Winter Coat:

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  8. Great boots on the video! 😉



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