FAQ: What Kind of Coaching Do You Provide?

I don’t know if it’s that fresh 2017 energy or the January Special, but lately I’ve received multiple requests to clarify what I offer in terms of Life Coaching. After answering so many people at the end of intuitive sessions, I decided to expand and clarify the coaching description on my site. For anyone else wondering, here’s more information:

Life Coaching can closely focus on one particular issue or life transition, or it can morph into more of a mentorship on personal energy management, living a more magical and inspired life, building or increasing your own business, improving people skills, finding and living a compatible lifestyle for you, managing and moving beyond Lyme disease, discovering and developing your soul’s gifts, and/or enhancing creativity and intuition. I also provide coaching for other life coaches, intuitives and energy healers looking to improve skills and tailor their own offerings for their own clients and students. Oftentimes a round of coaching will follow an Intuitive Session that has highlighted specific areas of focus for catalyzing a quantum leap.

Life Coaching with me means many things to many people, including dream interpretation; however, it is NOT counseling or therapy. Just to be clear: I am not a licensed counselor or therapist, and my sessions are “preferred” present and future oriented in terms of improving situations rather than delving too deeply into “what is” or “what’s wrong.” Counseling and therapy provide many benefits, and for some people these are definitely the right route. Others opt for therapy with someone else and coaching with me, since addressing both areas sometimes creates a synergistic positive effect. I have offered Life Coaching since 2005, and I work best with people interested in personal empowerment, joy and authenticity.

Please contact me if you feel you’re a good fit for this type of service. $175/hour; discounted bulk packages available, including this January 2017 Special.

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